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Letters from Maria Edgeworth to Peter Holland, 1812-1847

MS. 16087/1

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Comprises letters from Maria Edgeworth to Peter Holland [unless otherwise stated], some with faint pencil annotation [by Peter Holland?]:
  1. From Edgeworthstown, 2 Jul 1812. Refers to: Dr Holland's article on Saltworks in the Edinburgh Review; Maria's brother William; and Practical Education.
  2. From Edgeworthstown, 10 Aug 1812. Refers to: loan of Henry Holland's letters; Lady Wellington; and Patronage. Incomplete.
  3. From Edgeworthstown, 13 Sep 1812. Refers to: Henry Holland's letters and travels; and offer of books to Dr Holland and his daughters.
  4. From Edgeworthstown, 24 Jul 1813. Refers to: Henry Holland's letters and travels; Mr Frederick North; Mrs E. Hamilton; visit to Holland's and London; continuation of Early Lessons; Village Scandal; and account of Lord Mayor's feast at Drogheda.
  5. From 15 Baggot Street, Dublin, 17 Apr 1814. Refers to: Henry Holland's letters; health of Richard Lovell Edgeworth and public trial of his experiments in Dublin; and Guy Mannering.
  6. From Edgeworthstown, 12 Aug 1814. First half written by Richard Lovell Edgeworth. Refers to: Dr Henry Holland's appointment [as medical attendant to the Princess of Wales whilst abroad]. Incomplete.
  7. From Edgeworthstown, 15 Oct 1814. Refers to: Henry Holland's letters; and Napoleon Bonaparte. Incomplete.
  8. From Edgeworthstown, 5 Dec 1814. Refers to: Henry Holland's letters, profession and travel; the Princess of Wales in Naples. Not signed [though possibly complete].
  9. 1814. Incomplete [final page only]. Refers to Hawkins's Life of Samuel Johnson and Richard Lovell Edgeworth's Professional Education.
  10. From Edgeworthstown, 22 Jan 1815. Refers to Henry Holland's letters and character. Part missing.
  11. [From Dublin], 27 Feb 1815. Refers to: copy of Dr [Henry] Holland's Travels; meeting three Miss Joys; and death of young Duke of Dorset. Torn.
  12. [11 Mar 1815]. List titled 'Copy of Mr G Knox's Queries' [for tour of Europe] only.
  13. 15 Baggot Street, Dublin, 29 Apr 1815. Refers to: letters and Travels of Dr [Henry] Holland; fancy ball in Dublin; anticipation of meeting Duke of Leinster; and her father's health. Torn.
  14. From Edgeworthstown, 29 May 1815. Refers to: Henry Holland's Travels and letters; and Richard Lovell Edgeworth's health and experiments.
  15. 11 Aug 1815. Refers to: health of Richard Lovell Edgeworth; Henry Holland's Travels and letters; Whishaw's 'life of Park' [ The journal of a mission to the interior of Africa, in the year 1805]. Possibly incomplete.
  16. From Edgeworthstown, 3 Oct 1815. Refers to: Richard Lovell Edgeworth's health (mentions advice of Dr [Erasmus] Darwin of Shrewsbury); Henry Holland's Travels; Irish flax; Clan-Albin; and The dumb boy.
  17. 26 Oct 1815. Refers to: Henry Holland's Travels; Lady Rancliffe; and Richard Lovell Edgeworth's health. Part missing [cut out].
  18. From Edgeworthstown, 27 Nov 1815. Refers to: Henry Holland's career; Richard Lovell Edgeworth's health and experiments; and Lady Romilly's travels. Incomplete.
  19. [n.d.]. Refers to Henry Holland's Travels (particularly the preface). Unsigned but complete.
  20. From Edgeworthstown, 18 Dec 1815. Refers to: report of Henry Holland by Mrs E. Hamilton; and the Duchess of Wellington.
  21. 29 May 1817. Incomplete (last page only).
  22. Black Castle, 11 Dec 1817. Refers to: Henry Holland's career; Stendhal's Rome, Naples et Florence; Princess Charlotte; Miss McEvoy; and sale of cure for 'the Evil' [scrofula] in Dublin. Incomplete.
  23. Edgeworthstown, 17 Jun 1819. Refers to: return to Ireland; Fanny's health; Lucy's health [includes small sketch]; books; mole skeleton; correcting Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth; and Ireland recovering from famine.
