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A collection of anthems in score, c 1700

MS. Tenbury 789

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Some of these compositions are not known to have survived, except in this manuscript.

  1. (fol. 1) Thou O Lord hast heard. T. Tudway
  2. (fol. 7v) Praise the Lord O Jerusalem. J. Clark [Clarke]
  3. (fol. 10) Man that is bom. T. Tudway
  4. (fol. 15) The Lord is my light. W. Lawes
  5. (fol. 21) I will sing a new song. M. Wise
  6. (fol. 27) The ways of Sion. M. Wise
  7. (fol. 31) Blessed he that considereth. H. Purcell
  8. (fol. 36) Like as the hart. P. Humphry's [Humfrey]
  9. (fol. 40v) I will sing 'on the defeat of the French army nere Blenheim'. T. Tudway
  10. (fol. 46v) I said in the cutting off. J. Blow
  11. (fol. 53) O Lord I have sinned. J. Blow
  12. (fol. 61) Not unto us. T. Tudway
  13. (fol. 66v) Blessed is the man (a fragment). H. Purcell
  14. (fol. 67) O be joyful. P. Humphrys [Humfrey]
  15. (fol. 70v) O clap your hands. W. Croft
  16. (fol. 74) O clap your hands. John Hawkins
  17. (fol. 78) My God, my God. T. Tudway
  18. (fol. 83) O give thanks. H. Purcell
  19. (fol. 93) By the waters. Henry Hall
  20. (fol. 99) Behold how good. T. Norris
  21. (fol. 105) Behold I bring you. H. Purcell
  22. (fol. 110v) I am well pleased, adapted from Carissimi by H. Aldrich
  23. (fol. 119v) O sing unto God. John Blow
  24. (fol. 128) Lord remember David. [James Hawkins]
  25. (fol. 131) O how pleasant. J. Weldon
  26. (fol. 135v) I waited patiently. W. Croft
  27. (fol. 140) The Lord is righteous. T. Tudway
  28. (fol. 145) Rejoice in the Lord. H. Purcell
  29. (fol. 153) O Lord rebuke me not. H. Purcell
  30. (fol. 158v) The Lord is king. H. Aldrich
  31. (fol. 163v) The Lord is gracious. Anon.
  32. (fol. 171) Acquaint thyself. M. Greene
  33. (fol. 177) I will call upon the Lord. [James Hawkins]
  34. (fol. 180) Arise O Lord. J. Hawkins
  35. (fol. 183) I will sing unto the Lord. W. Croft
  36. (fol. 190) Thy word is a lantern. H. Purcell
  37. (fol. 195) The Lord said unto my Lord. [John Jackson]
  38. (fol. 198v) The king shall rejoice. Anon.
  39. (fol. 203v) O sing unto the Lord. James Hawkins
  40. (fol. 209v) Sing unto God. H. Purcell
  41. (fol. 213) Turn thou thy face. [James Hawkins]
  42. (fol. 215v) My song shall be alway. H. Purcell
  43. (fol. 222) O be joyful in God. H. Hall
  44. (fol. 227) The earth is the Lord's. W. Croft
  45. (fol. 233v) Thou O God art praised. [Michael Wise]
  46. (fol. 236v) O Lord rebuke me not. T. Bullis
  47. (fol. 240v) In the Lord put I my trust. [James Hawkins]
  48. (fol. 243v) In Jewry is God known. T. Norris


  • c 1700


1 volume

Language of Materials

  • English


MS. Tenbury 789

Custodial History

The volume probably belonged to the choir of Peterborough Cathedral and was bought by Dr White Kennett, Bishop of Peterborough, from 'Mr John Brown one of the lay clerks' in 1725. Purcell was dead at the time that this MS. was compiled (see p. 71), but Blow was still living (fol. 127v).


12 3/8 x 7 7/8 inches

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