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Latin motets, mostly by foreign composers. Two part-books (Tenor and Bassus) from a set of five, early 17th cent.

MSS. Tenbury 352-353

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No names of composers are given in the MSS, although many can be identified. Copied by a single scribe, employed by Edward Paston of Norfolk.

  1. (fol. 1) Veni Domine
  2. (fol. 1v) Domine, quando (pars 1). [Guillaume Boni]
  3. (fol. 2v) Hei mihi Domine (pars 2). [Guillaume Boni]
  4. (fol. 3v) En dilectus meus. [Vecchi]
  5. (fol. 4v) Domine ne in furore. [Vecchi]
  6. (fol. 5v) O sacrum convivium. [Giovanelli]
  7. (fol. 6v) Laudate Dominum
  8. (fol. 7v) Diligite inimicos
  9. (fol. 9) Pater peccavi. [Giovanelli?]
  10. (fol. 9v) Ego sum panis. [Palestrina]
  11. (fol. 10v) Ego sum resurrectio. [Dubuisson]
  12. (fol. 11v) Non est bonum. [Praetorius]
  13. (fol. 12v) Dum complerentur. [Victoria]
  14. (fol. 13v) Ascendens Christus (pars 1). [Victoria]
  15. (fol. 14v) Ascendit Deus (pars 2). [Victoria]
  16. (fol. 15v) Misit Herodes (pars 1). [Dubuisson]
  17. (fol. 16) Videns autem (pars 2). [Dubuisson]
  18. (fol. 17) Pastores quidnam. [Clemens non Papa]
  19. (fol. 17v) Angelus autem
  20. (fol. 18v) Ascendo ad pattern
  21. (fol. 19v) Venite filii. [Viancardo]
  22. (fol. 20v) Expurgate vetus
  23. (fol. 21v) Osculetur me (pars 1)
  24. (fol. 22v) Introduxit me rex (pars 2)
  25. (fol. 23v) Hic est discipulus
  26. (fol. 24v) Pacem relinquo
  27. (fol. 25v) Descendit angelus (pars 1). [Victoria]
  28. (fol. 26v) Ne timeas (pars 2). [Victoria]
  29. (fol. 27v) Cum beatus Ignatius (pars 1). [Victoria]
  30. (fol. 28v) Ignis crux (pars 2). [Victoria]
  31. (fol. 29v) Respexit Elias
  32. (fol. 30v) Quanti mercenarii. [Giovanelli?]
  33. (fol. 31v) Anima mea liquefacta. [Agazzari]
  34. (fol. 32v) Expurgate vetus
  35. (fol. 33v) Avete mentes
  36. (fol. 34v) Ut aeterna
  37. (fol. 35v) Hodie de Virgine. [Regnart]
  38. (fol. 36v) Jubilate Deo
  39. (fol. 37v) Adesto unus Deus. [Praetorius]
  40. (fol. 38v) Hierusalem cito veniet
  41. (fol. 40v) Euge serve bone
  42. (fol. 40v) Timete Dominum. [Byrd]
  43. (fol. 41) Viri Galilei (pars 1). [Byrd]
  44. (fol. 41v) Omnes gentes (pars 2). [Byrd]
  45. (fol. 42) Alleluia. Ascendit Deus. [Byrd]
  46. (fol. 42v) Dominus in Sina. [Byrd]
  47. (fol. 43) Ascendit Deus in iubilatione. [Byrd]
  48. (fol. 43v) Psallite Domino. [Byrd]
  49. (fol. 44) Salve Regina (pars 1). [Byrd]
  50. (fol. 44v) Et Jesum benedictum (pars 2). [Byrd]
  51. (fol. 45v) Inquirentes autem. [Byrd]
  52. (fol. 46v) O quam gloriosum (pars 1). [Byrd]
  53. (fol. 47v) Benedictio et claritas (pars 2). [Byrd]
  54. (fol. 48v) Beata es Virgo. [Byrd]


  • early 17th cent.


1 box (2 part-books)

Language of Materials

  • Latin


MSS. Tenbury 352-353

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Two of the five part-books, MSS. Tenbury 349-353.


  • Philip Brett, 'Edward Paston (1550-1630): a Norfolk gentleman and his musical collection', in Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society , vol. 4, no. 1 (1964), pp. 51–69.


8 1/4 x 5 1/8 inches obl.

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