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A collection of English church music in score, early 18th cent.

MS. Tenbury 1031

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  1. (p. 1) My beloved spake. H. Purcell
  2. (p. 14) I will love thee (23 August 1705). J. Clark [Clarke]
  3. (p. 27) Praise the Lord, O my soul. J. Clark [Clarke]
  4. (p. 37) I will love thee, O Lord. J. Clark [Clarke]
  5. (p. 44) O Lord rebuke me not. J. Clark [Clarke]
  6. (p. 49) Hear my crying. W. Croft
  7. (p. 58) The Lord is full of compassion. J. Clark [Clarke]
  8. (p. 67) How long wilt thou forget me. J. Clark [Clarke]
  9. (p. 71) Bow down thine ear, O Lord. J. Clark [Clarke]
  10. (p. 78) The Lord is my strength (27 June 1706). J. Clark [Clarke]
  11. (p. 88) O clap your hands (27 June 1706). W. Croft
  12. (p. 102) Blessed is the man (27 June [really July] 1706). J. Blow
  13. (p. 108) God is our hope. J. Blow
  14. (p. 118) O clap your hands. H. Hall
  15. (p. 130) The ways of Zion do mourn. [M. Wise]
  16. (p. 134) Lucifer celestis olim. Jacomo Carissimi
  17. (p. 136) Blessed be the Lord (16 August 1706). W. Croft
  18. (p. 158) The Lord prepared his seat. C. King
  19. (p. 167) O sing unto God. J. Blow
  20. (p. 174) The souls of the righteous. Anon.
  21. (p. 180) Like as the hart. P. Humphrys [Humfrey]
  22. (p. 186) Lord what is man? W. Turner
  23. (p. 190) O give thanks. H. Purcell
  24. (p. 202) Haste thee, O God. P. Humphrys [Humfrey]
  25. (p. 206) O be joyful in God. H. Hall
  26. (p. 210) O be joyful in the Lord. P. Humphrys [Humfrey]
  27. (p. 215) I am the resurrection. Thomas Morley
  28. (p. 222) I will sing unto the Lord. W. Croft
  29. (p. 229) O give thanks unto the Lord. Anon.
  30. (p. 235) I beheld and lo. J. Blow
  31. (p. 246) Hear my crying. J. Weldon
  32. (p. 232) O Lord God of my salvation. W. Croft
  33. (p. 275) Morning service, Kyrie, Creed and Evening service in A. W. Turner
  34. (p. 310) Te Deum and Jubilate in C minor J. Clark [Clarke]
  35. (p. 322) I will exalt thee. arr. by H. Aldrich
  36. (p. 327) Te Deum and Jubilate in G. J. Clark [Clarke]
  37. (p. 336) Blessed is the people O Lord. W. Croft
  38. (p. 355) Morning and Evening service in F (25 Aug 1706). C. King
  39. (p. 379) God is our hope (incomplete). H. Aldrich
  40. (p. 388) Behold now praise the Lord. H. Aldrich
  41. (p. 393) Hide not thou (with considerable variants) R. Farrant
  42. (p. 396) O Lord make thy servant. W. Byrd
  43. (p. 400) Be not wrath (Ne irascaris). W. Byrd
  44. (p. 406) O Lord rebuke me not. W. Croft
  45. (p. 417) Bow down thine ear. J. Isham
  46. (p. 427) Behold, how good and joyful. J. Blow
  47. (p. 430) Prepare ye the way. M. Wise
  48. (p. 434) Awake up my glory. M. Wise
  49. (p. 436) Awake, put on thy strength. M. Wise
  50. (p. 444) I will magnify thee. W. Tucker
  51. (p. 452) Man that is bom. H. Purcell
  52. (p. 459) Dorinda weep no more. J. Clark [Clarke]
  53. (p. 462) I call and cry. T. Tallis
  54. (p. 467) Haste thee, O Lord (incomplete). Anon.
In the hand of Charles Badham, minor canon of St Paul's Cathedral. He began to copy 'God is our hope' by H. Aldrich on a sheet now cut out before p. 379. Getting it wrong, he started afresh on p. 380. See also Bodleian Library MSS. Mus. Sch. b. 7 and c. 38.

In the list of contents, '1Y' and '2Y' refer to Bodleian Library MSS. Mus. Sch. c. 40 and c. 39 respectively, and the headed 'L' relates to MS. Tenbury 1258.


  • early 18th cent.


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 1031


  • Some account of this manuscript can be found on page v of Edward Rimbault's Cathedral music (London, 1847).


12 1/2 x 7 7/8 inches

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