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A collection of anthems, mid-18th cent.

MS. Tenbury 796

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  1. (fol. 1) Have mercy upon me. Richard Alison
  2. (fol. 4) O praise God. William White
  3. (fol. 15) O Lord bow down. Richard Alison
  4. (fol. 21) O how amiable. Thomas Weelkes
  5. (fol. 25) O Lord grant the king. Thomas Weelkes
  6. (fol. 35) O thou God Almighty. E. Hooper
  7. (fol. 39) From the depth. Christopher Tye
  8. (fol. 43) The Lord bless us. Robert Whyte [White]
  9. (fol. 47) When the Son of man. Matthew Lock [Locke]
  10. (fol. 55) Let God arise. Matthew Lock [Locke]
  11. (fol. 57) In the beginning. Matthew Lock [Locke]
  12. (fol. 59) Sing unto the Lord. Matthew Lock [Locke]
  13. (fol. 62) Wherewithal shall a young man. J. Alcock
  14. (fol. 64v) Behold now praise. Henry Aldrich
  15. (fol. 69v) Lord who shall dwell. Benjamin Rogers
  16. (fol. 74) O that the salvation. Benjamin Rogers
  17. (fol. 76) Save me God. Benjamin Rogers
  18. (fol. 79v) Praise the Lord. Robert Creyghton [Creighton]
  19. (fol. 86) All people that on earth. Thomas Tallis
  20. (fol. 89) Behold now praise. R. Creyghton [Creighton]
  21. (fol. 91) Lord for thy tender mercies. John Hilton
  22. (fol. 93v) Te deum patrem colimus. B. Rogers
  23. (fol. 94v) Lord who shall dwell? Albert Bryan
  24. (fol. 99) I am the resurrection. T. Tudway
  25. (fol. 102) Man that is bom. T. Tudway
  26. (fol. 108) I heard a voice. T. Tudway
  27. (fol. 111) O give thanks. William Tucker
  28. (fol. 115) O Saviour of the world. J. Weldon
  29. (fol. 115v) O that mine eyes. George Loosemore
  30. (fol. 118v) O Lord I bow the knees. William Mundy
  31. (fol. 126) O praise the Lord. Thomas Kelway
  32. (fol. 128) Save Lord and hear us. L. Marenzio
  33. (fol. 132v) O Lord we besech thee. John Pratt
  34. (fol. 134) Bow down thine ear. Maurice Greene
  35. (fol. 134) I will alway give thanks. Maurice Greene
  36. (fol. 148) O Lord look down. Maurice Greene
  37. (fol. 152) O praise the Lord. Anon.
  38. (fol. 154) Rejoice in the Lord. James Hawkins
  39. (fol. 157v) O praise the Lord all ye heathen. James Hawkins
  40. (fol. 159v) O praise the Lord ye servants. James Hawkins
  41. (fol. 162) O Lord grant the king. James Hawkins
  42. (fol. 165v) Glory be to God on high. James Hawkins
No. 33 is in the composer's hand.


  • mid-18th cent.


1 volume


MS. Tenbury 796


11 3/8 x 9 3/8 inches

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