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Three organ books containing services and anthems, mid-18th cent. - early 19th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 741-743

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MS. Tenbury 741, early 19th cent. Contents:
  1. (p. 1) Service in G. Albert Bryan
  2. (p. 10) Service in A. H. Aldrich
  3. (p. 20) Service in A. John Blow
  4. (p. 33) Keep we beseech thee. J. Travers
  5. (p. 35) Three chants. Travers, Nares, Kent
  6. (p. 36) Thou art my king. Thomas Dupuis
  7. (p. 36) Service in C (fragments). S. Arnold
  8. (p. 37) Service in F. Thomas Barrow
  9. (p. 46) Service in C. Thomas Ebdon
  10. (p. 61) My song shall be. S. Arnold
  11. (p. 70) Halleluiah. James Kent
MS. Tenbury 742, mid-18th cent. Contents:
  1. (fol. 1) Jehovah crowned (Esther). Handel
  2. (fol. 1v) He comes (Esther). Handel
  3. (fol. 3) Moses' song (Israel in Egypt). Handel
  4. (fol. 11) The courtship. Burton
  5. (fol. 13) First chorus in the Tempest. T. Linley jun
  6. (fol. 18) I will magnify. Thomas Dupuis
  7. (fol. 19v) O Lord God of hosts. Thomas Dupuis
  8. (fol. 23v) Hear my prayer. Thomas Dupuis
  9. (fol. 25v) Thou art my king. Thomas Dupuis
  10. (fol. 28v) My God, my God. Thomas Dupuis
  11. (fol. 34) O praise our God. Thomas Dupuis
  12. (fol. 31) Hearken unto my voice. Thomas Dupuis
  13. (fol. 36v) O Lord how manifold. Thomas Dupuis
  14. (fol. 41) My heart is fixed. Thomas Dupuis
  15. (fol. 44) Lord we pray thee. Thomas Dupuis
  16. (fol. 45) O praise our God. Anon.
  17. (fol. 47) Praise the Lord ye servants. Anon.
  18. (fol. 48v) O sing unto God. Anon.
  19. (fol. 50) Ascribe unto the Lord. John Travers
  20. (fol. 52v) O Lord my God. John Bull
  21. (fol. 54) Service in G. William Child
  22. (fol. 56v) Short (morning) service in A. W. Boyce
  23. (fol. 58) O give thanks. Henry Aldrich
  24. (fol. 59) Morning Service in C. W. Boyce
  25. (fol. 60) Service in F. James Nares
  26. (fol. 62v) Morning Service in G. James Nares
  27. (fol. 64) Haste thee O God. Adrian Batten
  28. (fol. 64v) Blessed be the Lord. J. Nares
  29. (fol. 64v) Tty me O God. J. Nares
  30. (fol. 65) Blessed is he. J. Nares
  31. (fol. 63v) Te Deum in E flat. Henry Hall
  32. (fol. 66v) Jubilate in E flat. Hine
  33. (fol. 67v) Hear O Lord. William King
  34. (fol. 68) Sing praises to the Lord. W. Croft
  35. (fol. 69) Service in D. Thomas Dupuis
  36. (fol. 71v) Evening service in A minor W. Child
  37. (fol. 72v)Service in B flat. William King
  38. (fol. 76v) Evening service in B flat. Dr Hayes
  39. (fol. 78v) Service in G minor Nathaniel Patrick
  40. (fol. 79) Chant in A. Thomas Attwood
MS. Tenbury 743, 1788. Contents:
  1. (fol. 1) Though furious storms. J. C. Bach
  2. (fol. 4) Lord of our life. Barthelemon
  3. (fol. 5v) Be thou exalted. Barthelemon
  4. (fol. 8v) An evening anthem. Barthelemon
  5. (fol. 12) Mine eye runneth down. Barthelemon
  6. (fol. 14) O thou afflicted. Barthelemon
  7. (fol. 19v) Let God arise. Barthelemon


  • mid-18th cent. - early 19th cent.


1 volume


MSS. Tenbury 741-743


12 x 9 1/2 inches obl.

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