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The ‘Batten Organ Book’, containing a large collection of English anthems and services by composers of the Elizabethan and early Jacobean school, c 1630-1640

MS. Tenbury 791

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  1. (fol. 1) Dr Giles first service (Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie, Creed, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)
  2. (fol. 8) Mr Morley's service (Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus, Kyrie, Creed, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)
  3. (fol. 17) Mr Bird's Verses Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. [Byrd]
  4. (fol. 18v) O Lord I bow the knees. Thomas Holmes
  5. (fol. 20) O Lord make thy servant (Bassus only). Byrd
  6. (fol. 21) Mr Hooper's evening service with verses
  7. (fol. 24) Mr Hooper's full Te Deum with Benedictus
  8. (fol. 27) God so loved the world. Orlando Gibbons
  9. (fol. 29) What child was he. Nathaniel Giles
  10. (fol. 30) Except the Lord. Nathaniel Giles
  11. (fol. 31) O Lord my God. Nathaniel Giles
  12. (fol. 32v) Out of the deep. Nathaniel Giles
  13. (fol. 34) O Lord of whom I do depend. Nathaniel Giles
  14. (fol. 33) O Lord turn not away thy face. Nathaniel Giles
  15. (fol. 37) O Lord rebuke me not. Richard Browne
  16. (fol. 39) When Israel came out. John Heath
  17. (fol. 40) Unto thee O Lord. Richard Dering
  18. (fol. 42) O Lord make thy servant. W. Cranford
  19. (fol. 43v) O Lord let me know. Solomon Tozar [Tozer]
  20. (fol. 45) Sing unto the Lord. Orlando Gibbons
  21. (fol. 46v) Behold I bring you. Orlando Gibbons
  22. (fol. 48) If ye then be risen. Orlando Gibbons
  23. (fol. 49) Behold thou hast made. Orlando Gibbons
  24. (fol. 50v) Glorious and powerful. Orlando Gibbons
  25. (fol. 32) O Lord of whom I do depend. John Holmes
  26. (fol. 53) Deliver me O God. John Bull
  27. (fol. 53v) Hear my prayer. William Byrd
  28. (fol. 54) Give ear O Lord. Thomas Weelkes
  29. (fol. 55v) Sing unto God. William Stonard
  30. (fol. 57) Hear my prayer. George Bath
  31. (fol. 59v) Thou art my king (1 bass). T. Tomkins
  32. (fol. 61) Thou art my king (2 basses). T. Tomkins
  33. (fol. 62v) Let God arise. John Ward
  34. (fol. 64v) If king Manasses. Thomas Weelkes
  35. (fol. 66v) I will magnify thee. William Pisinge [Pysing]
  36. (fol. 68) I will praise the Lord. John Ward
  37. (fol. 70) The secret sins. Orlando Gibbons
  38. (fol. 70v) Lord in thy wrath. John Amner
  39. (fol. 71v) Thou God. William Byrd
  40. (fol. 72v) Alack when I look back. William Byrd
  41. (fol. 73v) Ah helpless wretch. William Mundy
  42. (fol. 74) All laud and praise. Thomas Weelkes
  43. (fol. 75v) Arise O Lord. Leonard Woodson
  44. (fol. 77) Almighty God (Whitsunday). Nathaniel Giles
  45. (fol. 78v) Almighty God. Orlando Gibbons
  46. (fol. 79v) Mr Gibbons' Magnificat and N Dim. Versus
  47. (fol. 82) Deliver me O God. John Bull
  48. (fol. 82v) An earthly tree. William Byrd
  49. (fol. 83) Give the king thy judgements. T. Weelkes
  50. (fol. 84v) Out of the deep. Thomas Morley
  51. (fol. 85v) O Jesu mercy. Thomas Morley
  52. (fol. 87) Te Deum (and Benedictus) with Verse. L. Woodson
  53. (fol. 94v) Unto thee O Lord I lift up. L. Woodson
  54. (fol. 96) Bow down thine car. L. Woodson
  55. (fol. 98) Thy mercy O Lord. L. Woodson
  56. (fol. 100) Give the king thy judgements. L. Woodson
  57. (fol. 101v) O how amiable. L. Woodson
  58. (fol. 103) Glory be to God. L. Woodson
  59. (fol. 104v) Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis with Verse. L. Woodson
  60. (fol. 108v) God be merciful. L. Woodson
  61. (fol. 111) Have mercy upon me O God. L. Woodson
  62. (fol. 114) O God in thee is all my trust. Edmund Hooper
  63. (fol. 116) O Lord turn not away thy face. Edmund Hooper
  64. (fol. 119v) O God of gods. Edmund Hooper
  65. (fol. 121v) The blessed Lamb. Edmund Hooper
  66. (fol. 123v) Unto the hills. Edmund Hooper
  67. (fol. 125) Remember not O Lord Edmund Hooper
