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A collection of vocal music, mainly madrigals, early 17th cent. - mid-17th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 1015-1019

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MS. Tenbury 1015: Madrigals and motets of Pomponio Nenna. Book 7, with English words, mid-17th cent. Score in the hand of George Jeffreys.
  1. (fol. 1) Let my heart then adore thee
  2. (fol. 1v) The sun one day beholding Oriana
  3. (fol. 2) I saw five purple roses
  4. (fol. 3) How then shall death deprive me?
  5. (fol. 3v) With hands sweetly embracing
  6. (fol. 4v) Happy torments, blessed wounds
  7. (fol. 5) Behold the star appeareth
  8. (fol. 6) Then Peter like an exile
  9. (fol. 6v) If, sweet Jesu, to pray thee
  10. (fol. 7v) Happy soul in thy bosom
  11. (fol. 8) Now death sadly attended
  12. (fol. 8v) Ay me, my son, sweet Jesu
  13. (fol. 9v) While sighs prayers and lamentings
  14. (fol. 10) O sweet Jesu my Saviour
  15. (fol. 11) Behold my soul, sweet Jesu
  16. (fol. 11v) His fair eyes on her fixed
  17. (fol. 12v) Fly not, sweet Jesu
MS. Tenbury 1016: Madrigals by Richard Dering for voices with basso continuo, early 17th cent. Score in the hand of George Jeffreys.

