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Invitation lectures, 1958-1959

MS. Coulson 29

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'The Size and Shape of Molecules': the Fisher Baker Lectures, Cornell University, New York, February-April 1959.

Coulson spent a sabbatical term at Cornell in 1959. The following folders contain MS. drafts for his lectures, duplicated notes and material for the students; some folders include related offprints.

Folder B.9.1: Programme of the course, notes for Lecture I - 'Introduction'.

Folder B.9.2: 'Charge distribution in H2 - the only completely calculable situation'.

Folder B.9.3: 'Present status of covalent-ionic resonance'.

Folder B.9.4: 'Valence angles - particularly in triatomic molecules'.

Folder B.9.5: 'Hybridization - dipole moments - case of H2O in detail'.

Folder B.9.6: 'Electronegativity - d-orbital contraction - valence state'.

Folder B.9.7: 'Electron-deficient molecules'.

Folder B.9.8: 'Electron-correlation and the method of Configuration Interaction - excited states of molecules'.

Folder B.9.9: 'The Hydrogen bond'.

Folder B.9.10: 'Molecular vibrations - bond following - absolute intensities in the infra-red'.

Folder B.9.11: 'Loose ends'.

Folder B.9.12: 'π and δ electrons'.

Folder B.9.13: 'Fundamentals of conjugation'.

Folder B.9.14: 'Compression energy - the case of cyclobutadiene'.

Folder B.9.15: 'Bond orders and effective charges'.

Folder B.9.16: 'Excited states - colour'.

Folder B.9.17: 'Influence of molecular symmetry - the ferrocenes'.

Folder B.9.18: 'Overcrowded molecules - strain - crystal forces'.

Folder B.9.19: 'Hyperconjugation'.

Folder B.9.20: 'The free-electron model'.

Folder B.9.21: Numerous sets of MS. notes, from a variety of sources, used by Coulson in preparing lectures.


  • 1958-1959


21 folders

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MS. Coulson 29

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CSAC 60/4/78/B.9/1-21

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