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A single tenor cantoris part-book from Southwell Minster, 1617

MS. Tenbury 1382

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One of an original set of eight anthem-books together with an organ-book made by Jarvas Jones and presented by him to the Collegiate Church of Southwell, where his father, Walter Jones, had held a prebendal stall.

  1. (fol. 1) Death is swallowed up. T. Tomkins
  2. (fol. 1v) Halleluia (fragment). Anon.
  3. (fol. 2) Know you not (Prince Henry's funeral). T. Tomkins
  4. (fol. 5) Turn thou us. T. Tomkins
  5. (fol. 4v) Glory be to God. T. Tomkins
  6. (fol. 5v) The Lord bless us. T. Tomkins
  7. (fol. 6v) Thou art my king, O God. T. Tomkins
  8. (fol. 7) The Lord even the most mighty. T. Tomkins
  9. (fol. 8) O Lord, let me know. T. Tomkins
  10. (fol. 9) Behold I bring. T. Tomkins
  11. (fol. 9v) O Lord, turn not. E. Hooper
  12. (fol. 10) O Lord, in thee. E. Hooper
  13. (fol. 11) Deliver me, O God. J. Bull
  14. (fol. 11v) Out of the deep. T. Morley
  15. (fol. 12) How long wilt thou forget me (and a fragment on fol. 28). T. Morley
  16. (fol. 13) Watch fast and pray. Randall
  17. (fol. 13) O Father dear. Randall
  18. (fol. 14v) Thou God that guidest. W. Byrd
  19. (fol. 14v) Hear my prayer. W. Byrd
  20. (fol. 15) Now Israel may say. W. Byrd
  21. (fol. 16) Christ rising. W. Byrd
  22. (fol. 17) Alack when I look back. [W. Byrd]
  23. (fol. 17v) Look down, O Lord. N. Pattrick [Patrick]
  24. (fol. 18v) I will lift up. N. Pattrick [Patrick]
  25. (fol. 19v) O Lord, turn not. N. Giles
  26. (fol. 20v) O Lord, in thee is all. J. Fido
  27. (fol. 21v) If the Lord himself. J. Fido
  28. (fol. 23) Hear me, O Lord. J. Fido
  29. (fol. 24) I will call with my whole heart. J. Fido
  30. (fol. 25) O king of heaven. J. Fido
  31. (fol. 26) Deliver me from mine enemies. J. Fido
  32. (fol. 27) Almighty God, who by the leading. J. Bull
  33. (fol. 28) Be merciful, O Lord. Anon.
  34. (fol. 28v) O Lord, how joyful. Anon.
  35. (fol. 29) Lord, enter not. T. Tomkins
  36. (fol. 30) O Lord, wipe away. T. Tomkins
  37. (fol. 31) Have mercy upon me. J. Tomkins
  38. (fol. 31v) To sing the mercies. Anon.
  39. (fol. 32) Almighty God, the fountain. T. Tomkins
  40. (fol. 33) Holy, Holy, Holy. T. Tomkins
  41. (fol. 34) O God, whom our offences. W. Byrd
  42. (fol. 35) Arise, O Lord. W. Byrd
  43. (fol. 36) How long shall mine enemies. W. Byrd
  44. (fol. 37) O Lord, turn thy wrath (part i). W. Byrd
  45. (fol. 37v) Bow thine ear (part ii). W. Byrd
  46. (fol. 38v) Let not our prayers be rejected. W. Byrd
  47. (fol. 39) Arise O Lord (Exsurge Domine). W. Byrd
  48. (fol. 40) O God, give ear. W. Byrd
  49. (fol. 41) I lift my heart to thee. C. Tye
  50. (fol. 42) Behold it is Christ. E. Hooper
  51. (fol. 43) O Lord, I bow the knees. Mundy
  52. (fol. 44) Holy Lord God. Parsons
  53. (fol. 45) I call and cry. T. Tallis
  54. (fol. 46) With all our hearts. T. Tallis
  55. (fol. 47) Blessed be thy name. T. Tallis
  56. (fol. 48) O how glorious. E. Hooper
  57. (fol. 49) I will always give thanks. E. Hooper
  58. (fol. 50) O Lord, make thy servant. W. Byrd
  59. (fol. 51) Deliver me from mine enemies. Parsons
  60. (fol. 52) Grant unto us, O Lord. N. Strogers
  61. (fol. 53) O give thanks. Mundy
  62. (fol. 54v) The Lord bless us. R. White
  63. (fol. 55v) O Lord Almighty. N. Giles
  64. (fol. 57) O clap your hands. N. Pattrick [Patrick]
  65. (fol. 59v) Sing joyfully. W. Byrd
  66. (fol. 60v) Let us arise from sin. W. Byrd
  67. (fol. 62) Glory be unto God. T. Weelkes
  68. (fol. 63) Behold now praise the Lord. W. Byrd
  69. (fol. 64v) O Lord, arise. T. Weelkes
  70. (fol. 65v) O sing unto the Lord. T. Tomkins
  71. (fol. 66v) O God, the proud. T. Tomkins
  72. (fol. 67v) O praise God in his holiness. R. White
  73. (fol. 68v) In judgement, Lord. Anon.
  74. (fol. 69v) Man that is born. Tho. Morley
  75. (fol. 71) Behold now praise. R. Alison
  76. (fol. 72) My song shall be. R. Carlton
  77. (fol. 73) O Lord, give thy Holy Spirit. Anon.
  78. (fol. 73v) Hear my crying. Anon.
  79. (fol. 74) I will wash. Anon.
  80. (fol. 74v) Call to remembrance. (R. Farrant)
  81. (fol. 75) O Lord, may not he. Anon.
  82. (fol. 75v) O pray for the peace. R. Nicolson
  83. (fol. 76) Submit yourselves. E. Hooper
  84. (fol. 76v) If ye love me. Anon.
  85. (fol. 77) O praise God in his holiness. Anon.
  86. (fol. 77v) Litany. Butler
  87. (fol. 78v) Litany. W. Byrd
  88. (fol. 79) Almighty God, we beseech thee. Anon.
Presented to Southwell by Jarvas Jones of Oxford. In the hand of one main scribe and five additional scribes.


  • 1617


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 1382

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Custodial History

This book is the only known survivor of the set. It belonged to John Alcock of Lichfield in 1716 and bears his autograph both at the beginning and end. It was purchased in Oxford c 1910 by E. Gordon Duff, of Oxford, and presented by him to Edmund H. Fellowes in 1924 and placed in the library of St Michael's College.


  • John Morehen, ‘The Southwell Minster Tenor part-book in the Library of St Michael's College, Tenbury (MS. 1382)’. Music & Letters , vol. 50 (1969), pp. 352-364.


7 5/8 x 5 5/8 inches obl.

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