  24. From Edgeworthstown, 9 Oct 1819. Refers to: return of her aunts from England; Lovell Edgeworth and the County of Longford election; and Fanny Edgeworth. Incomplete.
  25. Edgeworthstown, 22 Oct 1819. Refers to Dr Lushington's proposed visit. Incomplete.
  26. From Edgeworthstown, 27 Aug 1819. Refers to: riots at Manchester [Peterloo Massacre]; Parnell's Priest of Rakery; Mary Brunton's Emmeline; Don Juan; Walter Scott; Lucy's health; Fanny's health; and rumour of proposed marriage between Henry Holland and Miss Carr.
  27. From Black Castle, 25 Feb 1820. Refers to: health of Charlotte Sneyd and Fanny Edgeworth; Ivanhoe; review of French and English industry in the Edinburgh Review; Mr Watt; assasination of the Duc de Berry; intended visit to Paris; M. Fabre d'Olivet; and urn from Irish tumuli. End missing.
  28. From Edgeworthstown, 28 Feb 1821. Refers to: journey back to Ireland and bout of erysipelas; Fanny's health; Scott's Kenilworth; The Sketch Book [by Washington Irving]; Lucy's health; and Miss Carr's intended marriage to Dr Lushington.
  29. From Edgeworthstown, 3 Jul 1822. Refers to: visit to London and seeing Henry Holland and his sister Bessy (mentions Sydney Smith and Washington Irving); other acquaintances and friends; and sights seen in London (including Belzoni's Egyptian tomb and panoramas and Babbage's machine for 'calculating and printing tables of logarithisms').
  30. Fragment of letter, n.d. [c.1822]. Refers to: visit to England; news of family (Mary Sneyd, Lucy Edgeworth) at home; and distress of the poor in the south of Ireland.
  31. From Edgeworthstown, 4 Aug 1822 [to Henry Holland]. Refers to: appreciation of Holland's [prospective] marriage [to Margaret Emma Caldwell].
  32. From Edgeworthstown, 5 Nov 1822. Refers to: Henry Holland's wedding; William Edgeworth's trip to Italy and career; unrest in the south of Ireland; Longford; medical case of relation of Mrs Edgeworth's at Cheltenham; Lucy's health; sequel to Harry & Lucy; Lovell Edgeworth's school; and [Philipp Emanuel von] Fellenberg's search for a suitable professor of English.
  33. From Edgeworthstown, 14 Jun 1825. Refers to: hot weather; health of Honora and worth of Henry Holland's advice and attention in London last winter; sequel to Harry & Lucy; Fanny in Geneva and visit to Pompeii; and Fanny's health.
  34. Incomplete letter [top of first page missing], dated in pencil 'Aug 1826'. Refers to: Harriet's wedding; and [partnership?] of Peter Holland. With note by Henry Holland to Peter Holland at end of letter, referring to Honora Edgeworth's health and proposed visit; and 'Emma and her Babe'.
  35. From Edgeworthstown, 5 Jun 1829. Refers to: death of William Edgeworth; (Michael) Packenham Edgeworth and proposed trip to India; and situation of Mrs Mary Powys.
  36. Incomplete letter [final? page only], dated in pencil Jun 1829. Refers to: Captain Beaufort's appointment as Hydrographer; and the practice of 'Mesmerism'.
  37. From Edgeworthstown, 15 Apr 1834. Refers to: Helen (especially referring to the death of the Dean and Miss Aikin's response); and Henry Holland's [second] marriage [to Saba Smith].
  38. From Trim, 23 Jul 1844. Addressed to Mrs Holland. Refers to: gift of needlework; journey home and erysipelas; family; Sydney Smith; and rack-rent 'monster'.
  39. From 1 North Audley Street, n.d. Addressed to Mrs Holland. Refers to: party invitation; and Fanny's health. Incomplete.
  40. From Edgeworthstown, 5 Nov 1847. Refers to: Henry Holland's letter and career; and Lestock Wilson's fall from train. Incomplete.
  41. Fragment of letter, n.d. Refers to: 'commotions' in Paris and Fanny's plans for travel.
  42. 20th-century manila envelope annotated with list of letters [not all present].


  • 1812-1847


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MS. 16087/1

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