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Three part-books (Contra-tenor I, Contra-tenor II and Bassus), mid-19th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 632-634

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Copied from the Bodleian MSS. Mus. Sch. e. 420-422. The tenor book, which should complete the set of four, is missing from the Bodleian set. The original books date from c 1540-1550, and belonged in 1715 to Humfrey Wanley, who presented them to the Bodleian Library. The collection includes complete masses set to English words from the First Prayer book of Edward VI and earlier Primers, and also a large number of early English anthems. No composers' names are given in the Bodleian MS.

This transcription is fairly accurate as regards the notes, but the rests and dots, as well as the directs, seem to have been entirely misunderstood by the copyist. The underlaying of the words has also been carelessly followed.

The folio numbers for individual items are indicated by Arabic numerals and the part-books are in Roman numerals: Contra-tenor I - i, Contra-tenor II - ii and Bassus - iii.

Section I:
  1. Kyrie. i, ii, iii, 1
  2. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus. [Heath] i, ii, iii, 2
  3. Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. i, ii, iii, 4
  4. In judgement Lord. i, 5v. ii, iii, 6
  5. Magnificat [Anon.] and Nunc Dimittis. [Tye] i, iii, 6v. ii, 7
  6. I give you a new commandment. [Sheppard] i, iii, 8v. ii, 9
  7. O praise the Lord. i, 9. ii, 10. iii, 9v
  8. Happy are those servants. i, iii, 9v. ii, 10
  9. In no kind of creature. i, 9v. ii, iii, 10
  10. Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus Dei. i, 10. ii, 11. iii, 10v
  11. Charge them which are rich. i, 16. ii, 17. iii, 16v
  12. The night is past. i, 16v. ii, iii, 17
  13. I am the Resurrection. i, 17. ii, iii, 17v
  14. I heard a voice. i, 18v. ii, iii, 19
  15. Make ye melody. i, 19. ii, iii, 19v
  16. I am the true vine. i, 19. ii, iii, 19v
  17. Submit yourselves. [Sheppard] i, 19v. ii, iii, 20
  18. Happy is the people. [Sheppard?] i, 20. ii, iii, 20v
  19. Christ rising again. i, 20v. ii, iii, 21
  20. O most merciful Jesu. i, 21v. ii, iii, 22
  21. Lord Jesu Christ. i, 22v. ii, iii, 23
  22. Benedictus. i, 23. ii, iii, 23v
  23. This is my commandment. [Tallis/Mundy/Johnson?] i, 25. ii, 25v. iii, 26
  24. Blessed art thou that fearest. i, 25v. ii, iii, 26
  25. How long wilt thou forget me. i, ii, 26v. iii, 27
  26. Haste thee, O God. i, ii, 27v. iii, 28
  27. Hear the voice. [Tallis] i, 28. ii, 28v. iii, 29
  28. Praise we the Father. [Okeland] i, ii, 29. iii, 29v
  29. Te Deum. i, ii, 29v. iii, 30
  30. I am the voice. i, iii, 32v. ii, 32
Section II:
  1. Magnificat [Knight] and Nunc Dimittis. i, iii, 33. ii, 32v
  2. Te Deum and Benedictus. i, 34v. ii, 34. iii, 35
  3. Magnificat and. Nunc Dimittis. i, iii, 38v. ii, 38
  4. Te Deum and Benedictus. i, 41. ii, 40v. iii, 40
  5. Venite. i, 45v. ii, 44v. iii, 45
  6. Let all the congregation. [Causton] i, 47. ii, 46. iii, 46v
  7. All people hearken. i, 48v. ii, 47v. iii, 48
  8. Praise be to God. i, 50. ii, iii, 49
  9. The spirit of the Lord. i, 50. ii, 49. iii, 49v
  10. Benedicite. i, 51. ii, 49v. iii, 50
  11. O clap your hands. i, 52v. ii, iii, 51v
  12. O Eternal God. [Johnson] i, 34. ii, iii, 52v
  13. Remember not Lord. [not Tallis]. i, 55. ii, iii, 54
  14. If ye love me. [Tallis] i, 56v. ii, iii, 55
  15. Praise the Lord. [Okeland] i, 57. ii, iii, 55v
  16. Verily I say unto you. i, 57v. ii, iii, 55v
  17. Christ rising again. [not Tye] i, 58. ii, iii, 56
  18. We pray thee now. i, 39. ii, iii, 57
  19. Litany. i, 59v. ii, iii, 57v
  20. The Lord's Prayer. [R. Stone] i, 60v. ii, iii, 58v
  21. The Lord's Prayer. i, 61. ii, 59v. iii, 39
  22. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus Dei. i, 61v. ii, 60. iii, 59v
  23. Christ our Paschal Lamb. i, 65. iii, 62v
  24. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus. i, 65v. ii, 67v. iii, 63
  25. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Agnus, Sanctus. i, 69. iii, 66v
  26. Christ our Paschal Lamb. [Sheppard] i, 71v. ii, 70. iii, 69
  27. Deus misereatur à 5. [Taverner]. i, 72, 73. ii, 70. iii, 69v
  28. Let your light. i, 75v. ii, 72. iii, 70v
Section III:
  1. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus. i, 76. ii, 72v. iii, 71
  2. O Lord God of hosts. [Sheppard] i, 79. ii, 75v. iii, 74v
  3. O Almighty God. i, 80. ii, 76. iii, 75
  4. Praise the Lord. i, 80v. ii, 77. iii, 75v
  5. O God in whose hands. i, 81. ii, 77. iii, 76
  6. Venite, Te Deum, Benedictus. i, 81v. ii, 78. iii, 77
  7. Litany and Lord's prayer. i, 87. ii, 83. iii, 82
  8. I have not my hope. i, 88. ii, 84v. iii, 83
  9. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Lay not up, Sanctus and Agnus. i, 83v. ii, 83. iii, 83v
  10. If any man will follow me. i, 91v. ii, 88. iii, 87
  11. Magnificat. [Whytbroke] i, 91v. ii, 88v. iii, 87
  12. Christ rising again. [not Tye] i, 93. ii, 89v. iii, 88
  13. Turn us, good Lord. i, 94. ii, 91. iii, 89v
  14. Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis. [Whytbroke] i, 95. ii, 91v. iii, 90
  15. Walk while ye have light. i, 96v. ii, 93. iii, 91v
  16. Do ye not know? i, 97. ii, 93v. iii, 92
  17. If any man will follow me. i, 97v. ii, 94. iii, 92v
  18. If a man say. i, 97v. ii, 94. iii, 92v
  19. Kyrie, Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus, a 5 for men. i, 98. ii, 95. iii, 93v. 94
  20. Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus. [Taverner, 'Sine nomine' or 'The Meane Mass', to English words] i, 101v, 102. ii, 99. iii, 100
  21. Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus. [Taverner, 'Small Devotion Mass', to English words] i, 108v. 109. ii, 103. iii, 104
  22. Venite. i, 115v. ii, 107v. iii, 108v
  23. Kyrie. i, 117v. ii, 108v. iii, 110


  • mid-19th cent.


1 box (3 part-books)

Language of Materials

  • English


MSS. Tenbury 632-634


11 7/8 x 9 1/4 inches obl.

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Weston Library
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