  68. (fol. 126v) Hearken you nations. Edmund Hooper
  69. (fol. 129) Almighty God ('the Starr anthem'). John Bull
  70. (fol. 130v) In thee O Lord ('the Roringe anthem). John Bull
  71. (fol. 132) Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis 3 pts. Thomas Weelkes
  72. (fol. 134v) Mr Weelkes' Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) with Verses
  73. (fol. 137v) Mr Bird's Great Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis). [Byrd]
  74. (fol. 141v) Mr Bird's Great service (Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus, Kyrie and Creed) [Byrd]
  75. (fol. 130v) Mr Parsons' 2 counter-tenors (Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus, Kyrie, Creed)
  76. (fol. 160) Mr Thomas Tomkins' Great service (Te Deum, Jubilate)
  77. (fol. 165v) Mr T. Tomkins' Te Deum with Verse
  78. (fol. 168) Mr Tomkins' 3rd Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) with Verse
  79. (fol. 171) Sing unto God. Thomas Tomkins
  80. (fol. 174v) The Lord bless us. Thomas Tomkins
  81. (fol. 175v) Give sentence. Thomas Tomkins
  82. (fol. 178) The Lord even the most mighty. Thomas Tomkins
  83. (fol. 180v) Glory be to God on high. Thomas Tomkins
  84. (fol. 182) Turn thou us O good Lord. Thomas Tomkins
  85. (fol. 184v) Blessed be the Lord God. Thomas Tomkins
  86. (fol. 185) O pray for the peace. Thomas Tomkins
  87. (fol. 186v) Stripped of my merits. Thomas Tomkins
  88. (fol. 188) Sweet Saviour. Thomas Tomkins
  89. (fol. 190) Hear my prayer. Thomas Tomkins
  90. (fol. 191v) Hear O my soul. Thomas Tomkins
  91. (fol. 195v) Lord let me know. Thomas Tomkins
  92. (fol. 198) Above the stars. Thomas Tomkins
  93. (fol. 199v) Almighty and everlasting (Candlemas). Thomas Tomkins
  94. (fol. 200v) Stephen being full. Thomas Tomkins
  95. (fol. 202) Behold I bring glad tidings. Thomas Tomkins
  96. (fol. 203) Almighty and everlasting (St Thomas). Thomas Tomkins
  97. (fol. 204v) Almighty God (St Mark). Thomas Tomkins
  98. (fol. 206) God who upon this day. Thomas Tomkins
  99. (fol. 208v) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) Verse, first. Thomas Tomkins
  100. (fol. 211) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) Verse, second. Thomas Tomkins
  101. (fol. 214) Praise the Lord. Jeffreys of Wells [Matthew Jeffries]
  102. (fol. 215v) Christ rising. William Byrd
  103. (fol. 218) Te Deum (and Jubilate) with Verse. O. Gibbons
  104. (fol. 222) We praise thee O. Father. O. Gibbons
  105. (fol. 223v) Almighty God (S Peter). O. Gibbons
  106. (fol. 224v) O God the king of glory. O. Gibbons
  107. (fol. 225v) This is the record of John. O. Gibbons
  108. (fol. 226v) Almighty God (Christmas). O. Gibbons
  109. (fol. 228) Thou God of wisdom. O. Gibbons
  110. (fol. 229v) Grant Holy Trinity. O. Gibbons
  111. (fol. 230v) O hear my prayer. Nathaniel Giles
  112. (fol. 232) O Lord our governour. Anon.
  113. (fol. 233) I am for peace. N. Giles (Daniel and Le Huray attribute it to Amner)
  114. (fol. 234v) The law of the Lord. Anon.
  115. (fol. 236) Out of the deep (for a high mean). T. Morley
  116. (fol. 238v) I musing stand. William Wigthorp
  117. (fol. 239v) Sing O sing unto God. Edmund Hooper
  118. (fol. 242) Behold how good. Richard Portman
  119. (fol. 243v) Lord who shall dwell. Richard Portman
  120. (fol. 243) O praise God in his holiness. Edward Smith
  121. (fol. 247) Preserve me O God. Thomas Wilkinson
  122. (fol. 248) When the sorrows of hell. William Stonard
  123. (fol. 250v) Hear me O God. William Child
  124. (fol. 252v) O praise the Lord of heaven. William Child
  125. (fol. 254) Praise the Lord O my soul. John Ward
  126. (fol. 257) This is a joyful day. John Ward
  127. (fol. 259v) Unto thee O Lord. John Ward
  128. (fol. 262) Blessed is he that considereth. John Hilton
  129. (fol. 264) O Jesu mild. John Hilton
  130. (fol. 265v) Save me, O God. John Hilton
  131. (fol. 267v) Bow down thine ear. John Hilton
  132. (fol. 269) I will always. John Hilton
  133. (fol. 271) How long O God of Hosts. John Hilton
