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Keyboard music transcribed by Guillaume [William] Babel, 1701

MS. Tenbury 1508

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The volume now begins at fol. 3 (as numbered by the original scribe). A table of contents inside the front cover reveals that the items lost are (a) Prelude in C. Anon.; (b) Allemande in C. Hamel; (c) the opening of a Courante in C, 'Chambonn'. In the list below some of the composers' named are derived from this table. The music is written on a five-line stave. References are given below to Zimmerman's Thematic Catalogue of Henry Purcell and Taylor's Thematic Catalogue of Jeremiah Clarke. In the case of some composers who are not easy to identify, Babel's form of the name is reproduced below. 'Keller' is presumably Gottfried Keller, and 'King', Robert King. In the following list Christian names are cited only where there is more than one composer of that surname.
  1. (fol. 3) Concluding 7 bars of a Courante in C. Chambonnières
  2. (fol. 3) Sarabande in C. Anon.
  3. (fols. 3v-4) Canaries in C. Anon.
  4. (fols. 4v-5) Gavotte and Double in C. Le Bègue
  5. (fol. 5v) Prelude from Suite in A minor [Z. 663]. Henry Purcell
  6. (fol. 6) Courante in A minor. 'Ossu'
  7. (fol. 6v) Sarabande in A minor. 'Ossu'
  8. (fols. 6v-7) Courante in A minor. 'Valois'
  9. (fols. 7v-8) Passacaille in A minor. 'Louisi' [=Luigi Rossi]
  10. (fols. 8v-9) Gavotte and Double in A minor. 'Hardel'
  11. (fols. 9v-10) Gigue (Angloise) in A minor. Anon.
  12. (fols. 10v-11) Prelude in D, 3me Suitte. Keller
  13. (fols. 11v-12) Allemande in D. Keller
  14. (fol. 12v) Air Lent in D [Taylor 437]. Clarke
  15. (fols. 13-14) Ouverture de Thetis. Colasse
  16. (fols. 14v-15) Marche, Rondeau in D [Taylor 435]. Clarke
  17. (fols. 15v-16) Scotch Tune in D. 'Shors'
  18. (fol. 16v) Gigue in D. Keller
  19. (fol. 17) Prelude in C, 4me Suitte. Keller
  20. (fol. 17v) Allemande in C. Keller
  21. (fol. 18) Trumpet Tune in C [Z. T698]. Henry Purcell
  22. (fols. 18v-19) Imitation de la descente de Cybelle in C [Z. T678]. Henry Purcell
  23. (fols. 19v-21) Trumpett in C. Keller
  24. (fol. 21v) Prelude in E minor, 5me Suitte. King
  25. (fol. 22) Sarabende in E minor. King
  26. (fols. 22v-23) Allemande in E minor. King
  27. (fols. 23v-24) Gavotte in E minor. Dieupart
  28. (fols. 24v-26) Chaconne in E minor. forcer
  29. (fols. 26v-27) Gigue in E minor. King
  30. (fols. 27v-28) Gigue in B minor. [Draghi]
  31. (fol. 28v) Ecossoise in B minor. Barrett
  32. (fol. 29) Menuet in B minor. Barrett
  33. (fols. 29v-31) Suite in G, 6me Suitte. [Z. 660]. Henry Purcell
  34. (fols. 31v-32) Courante in G. Chambonnières
  35. (fols. 32v-33) Bourée and Double in G. Le Bègue
  36. (fols. 33v-34) Menuet in G. Le Bègue
  37. (fol. 34v) Ecossoise in G. Finger
  38. (fol. 35) Prelude in G, 7me Suitte. Keller
  39. (fols. 35v-36) Ecossoise in G. Keller
  40. (fols. 36v-37) La Discorde in G. Lully
  41. (fols. 37v-38) Gigue in G. Anon.
  42. (fols. 38v-39) Allemande in G minor, 8me Suitte. King
  43. (fols. 39v-40) Air d'Armide. Lully
  44. (fols. 40v-41) Rondeau in G minor. Anon.
  45. (fols. 41v-42) Air in G minor [Z. 611(9)]. Henry Purcell
  46. (fol. 42v) Gigue in G minor [Z. T686] Henry Purcell
  47. (fol. 43) Menuet in G minor. John Eccles
  48. (fols. 43v-44) Prelude in D minor, 9me Suitte. Keller
  49. (fols. 44v-45) Allemande in D minor. Keller
  50. (fols. 45v-46) Ouverture du ballet de Flore. Anon.
  51. (fol. 46v) Courante in D minor. 'Valois'
  52. (fol. 47) Menuet la croix in D minor. Anon.
  53. (fol. 47v) Air in D minor. Solomon Eccles
  54. (fol. 48) Gigue in D minor. Keller
  55. (fols. 48v-49) Allemande in F, 10me Suitte [Z. 669(2)]. Henry Purcell
  56. (fols. 49v-50) Courante in F [Z. 669(3)]. Henry Purcell
  57. (fols. 50v-51) Air in F [Z. 630(1a)]. Henry Purcell
  58. (fol. 51) Hornpipe in F [Z. 630(2b)]. Henry Purcell
  59. (fol. 51v) Ecossoise in F. Anon.
  60. (fol. 52) 'Com[e] swe[e]t lass' in F. Anon.
  61. (fols. 52v-53) Les Lutins in F. Anon.
  62. (fols. 53v-54) Gigue in F. Anon.
  63. (fol. 54v) Sarabande in F minor. Dieupart
  64. (fol. 55) Menuet in F minor.'Stephani'
  65. (fols. 55v-56) Gigue in F minor. John Eccles
  66. (fols. 56v-57) Allemande in D, 11me Suitte. King
  67. (fols. 57v-58) Courante in D. King
  68. (fols. 58v-59) Saraband in D. King
  69. (fols. 59v-60) Chaconne de Galatée. Anon.
  70. (fols. 60v-61) Gigue in D. King
  71. (fols. 61v-62) Rondeau in B flat. Daniel Purcell
  72. (fols. 62v-63) Air in B flat. æMr Eccles'
  73. (fol. 63v) Les Mariez. Lully
  74. (fol. 64) es Espagnoles. Lully
  75. (fol. 64v) Gigue in B flat. Morgan
  76. (fol. 65) Bourée Angloise in B flat. Anon.
  77. (fols. 65v-66) Allemande in A, 12me Suitte. King
  78. (fols. 66v) Courante in A. King
  79. (fol. 67) Saraband in A. King
  80. (fols. 67v-68) Gigue in A. King
  81. (fol. 68v) Hornpipe in A. John Eccles
  82. (fol. 69) Courante in A. Barrett
  83. (fols. 69v-70) Bourée in A. Barrett
  84. (fol. 70v) Gigue Angloise in A. Anon.
  85. (fol. 71) Hornpipe in A. Barrett
  86. (fol. 71v) Air Champaistre in A (incomplete). Anon.


  • 1701


1 volume

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  • English


MS. Tenbury 1508

Custodial History

Inscription inside front cover, 'Ce livre apartient a Gm. Babel 1701 London'. Formerly in the possession of S. W. Underwood of Stroud. Presented by the Honorary Librarian of St Michael's College, 1958.


9 3/4 × 4 3/4 inches obl.

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