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Official correspondence of Lynn during the 1st Carlist War and afterwards, with some later papers relating to his career, bulk: Bulk, 1837-1847, 1837-1879

MS. 11892/3

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(folder 1) 17 private letters from George Villiers (later 4th Earl of Clarendon), Minister in Spain, 6 Feb- 2 July 1838, with a translation into Spanish of Villiers’s letter of 22 Feb 1838, to be sent to Count Luchana [Espartero]. These letters have holes on one side where they were threaded together with a bootlace (removed).

(folder 2) Letterbook containing out-letters of the Headquarters of the British Military Commission, 31 Oct 1839 – 4 May 1840, comprising copies of official letters and dispatches by Lynn and Col. W. Wylde mainly to Lord Palmerston, Foreign Secretary, and the British representatives in Madrid, successively George Jerningham and Arthur Aston.

(folder 3) Miscellaneous official correspondence, 1838-1842

  1. (fols. 1-4) Letter from Captain Lord John Hay RN to Lynn, [HMS] North Star, Passages [Pasaia/Pasajes], 7 Apr 1838, re Carlist prisoners, and military actions
  2. (fols. 5-6) Contemporary extract of a letter from Villiers to Lynn, Madrid 17 May 1838, interlineated with Spanish translations of some words in pencil
  3. (fol. 7) Printed articles of the Convention of Vergara (peace terms of the 1st Carlist War) made between Espartero as commander of the Isabelinos, and Maroto, commander of the Carlists, 31 Aug 1839. With Colonel Wylde’s signature at the head. Spanish. Endorsed ‘Convenio de Bergara’ [printed]
  4. (fols. 8-17) Report by W.H. Askwith and Lynn, on a conspiracy and attempted insurrection in Madrid on 7 October 1841. Dated Madrid 10 Oct 1841 at head, and again at the foot where it appears to have been changed to 9 Oct
  5. (fols. 18-37) Draft reports by Lieutenants W.H. Askwith and Lynn, numbered 1-7, written to the Earl of Aberdeen, Foreign Secretary, 23 Oct – 17 Nov 1841. Askwith was sent with Lynn to the Headquarters of the Regent [Joaquín Baldomero Fernández-Espartero y Álvarez, 1st Prince of Vergara] in the Basque Provinces to report on the rebellion in Vitoria. Written from Vitoria (nos. 1-5), San Sebastian (6) and Zaragoza (7).
  6. (fols. 38-49) Four Letters to Lynn from Arthur Aston, Minister in Spain, Madrid 26 Oct – 2 Nov 1841, and one from W. Scott, Madrid 5 Nov 1841
  7. (fols. 50-62) Draft report by Lynn on the National Militia, outlining its history from 1822, dated [in a different hand] 1842
  8. (fol. 63) Drawing of ‘Castello da Foz duma Janella da caza do Damiaõ’ [from a window of Damian’s house], [Porto] 30 Oct 1844

(folder 4) Seven draft letters from Lynn to the Foreign Secretary Lord Palmerston, 16 June – 9 Aug 1847, written when Lynn was attached to the Headquarters of the Spanish Army that intervened in Portugal in the aftermath of the Portuguese civil war known as the Guerra da Patuleia, or Little Civil War (1846-1847); with two unnumbered letters to Sir G.H. Seymour (19 Jul) and an unnamed recipient, probably Seymour (9 Aug). The letters are written from Tuy [Tui], Ponte de Lima, HQ at Novas Vendas near Oporto, and Oporto.

(folder 5) Letters from the Spanish authorities attesting Lynn’s services to the Spanish cause, with certificates conferring medals and awards. In Spanish unless indicated.

  1. (Items 1-4) Certificates and papers relating to the award of Knight, and subsequently Cross of the First Class, of the National and Military Order of San Fernando, May 1837 and Dec 1840. One document in English signed by De Lacy Evans, St. Sebastian, 28 May 1837. Printed with MS additions [4 items]
  2. (Items 5-9) Diplomas awarding the Cross of Knight of the Royal American Order of Isabel la Catolica, 24 Apr 1838; and Commander of the Royal American Order of Isabel la Catolica, 19 Sep 1838, to Lieut. Lynn. Printed with MS additions. With two related documents on headed paper of the ‘Ejercito del Norte’, signed by General Juan Van Halen, 30 Mar 1838, and General Leopoldo O’Donnell, 18 May 1839. [4 items and a label]
  3. (item 10) Certificate of Lynn’s services with Don Baldomero Espartero, 1837-40, signed by Espartero, and dated 30 Apr 1841. Printed form, filled out in manuscript. [1 item]
  4. (item 11) Certified translation of the above. English. [1 item]
  5. (item 12) Certificate of Lynn’s services with Baron de Carondolet, Lieutenant General of the National Army, signed by Carondolet, 15 May 1841 [1 item]
  6. (items 13-17) Diploma awarding Lynn the Cross of the Order of Charles III, 1843. Signed by the Duke of Victoria [Espartero]. With papers relating to the award of the 2nd Class of the Order of Charles III, June 1843, with a ‘Placa of Charles 3d’, a printed coat of arms wrapped in paper. [4 items, and a wrapper]
  7. (item 18) Note signed by El Duque de la Victoria [Espartero], London, 24 Mar 1844 [1 item]

(folder 6) Miscellaneous later papers, including biographical material, 1878-1879

  1. (item 1) a prospectus for The English in Spain or the Story of the War of Succession in 1834-40 (London, 1877), a work compiled from the letters and journals of various British Commissioners, including Lynn
  2. (item 2) Cuttings from various newspapers and journals, late 19th cent., relating to deaths and funerals in Great Bealings, Suffolk, with a cutting from the Royal Engineer Journal, 1 Jan 1879, outlining Lynn's career, with an obituary in manuscript, and a printed obituary from an unnamed newspaper or journal, c1878-1879
  3. (item 3) Brown paper wrapper for 'Dear J's papers', returned to Miss Lynn at Wickham Market by General Askwith, 1878


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MS. 11892/3