  134. (fol. 273) The peace of God. Henry Davis
  135. (fol. 275) Hear me O Lord. Leonard Woodson
  136. (fol. 277v) Be merciful unto me. William Stonard
  137. (fol. 279) Plead thou my cause. Thomas Weelkes
  138. (fol. 280v) The Lord is my shepherd. Simon Stubbs
  139. (fol. 282) If the Lord himself. John Gibbs
  140. (fol. 284) Have mercy (erased). William Byrd
  141. (fol. 286) Mr Heathes Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) Versus. [Heath]
  142. (fol. 288v) Mr John Ward's first Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  143. (fol. 292v) Mr Ward's second Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  144. (fol. 296v) Mr Simon Stubbs' Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  145. (fol. 299v) Mr William Cranford's Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  146. (fol. 302v) Mr John Hilton's Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  147. (fol. 307v) Mr John Gibbe's Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  148. (fol. 310v) Mr John Farrant's (of Ch. Ch. London) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  149. (fol. 313) Mr John Gibbes service (Te Deum and Jubilate). [Gibbs]
  150. (fol. 317v) Dr Giles second service (Te Deum, Jubilate, Kyrie, Creed, Magnificat Nunc Dimittis)
  151. (fol. 327) Mr John Holmes' first Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  152. (fol. 330v) Mr John Holmes' second Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  153. (fol. 333) Mr John Amner's Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis)
  154. (fol. 336) Mr Weelkes 5 pts (Te Deum and Jubilate)
  155. (fol. 345) I was glad. John Holmes
  156. (fol. 346) We praise thee O God. John Holmes
  157. (fol. 347v) To thee O Lord. John Holmes
  158. (fol. 349v) Almighty and everlasting (Candlemas). John Holmes
  159. (fol. 350v) Almighty God who hast knit. John Holmes
  160. (fol. 331v) A kiry and creed to the organs. John Holmes
  161. (fol. 352v) Behold O Israel. Thomas Weelkes
  162. (fol. 354) Deal bountifully. Thomas Weelkes
  163. (fol. 355) Christ rising. Edmund Tucker
  164. (fol. 356) He blessed is. Edmund Tucker
  165. (fol. 357) When Israel came out. Michael East
  166. (fol. 359) Hear my prayer. Wilkinson
  167. (fol. 360) Blessed art thou. John Mundy
  168. (fol. 361v) Whenas we sat in Babylon. Richard Farrant
  169. (fol. 362) Hear me O Lord. John Fido
  170. (fol. 364) O give thanks. William Wigthorp
  171. (fol. 364v) Save me O God. Thomas Holmes
  172. (fol. 366) If the Lord himself. M. Jeffreys setting [Jeffries]
  173. (fol. 367) O Lord of hosts. Nathaniel Giles
  174. (fol. 369) O ye little flock. John Amner
  175. (fol. 371) Anthem for Good Friday. John Amner
  176. (fol. 372) Lord in thy wrath. John Amner
  177. (fol. 373) In thee O Lord. Thomas Wilkinson
  178. (fol. 374v) O Lord thou hast searched. Adrian Batten
  179. (fol. 376) Behold I bring you. Adrian Batten
  180. (fol. 377v) O God my heart is ready. Adrian Batten
  181. (fol. 378v) O Lord our Governour. John Mundy
  182. (fol. 380) I will give laud. John Holmes
  183. (fol. 381) Lord in thy wrath. John Holmes
  184. (fol. 383) O how happy a thing. John Holmes
  185. (fol. 384) Judge and revenge my cause. John Holmes
  186. (fol. 385v) All laud and praise. John Holmes
  187. (fol. 387v) O Lord in thee is all my trust. John Holmes
  188. (fol. 389) O heavenly Father. John Holmes
  189. (fol. 390) O God thou art the well-spring. John Holmes
  190. (fol. 391v) Preserve me O God. John Holmes
  191. (fol. 393) Christ rising. John Holmes
  192. (fol. 395) Kyrie and creed to the organs. John Holmes
  193. (fol. 396) Preces and Psalms for trebles. John Holmes
  194. (fol. 396) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) in medio chori fortrebles. John Holmes
  195. (fol. 400v) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) in medio chori. T. Weelkes
  196. (fol. 403v) Te Deum for trebles. T. Weelkes
  197. (fol. 405v) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) for trebles. T. Weelkes
