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Latin motets. Three part-books (Cantus, Altus and Quintus) from a set of six, early 17th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 379-381

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Only the opening phrase of the words is given in the original hand, but the words are added in full by another hand of approximately the same date. The books are in their original vellum binding. No names of composers are given.

  1. (fol. 1) Domine da nobis
  2. (fol. 2v) Tibi subiecta sit
  3. (fol. 3v) Jesu nostra redemptio
  4. (fol. 4v) Cum natus esset (pars 1)
  5. (fol. 5v) Et ecce Stella (pars 2)
  6. (fol. 6v) O gloriosa domina
  7. (fol. 7v) Veni creator
  8. (fol. 8v) Locutus sum (pars 1)
  9. (fol. 9v) Fac mecum signum (pars 2)
  10. (fol. 10v) Beata es virgo
  11. (fol. 11v) O bone Jesu (pars 1)
  12. (fol. 12v) Eia dulcissime (pars 2)
  13. (fol. 13v) Domine ante
  14. (fol. 14v) Cunctis diebus. [Byrd]
  15. (fol. 16) Tribue Domine. [Byrd]
  16. (fol. 17v) Peccavi
  17. (fol. 18) O rex gentium
  18. (fol. 19) Aspice Domine [Vaet]
  19. (fol. 20v) Deus deus meus. [de Monte]
  20. (fol. 21v) O bone Jesu
  21. (fol. 22v) Quare tristis es? [Lassus]
  22. (fol. 23v) In monte Oliveti
  23. (fol. 24v) In monte Oliveti
  24. (fol. 25v) Quoniam iniquitatem
  25. (fol. 26v) Credo quod redemptor
  26. (fol. 27v) Benedicam dominum (pars 1)
  27. (fol. 28v) Gustate et videte (pars 2)
  28. (fol. 29v) Oculi omnium
  29. (fol. 30v) Confundantur
  30. (fol. 31v) Aspice Domine. [Byrd]
  31. (fol. 32v) Extollens vocem
  32. (fol. 33v) O bone Jesu (pars 1). [de Monte]
  33. (fol. 34v) Ergo Jesu (pars 2)
  34. (fol. 35v) O amantissime (pars 3)
  35. (fol. 36v) Tollite iugum meum
  36. (fol. 37v) Diligite iustitiam
  37. (fol. 38v) Anima mea liquefacta
  38. (fol. 39) Adauge nobis
  39. (fol. 40) Agnus dei
  40. (fol. 41v) Circumspice Jerusalem (pars 1) [Byrd]
  41. (fol. 41v) Ecce enim veniunt (pars 2) [Byrd]
  42. (fol. 42) Fantasia no. 2. [Byrd]
  43. (fol. 44v) Haec dies quam fecit
  44. (fol. 44v) Tanto tempore
  45. (fol. 45v) Puer natus est (pars 1). [Regnart]
  46. (fol. 46v) Sic deus dilexit (pars 1). [de Rivulo]
  47. (fol. 47v) Benedicamus deum
  48. (fol. 48) Et Jesum (pars 1)
  49. (fol. 49v) O demens (pars 2)
  50. (fol. 50v) Vita dulcedo
  51. (fol. 50v) Tota pulchra es
  52. (fol. 51v) Memento homo


  • early 17th cent.


1 box (3 part-books)

Language of Materials

  • Latin


MSS. Tenbury 379-381

Custodial History

Copied by a single scribe, employed by Edward Paston (1550-1630) of Norfolk.

Related Materials

Three of the six part-books, MSS. Tenbury 379-384.


  • Philip Brett, ‘Edward Paston (1550-1630): a Norfolk gentleman and his musical collection’, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society , vol. 4, no. 1 (1964), pp. 51–69.


7 1/2 x 4 7/8 inches obl.

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