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Scientific working papers, lectures, publications, 1944-1973

MS. Coulson 30

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Folder B.10.1: Numerous sets of MS. notes and drafts for mathematics lectures, Dundee, 1944-1945:

'Kinematics of a particle'.

'Work done by a couple in a small rotation'.

'Principle of virtual work'.

'Stability of equilibrium with frictionless systems'.

'The kinetic energy of a rotating rigid body'.

'Moment of momentum about centre of rotation'.

'Stretching of elastic bars'.

Several unlabelled sets.

Folders B.10.2-B.10.10: Lectures on mathematics, with extensive list of places and dates of delivery.

Folder B.10.2 (1952-1960): 'What makes a beautiful proof?'

'What makes a beautiful proof?' (MS.)

'What makes a beautiful proof?' (Typescript)

Typescript of 'Mathematics and beauty'.

Folder B.10.3 (1969): 'On liking Mathematics'.

(Presidential address, Mathematical Association.)

16 pp. ms. draft.

MS. notes for another lecture on a similar subject.

Bibliographical notes.

Folder B.10.4 (1955-1972): 'Mathematics and the real world'.

Presidential address, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1972.

23 pp. MS. draft, 18 pp. MS. draft (different versions).

5 pp. typescript, 18 pp. typescript (different versions).

Miscellaneous sets of ms. notes and bibliographical references.

Folder B.10.5 (1958-1971): 'Likes and dislikes in mathematics'.

16 pp. MS. draft, 11 pp. typescript.

4 pp. MS. draft 'Likes and dislikes in maths and physics'.

Miscellaneous MS. notes and bibliographical references.

Folder B.10.6 (1965-1973): 'Making models. What is applied mathematics all about?'

Typescript, for Open University programme.

MS. notes.

Correspondence with E.T. Copson and A.D. Rawlins, 1972-1973, regarding the origin of the phrase 'Applied Mathematics'.

Folder B.10.7 (1969-1972): 'Mathematics and the Modern World'.

MS. and typescript drafts of several talks on related subjects ('Mathematics is a language', etc.).

Numerous 1 p. notes by Coulson of references and quotations on the subject.

Folder B.10.8 (1969): 'How many different keys?'

6 pp. typescript, with illustrations.

Folder B.10.9 (1966-1967): 'How atoms hang together'.

Address to the Junior British Association, Birmingham, April 1966, and March 1967.

Typescript, programme notes.

Folder B.10.10 (1958): 'The variation method: a chapter in applied mathematics'.

12 pp. manuscript.

6 pp. and 16 pp. typescripts (different versions).

Folder B.10.11 (1960): 'The nature of bonds between carbon atoms: how they vary with environment'.

Proposed 'Paper symposium' organised by M.J.S. Dewar for publication in Tetrahedron.

Numerous sets of notes (MS. and typescript) of varying dates assembled by Coulson.

Includes MS. draft of course of lectures given in Dundee, 1939-1942.

Correspondence with M.J.S. Dewar, 1960, regarding Coulson's contribution.

Folder B.10.12 (c.1960): 'The scientific mind'.

8 pp. typescript, perhaps for broadcast.

Folder B.10.13 (1964): 'Valency'.

5 pp. typescript for broadcast (with amendments and annotations in another hand).

Correspondence with BBC regarding Coulson's contribution to series 'A Few Ideas', Third Programme.

MS. notes.

Folder B.10.14 (1955): 'Distribution Theory'.

Coulson's notes on a course of lectures, perhaps delivered by G. Temple.

Folder B.10.15 (c.1950, 1972-1973): 'Constants of the motion'.

2 sets of MS. notes for lectures.

Folder B.10.16 (1972-1973): 'd-electrons in chemical bonding'.

Address at the Robert A. Welch Foundation Conference on Chemical Research, Houston, Texas, November 1972.

46 pp. MS. (and some pp. typescript) draft.

Transcript of discussion following Coulson's contribution.

List of references, and legends for figures.

Miscellaneous MS. notes.

Some correspondence with organisers.

Drawings for slides and for published version.


  • 1944-1973


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MS. Coulson 30

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