  198. (fol. 407v) First service to the organs (Te Deum, Jubilate, Offertory (Blessed is he), Kyrie, Creed, Magnificat, Nunc Dimittis). T. Weelkes
  199. (fol. 412v) Second service to the organs (Te Deum,Jubilate, Offertory (Blessed be the man), Kyrie, Creed T. Weelkes
  200. (fol. 416) Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) to the organs. T. Weelkes
  201. (fol. 418) Christ rising. T. Weelkes
  202. (fol. 419v) All laud and praise. T. Weelkes
  203. (fol. 420) O Lord turn not away. T. Weelkes
  204. (fol. 421v) An earthly tree. T. Weelkes
  205. (fol. 422) Anthem for Ascension Day. T. Weelkes
  206. (fol. 423) What joy so true. T. Weelkes
  207. (fol. 424) I love the Lord. T. Weelkes
  208. (fol. 425v) The Lord preserveth. T. Weelkes
  209. (fol. 427) In thee O Lord. T. Weelkes
  210. (fol. 428) I will magnify thee. Thomas Holmes
  211. (fol. 429v) Blessed art thou. Walter Cheyney
  212. (fol. 430) Let my complaint. Thomas Morley
  213. (fol. 430v) If you be risen again. Thomas Weelkes
  214. (fol. 432) We yield thee thanks. Anon.
  215. (fol. 433) Christ rising. Juxon
  216. (fol. 434) Have mercy upon me. William Byrd
  217. (fol. 435) Ye people clap your hands. Anon.
  218. (fol. 436) Holy Lord God Almighty. John Parsons
  219. (fol. 437v) Mr Shepherd's Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) for Trebles. [Sheppard]
  220. (fol. 439v) I will magnify thee. Nathaniel Giles
  221. (fol. 441) Praise the Lord O my soul. Orlando Gibbons
  222. (fol. 444) Unto thee O Lord. Orlando Gibbons
  223. (fol. 445v) First Magnificat (and Nunc Dimittis) in medio chori. Mr Parsons
  224. (fol. 446) O sing unto the Lord. Shepherd [Sheppard]
  225. (fol. 448) O be joyful in the Lord. John Parsons
  226. (fol. 448v) O give thanks. Thomas Tallis
  227. (fol. 449v) Have ye no regard. Alfonso Ferrabosco
  228. (fol. 450v) Turn thou us O good Lord. T. Tomkins
  229. (fol. 452v) Lord from thy throne. Hugh Davies
  230. (fol. 453v) Plead thou my cause. John Wanless
  231. (fol. 457) My help cometh from the Lord. T. Tomkins
  232. (fol. 458) Praise in the Lord. T. Tomkins
  233. (fol. 459) O Lord thou hast dealt graciously. T. Tomkins
  234. (fol. 460v) O think upon thy servant. T. Tomkins
  235. (fol. 461v) My dwelling is above. T. Tomkins
  236. (fol. 462v) Hear my prayer. T. Tomkins
  237. (fol. 464) O Lord grant the king. T. Tomkins
  238. (fol. 465) Thou art fairer. Robert Tomkins
  239. (fol. 466) Hear me O God. Robert Tomkins
  240. (fol. 468v) Like as the hart. Robert Tomkins
  241. (fol. 469) My beloved spake. Thomas Tomkins
  242. (fol. 470v) My beloved spake. William Cranford
  243. (fol. 472) O eternal God. William Cranford
  244. (fol. 473v) O most gracious God. William Cranford
  245. (fol. 474v) O Lord I have sinned. William Cranford
  246. (fol. 476v) Rejoice in the Lord. Richard Portman
  247. (fol. 477v) The heavens declare. Richard Portman
  248. (fol. 479) Anthem of the Prodigal Child. Richard Portman
  249. (fol. 480v) Christ rising. Thomas Tomkins
  250. (fol. 482) I will magnify. Nathaniel Giles
  251. (fol. 483) Have mercy upon me. Nathaniel Giles
  252. (fol. 484v) Have mercy on us. Nathaniel Giles
  253. (fol. 485v) Everlasting God (Michaelmas). Nathaniel Giles
  254. (fol. 486v) O how happy a thing it is. Nathaniel Giles
  255. (fol. 488) I will love thee. William Cranford
  256. (fol. 481v) Mr E. Hooper's flat service (Preces, Venite, Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)
At one time thought to be in the hand of Adrian Batten, but since disputed.


  • c 1630-1640


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 791

Custodial History

Formerly belonged to William Gostling.


  • Peter Le Huray, ‘Towards a definitive study of Pre-Restoration Anglican Service music’, Musica Disciplina , vol. 14, 1960, pp. 167–195.
  • J. Bunker Clark, ‘Adrian Batten and John Barnard: colleagues and collaborators’, Musica Disciplina , vol. 22, 1968, pp. 207–229.


12 x 7 5/8 inches

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