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Linda Hayes, 16 May 2018

MS. 15797 digital 9
Born digital audio recording of interview with Linda Hayes, former head of User Services at the Oxford Computing Service

Born digital audio recording of interview with Linda Hayes, former head of User Services at the Oxford Computing Service
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Born digital audio of track 1 of interview with Linda Hayes, former Head of User Services at the Oxford Computing Service, conducted by Georgina Ferry, 16 May 2018. Running time 1:02:06, topics include:

  1. (00:00:40) first interest in computing; early schooling and family life
  2. (00:02:54) first degree in Maths at Exeter University
  3. (00:04:06) career choices after university, applying to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and some computing companies
  4. (00:05:01) diploma in Numerical Analysis and Automatic Computing at University of Cambridge, 1964
  5. (00:07:46) valve machines and programming languages used
  6. (00:09:19) decision to go to Oxford after diploma; employment at Oxford as computing service departmental research assistant and working for Leslie Fox, 1965
  7. (00:12:41) users of the KDF9 computer
  8. (00:13:24) location history of the computing department at Oxford
  9. (00:17:15) helpdesk work
  10. (00:18:48) colleagues, gender of computer operator staff
  11. (00:22:12) working with the users of the KDF9 computer
  12. (00:25:49) Numerical Analysis Group (NAG) origins and group members
  13. (00:29:27) Brian Ford's idea behind NAG, name changes of the group
  14. (00:31:40) workings of early NAG
  15. (00:32:31) translation of programme languages
  16. (00:35:37) Oxford Computing Service at Banbury Road
  17. (00:36:43) Susan Hockey, computing in the arts
  18. (00:38:50) Carol Bateman and teaching for the computing service, developing courses and expanding
  19. (00:44:19) female colleagues at Oxford Computing Service and managing staff, staff hierarchy, working as a female for the computing service
  20. (00:49:45) equipment at the Oxford Computing Service
  21. (00:52:18) anecdotes about KDF9 machine room, reliability of the machines
  22. (00:56:29) BBC Micros, teaching the KERMIT programme course
  23. (00:58:30) network of different universities computing services
  24. (01:00:44) introduction of personal computers.

(item 2) born digital audio of interview track 2 with Linda Hayes. Running time 00:27:24. Topics include:

  1. (00:02:20) job offers at IBM and ICL before coming to Oxford
  2. (00:04:00) University library and office computers
  3. (00:04:51) working with local history
  4. (00:05:58) reasons for leaving the computing service, early retirement
  5. (00:08:25) University card system of users
  6. (00:10:00) being a fellow of St. Cross college, time spent after retirement
  7. (00:11:40) origins of the single sign on system for university computers and help centre
  8. (00:14:57) paper documentation of the Oxford Computing Service
  9. (00:21:05) Christopher Strachey of Programming Research Group (PRG).


  • Creation: 16 May 2018


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MS. 15797 digital 9