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Letters from Henry Holland to Lucy Aikin, 1804-1833

MS. 16087/3

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Comprises 24 letters from Henry Holland to Lucy Aikin, some dated by postmark only:
  1. From Belvidere, Bath, Jan 1804. Refers to: beginning correspondence; [Stoke] Newington; coach journey to Bath; the Whitakers' house/ladies' school; Bath; Dr [John] Haygarth; Mr Broadhurst, the dissenting minister; Mrs Stratton; and Lucy's poem 'Rights of Woman'.
  2. From St Michael's Hill, Bristol, Apr 1804. Refers to: Mary Turner; Lucy's poem; visit to Bath; the Whitakers; Dr Haygarth; Lucy's health; and his father [Peter Holland].
  3. From Knutsford, 18 Oct 1804. Refers to: future employment in the mercantile world; Liverpool merchants; Henry Kinder; and Lucy's brother's health.
  4. From Knutsford, 27 Sep 1805. Refers to: six month residence in Glasgow; Liverpool; death of Dr Currie; Yateses and Nicholsons; and Lucy's 'Poetical Essay'. With addition by Peter Holland regarding Lucy's 'interesting' friend; and Miss Rogers.
  5. From Knutsford, 21 Mar 1809. Refers to: Mr Davenport; politics and the Duke of York; domestic life and bridal visits; the medical profession; Henry Wakefield; Lucy's brothers Charles and Arthur; new literature in London; and Humphrey Davy.
  6. From Knutsford, 29 Sep-8 Oct 1809. Refers to: depression of spirits noted in Lucy's last letter; visit to the Wye Valley; Lucy's poem; Mrs Greg; Miss and Mr Edgeworth; imminent visit to Edinburgh and papers for the Medical Society of Edinburgh; hostilities between Peter Holland and Mr White; and Shee's poem, Elements of Art.
  7. From 3 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, 29 Nov 1809. Refers to: Miss [Elizabeth] Benger; desire for Miss Aikin to sample Edinburgh society; birth of Charles Aikin Holland; Edinburgh; Miss Hamilton; the Edgeworths; Sir Walter Scott's new poem; Mr Stewart; and the Medical Society.
  8. From Edinburgh, 28 Jan 1810. Refers to: illness of Lucy's father; Lucy's melancholy moods; Lucy's poem; letters from Miss and Mr Edgeworth and task to send remarks regarding Practical Education to them; Edinburgh society (including Mrs Fletcher, Miss Benger, Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Apreece); [James?] Jeffray; and Miss Baillie's new tragedy.
  9. From Mount Street, 29 Oct 1817. Refers to: visiting [Stoke] Newington; Spa; and Macleod's account of embassay to China.
  10. From Mount Street, 9 Dec 1817. Refers to: Mrs Aikin's illness; polar regions and search for North West passage.
  11. From Mount Street, [1818]. Refers to present of the Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth.
  12. From Mount Street, [1818]. Refers to: health; profession; Bath; and recommended sequel to the Court of Queen Elizabeth.
  13. From Mount Street, 14 Jun 1819. Refers to: Lucy's visit to Liverpool; hope to marry; Lord Byron's Mazeppa; and politics.
  14. From Mount Street, 2 Dec 1820. Refers to: politics; new books; and election of Humphrey Davy as president of the Royal Society.
  15. [1820]. Refers to: visiting [Stoke] Newington; politics; Lyon's exploration of Africa; metaphysics and electro-magnetical discovery; and Humphrey Davy's chair of Royal Society.
  16. From Mount Street, 5 Jan 1821. Refers to: Dr Aikin; politics; the Bishop of Winchester's work on Mr Pitt; and articles in the Edinburgh Review.
  17. 30 Jan 1821. Refers to: Dr Aikin; Kenilworth; challenge of Mr Scott, editor of the London Magazine by Lockhart, editor of Blackwood's Magazine; and politics.
  18. From Mount Street, 10 Sep 1821. Refers to: Dugold Stewart's dissertation for the Encyclopedia Britannica Supplement and correspondence with Sir James Mackintosh; and professional progress.
  19. From Mount Street, 5 Oct 1821. Refers to recent travels in England and Scotland, including visiting Wordsworth and Sir Walter Scott.
  20. From Mount Street, 18 Dec 1821. Refers to: historical literature and Lord Byron's tragedies; and new house.
  21. 25 Lower Brook Street, 1 Feb 1822. Refers to: Lucy's present and suggestions for future work; poem of Italy; and The Fortunes of Nigel.
  22. From Lower Brook Street, [Feb 1830]. Refers to sympathy received [on death of his wife].
  23. From Lower Brook Street, [Feb 1830]. Refers to loss of Lucy's mother.
  24. From Lower Brook Street, 19 Jan 1833. Refers to engagement to Saba Smith.


  • 1804-1833


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MS. 16087/3

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