A 1 or 2 voci:
  1. (fol. 1v) O Donna troppo cruda a 2
  2. (fol. 2) Vergine bella che di a 1
  3. (fol. 2v) Donna mentre i' vi miro a 1
  4. (fol. 2v) Cosi dunque morire a 1
  5. (fol. 3) O miei giomi fugaci a 2
  6. (fol. 3v) O durezza di ferro a 2
  7. (fol. 4) Legasti anima mia a 2
A 3 voci con b.c.:
  1. (fol. 4v) T'amo mia vita
  2. (fol. 5v) Crudelissima doglia
  3. (fol. 6v) Alma d'amor rubella
  4. (fol. 7v) Ho visto 'al mio dolore
  5. (fol. 8v) Felice chi vi mira
  6. (fol. 9v) Che veggio ohimè che sento
  7. (fol. 10v) Al fonte, al prato
  8. (fol. 11v) Pargoletto 'e colei
  9. (fol. 12v) Lungi dal vostro lume
  10. (fol. 13v) Lasso ch'io moro
  11. (fol. 14v) O dolce mio martire
MS. Tenbury 1017: Two madrigals for 4 voices with basso continuo by Claudio Merula, early 17th cent. Score in the hand of Stephen Bing, with some text underlay in item 1 by George Jeffreys.
  1. Nominativus hic et hec et hoc
  2. Nominativo quis vel qui que quod
MS. Tenbury 1018: A collection of madrigals, motets and songs in score, early 17th cent. The initial words alone are given with the music in most cases.
  1. (fol. 1) Decantabat populus Israel. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C29]
  2. (fol. 2) Grave pena. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C156]
  3. (fol. 3) Cantabo dominum. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C18]
  4. fol. 4v) Dolce gueriere. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C154 and 155]
  5. (fol. 6) [Interdette speranze]. Anon. A. [Ferrabosco the Elder, C158]
  6. (fol. 7v) Charon, O Charon come away. R. Johnson
  7. (fol. 9v) This day our Saviour. Anon.
  8. (fol. 10) Leave into life the prison. Anon.
  9. (fol. 10) Che servi. Anon.
  10. (fol. 10v) Madre a I'amor. Anon.
  11. (fol. 10v) Vezzosette ninfe. Anon. [Gastoldi]
  12. (fol. 11) Zefiro spira. Anon.
  13. (fol. 11) Se ben mir h[a]i bon tempo. Anon.
  14. (fol. 11) Se ben vechio vita mia. Anon.
  15. (fol. 11v) Where wit is over-ruled. Anon.
  16. (fol. 12) From the temple to the board. Anon.
  17. (fol. 12) Shall I wasting in despair? Anon.
  18. (fol. 12v) An instrumental fragment. Anon.
  19. (fol. 13) Lamentatio Jeremiae. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C65]
  20. (fol. 16) Heu mihi. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C37]
  21. (fol. 17) Mirabile misterium. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C47]
  22. (fol. 19) Vias tuas Domine. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C25]
  23. (fol. 20) Peccantem me quotidie. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C52]
  24. (fol. 21v) Ad dominum cum tribularer. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C1]
  25. (fol. 23) Musica leta suum te gaudet. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C79]
  26. (fol. 24) Posuisti tenebras. Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C14]
  27. (fol. 25v) In nomine (a 3). Anon. [A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C222]
  28. (fol. 27v) Si bona suscepimus. Anon. [Verdelot]
  29. (fol. 29v) An instrumental piece. Anon.
  30. (fol. 30) An instrumental piece. Anon.
  31. (fol. 30v) Flow my tears. John Dowland
  32. (fol. 31) Hear me O God. A. Ferrabosco
  33. (fol. 31v) Sharp Pavin for viols. A. Ferrabosco the Younger [VdGS 3]
  34. (fol. 32) [Fuerunt mihi lacrymae. A. Ferrabosco the Elder, C36]. (Unattributed, untitled and without underlay.)
  35. (fol. 32v) An instrumental piece. Anon.
  36. (fol. 33) Come home my troubled thoughts. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  37. (fol. 33v) Se partendo da voi. Anon.
  38. (fol. 33v) Crud' Amarille. Anon.
  39. (fol. 34v) With what new thoughts. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  40. (fol. 35) Moro mia vita. Giulio Romano
  41. (fol. 35) Udite lagrimosi spirti. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  42. (fol. 35v) Eteri numi O come. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  43. (fol. 35v) O crudel Amarille. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  44. (fol. 36) Nay nay you must not stay. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  45. (fol. 36v) Lacrimar sempre. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  46. (fol. 36v) O what a fault. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  47. (fol. 37) Senses by unjust force. Anon.
  48. (fol. 37) How near to good. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  49. (fol. 37v) Gentle knights, know some measure. A. Ferrabosco the Younger
  50. (fol. 38) Dolcissimo sospiro. Giulio Romano
  51. (fol. 38v) Vedrô il mio sol. Anon.
  52. (fol. 38v) Amarilide mia diro mio suole. Anon.
  53. (fol. 39) Amarille mia bella. [Caccini]
  54. (fol. 39v) Dovro dunque morire. [Caccini]
  55. (fol. 39v) Parlo misero taccio. [Caccini]
  56. (fol. 40) Ahi dolente partita. Giulio Romano
  57. (fol. 40v) Virgine bella. Anon.
  58. (fol. 41) Parle ch'el mar. Giulio Romano
  59. (fol. 41) T'amo mia vita. Giulio Romano
  60. (fol. 41v) Ahi dolente partita. Giulio Romano
  61. (fol. 41v) Sfogava con le stelie. Giulio Romano
  62. (fol. 42) Donna leggiadre bella. Giulio Romano
  63. (fol. 42) De la porte d'oriente. Giulio Romano
  64. (fol. 42v) Deh com' in van chiedete. Giulio Romano
  65. (fol. 42v) Dispisgate[?] quanc' amate. Anon.
  66. (fol. 43) Hor che lungi da voi. Giulio Romano
  67. (fol. 43) Amor l'alli m'impenna. Giulio Romano
  68. (fol. 43v) Con la sua man. Anon.
  69. (fol. 44) Fille mirand' il cielo. Anon.
  70. (fol. 44v) Dearest love I do not go. Anon.
  71. (fol. 44v) Eyes look off theirs. Anon.
  72. (fol. 44v) Come drink with me. W. Byrd
  73. (fol. 45v) Se di far morire. Anon.
  74. (fol. 45v) Charon, oh Charon row thy boat. Anon.
  75. (fol. 46) Woo her and win her. Anon.
  76. (fol. 46v) Fain would I change my maiden life. Anon.
  77. (fol. 46v) An instrumental fragment. Anon.
  78. (fol. 47) Time, cruel time. Anon.
  79. (fol. 47v) In an arbour of green May. Anon.
  80. (fol. 47v) Tell me my dear. Anon.
  81. (fol. 47v) Non nobis Domine (a 3, no words). Anon.
  82. (fol. 48) Venus birds whose mournfull tunes. Anon.
  83. (fol. 48) If pleasures were not wasting. Anon.
  84. (fol. 48v) An instrumental fragment. Anon.
  85. (fol. 48v) An instrumental fragment. Anon.
MS. Tenbury 1019: A collection of songs with lute accompaniment in tablature, early 17th cent.
  1. (fol. 1) When love one time. Anon.
  2. (fol. 1) If floods of tears. Anon.
  3. (fol. 1v) Send home my long-strayed. J. Coprario
  4. (fol. 1v) Long annoys. Anon.
  5. (fol. 2) O eyes, O mortal stars. Anon.
  6. (fol. 2) Occhi nido d'amore. Giulio Romano
  7. (fol. 2v) Come shepherds, deck. Anon.
  8. (fol. 3) If the deep sighs. Anon.
  9. (fol. 3v) If pleasures were not wasting. Anon.
  10. (fol. 4) With silver sounds. Anon.
  11. (fol. 4v) How should a young man. Anon.
  12. (fol. 5v) Nothing on earth remains. Anon.
  13. (fol. 6v) Steer hither your winged prize. Anon.
  14. (fol. 6v) A fragment (melody only). Anon.


  • early 17th cent. - mid-17th cent.


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MSS. Tenbury 1015-1019


  • For MSS. Tenbury 1015, 1016 and 1017, see: Jonathan P. Wainwright, ‘George Jeffreys' copies of Italian music’, Royal Musical Association Research Chronicle , 23 (1990), pp. 109–124.


15 x 11 7/8 inches obl.

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