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Latin motets. Two part-books (Tenor and Bassus) from a set of five, early 17th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 372-373

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The names of the composers are not stated in any of the books.

  1. (fol. 1) De lamentatione [Ferrabosco the Elder, Byrd]
  2. (fol. 5) De lamentatione [Tallis]
  3. (fol. 8) Heth. Peccatum peccavit. [R. White]
  4. (fol. 10v) Peccatum peccavit (3rd setting). [R. White]
  5. (fol. 11v) Petrus beatus (pars 1). [Byrd]
  6. (fol. 12) Quodeunque vinculis (pars 2). [Byrd]
  7. (fol. 12v) Per immensa secula (pars 3). [Byrd]
  8. (fol. 13v) Amavit eum Dominus
  9. (fol. 14v) Tristitia et anxietas (pars 1). [Byrd]
  10. (fol. 15v) Sed tu Domine (pars 2). [Byrd]
  11. (fol. 16v) Ave Regina
  12. (fol. 17v) Peccantem me quotidie. [Ferrabosco]
  13. (fol. 18v) Facti sumus opprobrium. [Byrd]
  14. (fol. 19v) Haec dicit Dominus (pars 1) [Byrd]
  15. (fol. 20v) I laec dicit Dominus (pars 2) [Byrd]
  16. (fol. 21v) Vide Domine (pars 1) [Byrd]
  17. (fol. 22v) Sed veni Domine (pars 2) [Byrd]
  18. (fol. 23v) Apparebit in finem [Byrd]
  19. (fol. 24v) Domine tu iurasti [Byrd]
  20. (fol. 25v) Audivi vocem [Byrd]
  21. (fol. 26v) Vigilate nescitis enim [Byrd]
  22. (fol. 28) In resurrectione tua [Byrd]
  23. (fol. 28v) Respice Domine [Byrd]
  24. (fol. 28v) Laetentur coeli [Byrd]
  25. (fol. 29) Fac cum servo tuo [Byrd]
  26. (fol. 30v) Domine secundum multitudinem [Byrd]
  27. (fol. 31v) Tribulationes civitatum (pars 1) [Byrd]
  28. (fol. 32) Timor et hebitudo (pars 2) [Byrd]
  29. (fol. 33) Nos enim pro peccatis (pars 3) [Byrd]
  30. (fol. 33v) Ne irascaris (pars 1) [Byrd]
  31. (fol. 34v) Civitas sancti tui (pars 2) [Byrd]
  32. (fol. 35v) Laudate dominum [Tallis]
  33. (fol. 36v) Quis me statim [Byrd]
  34. (fol. 37v) Plorans plorabit (pars 1) [Byrd]
  35. (fol. 37v) Die regi (pars 2) [Byrd]
  36. (fol. 38v) Emendemus in melius [Byrd]
  37. (fol. 39) Adiuva nos Deus [Byrd]
  38. (fol. 39v) Mirabile misterium [Ferrabosco]
  39. (fol. 40v) Foderunt manus [P. Zalamella?]
  40. (fol. 41v) Suscepimus Deus [Byrd]
  41. (fol. 41) Magnus Dominus [Byrd]
  42. (fol. 42v) Nunc dimittis (pars 1) [Byrd]
  43. (fol. 42) Lumen ad revelationem (pars 2) [Byrd]
  44. (fol. 43v) Salve sancta parens (pars 1). [Byrd]
  45. (fol. 43) Eructavit cor meum (pars 2). [Byrd]
  46. (fol. 44v) Virgo dei genetrix. [Byrd]
  47. (fol. 44) Beata es virgo. [Byrd]
  48. (fol. 45v) Beata viscera. [Byrd]
  49. (fol. 43v) Rorate coeli. [Byrd]
  50. (fol. 46) Tollite portas. [Byrd]
  51. (fol. 47v) Ave Maria. [Byrd]
  52. (fol. 47v) Alleluia (from Ecce Virgo). [Byrd]
  53. (fol. 47v) Post partum virgo. [Byrd]
  54. (fol. 48v) Gaude Maria [Byrd]
  55. (fol. 49v) Propter veritatem (pars 2). [Byrd]
  56. (fol. 50v) Gaudeamus omnes. [Byrd]
  57. (fol. 51v) Optimam partem. [Byrd]
  58. (fol. 52) Adoramus te, Christe. [Byrd]
  59. (fol. 52v) Gaudeamus omnes (pars 1). [Byrd]
  60. (fol. 53v) Exultate iusti (pars 2). [Byrd]
  61. (fol. 54) Timete dominum (pars 1). [Byrd]
  62. (fol. 54v) Inquirentes autem (pars 2). [Byrd]
  63. (fol. 55v) Beati mundo corde. [Byrd]
  64. (fol. 56v) Tantum ergo [Victoria?]
  65. (fol. 57) Deficit in dolore (pars 1) [Byrd]
  66. (fol. 57v) Sed tu Domine (pars 2) [Byrd]
  67. (fol. 58v) Salve Regina (pars 1) [Byrd]
  68. (fol. 59v) Et Jesum benedictum (pars 2) [Byrd]
  69. (fol. 60v) Quis est homo? (pars 1) [Byrd]
  70. (fol. 61v) Diverte a malo (pars 2) [Byrd]
  71. (fol. 62) O quam gloriosum (pars 1) [Byrd]
  72. (fol. 63) Benedictio et claritas (pars 2) [Byrd]
  73. (fol. 64) Misit Herodes [Dubuisson]


  • early 17th cent.


1 box (2 part-books)


MSS. Tenbury 372-373

Custodial History

Copied by a single scribe, employed by Edward Paston of Norfolk. This set of part-books (369-373) formerly belonged to Joseph Warren who presumably bought it at the sale of Benjamin Cooke’s library in 1845. The books were repaired in 1921 at the British Museum when new backs had to be provided, although the original covers were retained.

Existence and Location of Copies

Digital images, a more detailed inventory and further information about MS. Tenbury 372 in DIAMM.
Existence and Location of Copies Digital images, a more detailed inventory and further information about MS. Tenbury 373 in DIAMM.

Related Materials

Two of the five part-books, MSS. Tenbury 369-373.


  • Philip Brett, ‘Edward Paston (1550-1630): a Norfolk gentleman and his musical collection’, Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society , vol. 4, no. 1 (1964), pp. 51–69.
  • Joseph Kerman, ‘Communications’, Journal of the American Musicological Society , vol. 16, no. 1 (Spring, 1963), p. 110.


8 x 5 3/8 inches obl.

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