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Scientific working papers, lectures, publications, 1934-1973

MS. Coulson 22

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Folder B.2.1 (1951-1954): 'The contribution of wave mechanics to chemistry'.

The Tilden Lecture, The Chemical Society, delivered in London 1951 and in Glasgow 1952.

Working notes, supplementary material and related offprints.

MS., heavily corrected typescript, list of slides for lecture, list of figures for published version.

Correspondence regarding arrangements for delivery and publication.

Folder B.2.2 (1962, 1970): 'Fun with atomic and molecular charge clouds'.

Notes, related printed material.

Folder B.2.3 (1963-1970): 'Vibrations of large systems'.


Folder B.2.4 (1955-1956): 'Hybridization'.

Notes, typescript.

Folder B.2.5 (1951-1956): 'Ionic-covalent resonance'.

Notes for a lecture.

Typescript of 'Critical survey of the method of ionic-homopolar resonance.'

Folder B.2.6 (1951-1959): 'Pauling theory of metals and surface states'.

Notes for lectures.

Folder B.2.7 (1964-1971): 'Commutator relationships'.

Lecture notes.

Includes 2 MS. drafts titled 'Ways to avoid use of the Hamiltonian' and notes and MS. draft for paper 'The use of hypervirial relationships in determining Schrödinger wave functions'.

Folder B.2.8 (1970-1973): 'What happens to an atom in a molecule?'

Notes for lecture delivered on numerous occasions (see list inside folder cover).

MS., figures for published version.


Folder B.2.9 (1970-1973):

'Mendeleev periodic table'.

Notes for lecture delivered on numerous occasions (see list inside folder cover).

MS., typescript for published version 'Wave mechanics and the periodic table'.

Folder B.2.10 (1973): 'Importance of accurate electron-density determinations'.

Notes, manuscript.

Folder B.2.11 (1970-1973): 'Labs or computers?'

Notes for lecture.

MS. of published version.

Folder B.2.12 (1972): 'Polymers and molecular solids'.

Notes, typescript of abstract for paper at conference on band structure, Exeter.

Folder B.2.13 (1972-1973): 'Dipole moments of excited states'.

Notes, MS., supplementary material.


Folder B.2.14 (1944-1955): 'Shape of the chemical bond'.

Notes, MS., typescript, list of slides.

Includes MS. 'Molecules and their Behaviour'.

Folder B.2.15 (1949-1952): 'The wave equation and its solutions'.

Notes, manuscript.

Folder B.2.16 (1934-1937): 'Chemistry and maths'.

Notes, figures.

Folder B.2.17 (1941): 'Quantum theory of the chemical bond'.

Lecture given at Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Notes, typescript, figures for published version, offprint.


Folder B.2.18 (n.d.): 'Energy levels of long chain compounds'.


Folder B.2.19 (1953): 'Relation between applied maths and chemistry'.

Notes for lecture delivered in Glasgow.

Folder B.2.20 (c.1940): 'Order of a bond'.

Notes for lectures.

Folder B.2.21 (1960): 'Lies, d-n lies and statistics'.

Notes for lecture.


  • 1934-1973


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MS. Coulson 22

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CSAC 60/4/78/B.2/1-21

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