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Carol Bateman, 10 Jul-27 Jul 2018

MS. 15797 digital 4
Born digital recordings of interview with Carol Bateman

Born digital recordings of interview with Carol Bateman
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(item 1) born digital audio of track 1 of interview with Carol Bateman, former training and information manager for Oxford Computing Service, programmer and lecturer in Computing, conducted 10 Jul 2018. Topics include:

  1. (00:01:06) family, early life and school education
  2. (00:02:26) gender split in Physics and Maths A Level
  3. (00:02:54) Glasgow University (John Keates) for diploma in Cartography and general Science degree
  4. (00:04:13) encountering Computing at Glasgow
  5. (00:04:44) Higher Ordinary Computing at Glasgow University
  6. (00:05:43) employment in Geography department at Glasgow as a research assistant, working on automating drawing of hydrographic charts
  7. (00:06:48) using the English Electric KDF9 machine
  8. (00:07:41) using ALGOL 60 language to write the programme
  9. (00:09:25) using crystallographer research; building an automated contour programme for use in hydrographic charts
  10. (00:13:20) other women working in computers at the time
  11. (00:14:41) writing programmes, reading paper tape and 'Blind Punches'
  12. (00:15:30) moving to Durham and lectureship in computing at Sunderland Polytechnic, gender split in department
  13. (00:16:21) teaching computing to Greek students undertaking degree in Naval Architecture
  14. (00:17:42) moving to Oxford and working for the Oxford Computing Service
  15. (00:18:46) history of the Computing Service and their move to Banbury Road, using KDF9 and 1906A machines and first tasks in the computing service under Alan Scott
  16. (00:22:25) impact of Bateman's work on College Contributions Fund
  17. (00:23:46) starting as User Liason Officer under Linda Hayes
  18. (00:24:28) setting up and documenting courses as User Liason Officer for the Computing Service, course content and attendance
  19. (00:27:45) merging of the Computing Teaching Centre, George Street with the Computing Service
  20. (00:28:40) rationale for computing courses, differences between Computer Teaching Centre and Computing Services training
  21. (00:30:15) geographical locations of mainframes of Computing Service
  22. (00:31:00) users of the Oxford Computing Service
  23. (00:31:52) overlap work with University of London Computer Centre (ULCC) and University of Manchester Regional Centre (ATLAS)
  24. (00:33:08) community and network of computing colleagues and the gender split of regional computing community, gender split specifically in computing in Oxford
  25. (00:35:36) attendees of training courses and inclusiveness
  26. (00:38:37) evolution of use of mainframes to PCs, training to use PCs, evolution of the range of software packages available from 1970s-2002
  27. (00:39:59) suceeding Linda Hayes, as Training and Information manager of the Oxford Computing Service in 1997 and adapting to modern structure
  28. (00:41:00) retiring in 2002
  29. (00:41:18) developments in computing in the modern age
  30. (00:42:14) using computers in retirement for voluntary work and the retail industry
  31. (00:44:44) memories of former colleagues, including Beth Crutch, former liaison assistant
  32. (00:51:00) celebrating 50 years of the Computing Service in 2008-2009.

(item 2) born digital audio of interview track 2 with Carol Bateman, running time 00:08:08. Topics include:

  1. (00:00:10) emphasis within professional community and to users in the late 1980s-early 1990s
  2. (00:06:00) the Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (UCISA)

(item 3) born digital transcript of interview with Carol Bateman, transcribed 27 Jul 2018. The transcript also includes two additional paragraphs of notes, added later, which are not transcribed from the audio.


  • Creation: 10 Jul-27 Jul 2018


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MS. 15797 digital 4