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A large collection of vocal music, including many of Purcell's works in full score, c 1696-1720

MS. Tenbury 1175

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Items 28-41 are stated to have been 'transcribed from the original score 1680 [presumably Add MS. 30930, British Library] in the handwriting of the author', i. e. Henry Purcell. The second section of the book (formerly at the reverse end, but now bound in to follow H. Purcell's 'Since God so tender') consists of Latin motets, but no names of composers are recorded with these.

  1. (p. 1) The Duke of Gloucester's Installation Musick. H. [really D.] Purcell
  2. (p. 23) The Musick in the Play ('When night her purple veil'). H. [really D.] Purcell
  3. (p. 39) Musick in last Act of the Indian Queen. H. Purcell [really the concluding masque by Daniel Purcell]
  4. (p. 59) Musick in Cythia and Endymion. D. Purcell
  5. (p. 71) Musick in the Tragedy of Pausanias. D. Purcell
  6. (p. 81) Arise, great dead. [?D.] Purcell [in Daniel Purcell's hand]
  7. (p. 87) Canon. J. C. Pepusch [dated 29 Jan 1721/1722 at 'Canons'; probably autograph]
  8. (p. 88) Musick in Bonduca. H. Purcell
  9. (p. 104) Madonna s'io n'amai. A. Willaert
  10. (p. 107) L'aspetto sacro della terra (pars i). F. Roselli
  11. (p. 109) So che 'l suo ragionar (pars ii). F. Roselli
  12. (p. 111) Ogni loco mi porge (pars i). G. P. da Palestrina
  13. (p. 114) Poscia che per mio mal (pars ii). G. P. da Palestrina
  14. (p. 116) Piangete O muse (pars i). Giovanni Lockenburgno [J. Lockenburg]
  15. (p. 118) Doletevi morte (pars ii). Giovanni Lockenburgno [J. Lockenburg]
  16. (p. 120) Solo e pensoso (pars i). Giov. Nasco
  17. (p. 123) Si ch'io mi cred' homai (pars ii). Giov. Nasco
  18. (p. 125) Cura che di timor (pars i). F. Roselli
  19. (p. 126) Sei senza riposo (pars ii). F. Roselli
  20. (p. 128) Ben ho del car' oggetto. F. Roselli
  21. (p. 131) The Yorkshire Feast. H. Purcell [probably in the hand of Thomas Barrow
  22. (p. 166) Song on the Assumption. Jeremiah Clark [Clarke; probably in the hand of Thomas Barrow]]
  23. (p. 192) Motet de St François Xavier. André Campra
  24. (p. 218) In guilty night. H. Purcell
  25. (p. 223) The Dissolution. John Weldon
  26. (p. 236) Hymn upon the last day. H. Purcell
  27. (p. 240) On a quiet conscience. H. Purcell
  28. (p. 242) Beati omnes qui timent. H. Purcell
  29. (p. 248) Jehovah quam multi. H. Purcell
  30. (p. 254) Gloria Patri. H. Purcell
  31. (p. 258) O all ye people clap your hands. H. Purcell
  32. (p. 265) Plunged in the confines of despair. H. Purcell
  33. (p. 268) Hear me O Lord, and that soon. H. Purcell
  34. (p. 270) Lord, not to us. H. Purcell
  35. (p. 272) When on my sick-bed. H. Purcell
  36. (p. 277) Hear me O Lord, the great support. H. Purcell
  37. (p. 283) Early O Lord my fainting soul. H. Purcell
  38. (p. 290) O Lord our Governor. H. Purcell
  39. (p. 297) Ah few and full of sorrow. H. Purcell
  40. (p. 302) Oh I'm sick of life. H. Purcell
  41. (p. 306) Lord I can suffer thy rebuke. H. Purcell
  42. (p. 312) Since God so tender a regard. H. Purcell
Reverse end of the book (now bound consecutively):
  1. (p. 1) Kyrie and Gloria in excelsis. Incerto
  2. (p. 32) Beati immaculati
  3. (p. 34) Utinam dirigantur
  4. (p. 36) In quo corrigit
  5. (p. 38) In labiis meis
  6. (p. 40) In exitu Israel
  7. (p. 43) A facie domini
  8. (p. 45) Simulacra gentium argentum
  9. (p. 46) Similes illis fiant
  10. (p. 48) Dominus memor fuit
  11. (p. 51) Coelum coeli domino
  12. (p. 54) Quem dicunt homines
  13. (p. 56) Ave Maria
  14. (p. 58) Ave Maria
  15. (p. 60) Favus distillans labia
  16. (p. 63) O tu quae nunc beata
  17. (p. 65) Ave virgo gloriosa
  18. (p. 68) Veramente in amore


  • c 1696-1720


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 1175

Custodial History

Formerly belonged to William Hawes, and Edmund T. Warren Horne.


14 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches

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Part of the Bodleian Libraries Repository

Weston Library
Broad Street
Oxford OX1 3BG United Kingdom