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Choral sacred music by various composers, mid-18th cent. - early 19th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 734-740

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MS. Tenbury 734: A collection of 'Laudi a tre Voci' by various composers, late 18th-cent.
  1. Quanto mai veloci. G. Orlandini
  2. Sorge O mai. G. G. Brunetti
  3. Belle sedi alme. B. F
  4. Ecco il bramabo. T. Redi
  5. GiĆ  nell' acque. B. F
MS. Tenbury 735: Magnificat a 4. Francesco Durante [and] Magnificat Ideale a 4. Giov. Batt. Casali, both late 18th cent.

MS. Tenbury 736: Te lucis [and] Tantum ergo, both by Vincent Novello, 1813

MS. Tenbury 737: Collection of anthems by various composers, late 18th cent.
  1. The heavens declare. Anon.
  2. O praise the Lord. Anon.
  3. O Zion that bringest. Stephenson
  4. Lord thou art become. Smith
  5. I am the resurrection. Anon.
  6. O dap your hands. Anon.
  7. Exalted high. Anon.
  8. Awake up my glory. T. Wanly (Wanless)
  9. O God my heart is fully bent. Isaac Barns
  10. O clap your hands. Isaac Barns
  11. O Lord I will praise. Benjamin Wood
  12. I am the resurrection. Benjamin Wood
  13. Hosanna to our conquering king. Anon.
  14. Praise the Lord. Maurice Greene
  15. Sing O heavens. James Kent
  16. Sing we merrily. Benjamin Cuzens
  17. Rejoice, rejoice. Joseph Stephenson
  18. Not unto us. Anon.
  19. We have heard. Henry Aldrich
  20. Ponder my words. Benjamin Cuzens
  21. Blessed be thou. J. Kent
  22. O give thanks. Anon.
  23. O the depth. [Benjamin Cuzens]
  24. Sing unto God. Bellows
  25. The Lord hath prepared. J. Kent
  26. Rejoice in the Lord. Anon.
  27. Praised be the Lord. Anon.
  28. How beautiful. Anon.
  29. The glory of the Lord. J. Kent
  30. If we believe. William Boyce
  31. Come unto me. Fitch
  32. O Lord God. Anon.
MS. Tenbury 738: Memento, Domine, David. Alessandro Scarlatti, mid-18th cent.

MS. Tenbury 739: Igridimini coelestis curia. Carissimi, early 19th cent.

MS. Tenbury 740: Music by Allegri, Palestrina and Vittoria, late 18th cent.
  1. (p. 1) Miserere. G. Allegri
  2. (p. 3) Salvatorem expecto. G. Allegri
  3. (p. 5) Benedictus. G. P. da Palestrina
  4. (p. 6) Benedictus. G. P. da Palestrina
  5. (p. 7) De lamentatione. G. P. da Palestrina
  6. (p. 9) Benedictus. G. P. da Palestrina
  7. (p. 10) De lamentatione. G. P. da Palestrina
  8. (p. 14) Benedictus. T. L. Vittoria [Victoria]


  • mid-18th cent. - early 19th cent.


1 volume

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MSS. Tenbury 734-740


11 1/4 x 8 3/4 inches obl.

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