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Scientific lectures, 1939-1970

MS. Coulson 23

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Folder B.3.1 (1952): 'Recent molecular structure lectures'.

MS. drafts of 'A simplification of Hartree-Fock method', 'The V12 plague', 'The non-orthogonality catastrophe'.

Folder B.3.2 (1952-1953): 'Virial Theorem lectures'.

MS. draft of lecture 6 'The virial theorem'.

MS. 'Notes on virial theorem (Hurley's Thesis)'.

2 typescripts by N.H. March (with covering letter) on 'The virial theorem in the Thomas-Fermi Theory', and 'The virial theorem for Dirac's equation'.

Folder B.3.3 (1949): 'Wave Mechanics and its applications'.

Course of lectures at Sir John Cass College, London.

MS. draft of lectures.

Correspondence regarding further course of lectures on 'Wave mechanics and molecular structure' to be given at the college by Coulson.

Folder B.3.4 (1941):

Adult education in H.M. Forces (labelled 'Troops').

Notes for lectures, correspondence.

Folder B.3.5 (1966): 'Ligand-field theory'.

Course of 14 lectures delivered at Harwell with Simon Altmann.

MS., programme of lectures, correspondence.

Folder B.3.6 (n.d.): 'Methods of calculation'.

Early MS. notes on molecular orbitals and various methods of calculation.

Folder B.3.7 (1948): 'U.V. spectra. Colloquia 1948'.

Programme and typescript summaries of contributions to colloquium held at King's College, London, spring 1948.

Coulson's MS. notes for his own contributions(the first introductory lecture and the concluding lecture of the series) and his notes on the lectures of the other speakers (Drs. E.M. Roe, A.D. Walsh, A. Maccoll, D. Craig, and V.A. Crawford) in the series. 26 pp.

Folder B.3.8 (1970): 'Molecular structure and photoelectron spectroscopy'.

1 p. typescript abstract of Coulson's Introductory Lecture at Oxford Conference, September 1970.

MS. draft, presumably for the same talk.

Related offprints.

Folder B.3.9 (1958): 'Molecular geometry and steric deformation'.

Coulson's contribution to the Kekulé Symposium on Theoretical Organic Chemistry, September 1958, London.

Programme of the Symposium, typescript of abstract of Coulson's talk.

Correspondence regarding arrangements for the Symposium, funded by International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. (Coulson served on the organising committee.)

MS. notes for Coulson's contribution.

Folder B.3.10 (1951-1966): 'U.V. spectra'.

Sets of MS. notes on u.v. spectra, of various dates. Includes notes for lecture in Zurich, 1951.

Folder B.3.11 (1939-1943): 'Valence lectures, Dundee, 1939-1943'.

Introductory notes and programme for a course of 16 lectures on 'Valence and the structure of molecules', 1939 and later.

51 pp. typescript draft of lectures.

24 pp. MS. draft of lectures on 'Spectra and Valence for Chemists', 1943.

7 pp. typescript of paper 'The orbits in benzene'.

Folder B.3.12 (1948): 'Statistical Mechanics ii'.

MS. drafts of various lectures in a series on statistical mechanics, delivered at King's College, London, 1948.

Folder B.3.13 (1955): 'Teaching of Quantum Chemistry'.

MS. draft of 'The teaching of quantum mechanics to chemists', Coulson's contribution to a British Association discussion meeting, September 1955.

Folder B.3.14 (n.d.): 'Statistical Mechanics Lectures'.

Various sets of MS. notes for a course of 8 lectures delivered at King's College, London. All are titled and paginated.

Includes Coulson's notes (24 pp.) on R.H. Fowler's book Statistical Mechanics.

Folder B.3.15 (n.d.): 'Spectra Lectures (3)'.

6 pp. typescript draft for a course of 3 lectures on spectra.

n.d. but probably c.1950.

Folder B.3.16 (c.1942): 'Critique of molecular structure'.

5 pp. MS. draft/short notes for lecture(s) on above topic.

Includes 1 p. MS. notes in another (unidentified) hand.

Folder B.3.17 (1951-1953): 'Metals lectures'.

A course of 6 lectures on 'Quantum Theory of Metals' delivered at Sir John Cass College, autumn 1951, and later at AERE, Harwell, January-February 1953.

50 pp. ms. draft for delivery at Sir John Cass, with amendments and annotations for Harwell course.

Programme announcing lectures at Sir John Cass.

Correspondence regarding arrangements for delivery of lectures at Harwell.

Typescript of Chapter XI 'Metals' from unidentified book.

Miscellaneous MS. notes used in preparing lectures.


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MS. Coulson 23

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