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United Rhodesia Party: Miscellaneous correspondence and papers, 1954-1958

MS. 5474/13/1

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Subjects and documents include:

Folder 1:
  1. 'Dominion Status' and 'Commonwealth Status', 1957
  2. Proposed "Principles, policies and aims of the United Federal Party", 1957 and proposed amendments to draft of same, 1957
  3. "Proposed United Federal Party Constitution", Apr 1957
  4. "The United Federal Party: Our political principles, our achievements and our intentions" [annotated draft manifesto with loose notes in Holderness' hand inserted], 1957
Folder 2: [heavily annotated in Holderness' hand]
  1. Manuscript notes in Holderness' hand regarding "Caucus discussions of Franchise", May-Jun 1957
  2. "Memorandum to the Royal Commission. By Colin Leys. On the Franchise in Southern Rhodesia", n.d. [1957]
  3. The Interracial Association of Southern Rhodesia (Salisbury Branch) "Memorandum to the Commission on the Southern Rhodesian Franchise", n.d. [1957]
  4. "The Case for Universal Adult Suffrage in Southern Rhodesia: Memorandum to the Franchise Commission from the Bulawayo Branch of the Interracial Association of Southern Rhodesia", Jan 1957
  5. "Territorial and Federal Franchise", manuscript copy of letter to the Editor, The Rhodesia Herald by W.J. Sampson, 18 Jun 1957
Folder 3:
  1. Letter from L.H. Gann, to Holderness regarding review of a manuscript regarding impact of immigration/emigration, 18 Jun 1957
  2. Territorial Franchise proposals, 1957
  3. Town planning, 1957
  4. Talk to the Imperial Defence College African Tour, Aug 1957
  5. United Rhodesia Party Annual Congress, Sep 1957 [includes notebook kept by Holderness during]
  6. Notes for Rhodesia National Affairs Association Lunch Hour Lecture on Congress movement in Central Africa, 1957
  7. "Electoral Amendment Act, 1957", No. 38, 1957
  8. Southern Rhodesia Government Press Statement, 28 Nov 1957 on population, income and changing attitudes
  9. "Speech by the Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia at the opening of the 'Pattern of Progress' Exhibition, 27 Nov 1957
  10. "Speech by the Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia at the Opening of the Railway African Workers' Union Congress", 1957
  11. "Electoral (Amendment) Regulations , 1957 (No. 1) G.N. 413 of 1957
  12. "In the Office", manuscript notes in Holderness' hand regarding his workload and future plans, 22 Dec 1957
Folder 4: Papers regarding the Capricorn Convention, Salima, 16-18 Jun 1956
  1. "The Capricorn Contract" Seventh Draft, May 1956
  2. "Some Notes on Lake Nyasa", n.d. [1956]
  3. Keynote speech - Mrs Susan Wood, 16 Jun 1956
  4. Address by Dr. J de Mello (Kenya Delegation), in support of Precept 4, 16 Jun 1956
  5. "Mr Herbert Chitepo's Speech read by Mr Samkange", n.d. [Jun 1956]
  6. "Keynote Speech - The Hon. A.B. Patel, M.L.C.", 16 Jun 1956
  7. "Keynote Speech - Revd. F.B. Rea", 16 Jun 1956
  8. "Keynote Speech - Laurens van der Post (Read by R.J. Kendall-Ward, Kenya)", 16 Jun 1956
  9. Untitled speech by unknown author regarding religion, n.d. [Jun 1956]
  10. Land Reform, 18 Jun 1956
  11. Specimen petition form to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second regarding equality, Jun 1956
  12. "The Capricorn Contract" Tenth Draft [2 copies; one with underlining and one heavily annotated in Holderness' hand], May 1956
Folder 5:
  1. "Report upon St. Faith's Mission Farm", 30 Sep 1956
  2. "Public Order Act", No. 31, 1955
  3. "An African's View of the Federation" article by Lawrence C. Vambe, Optima, Dec 1955
  4. "Notes [by Mr Shamuayira] for Memorandum on Restrictions applying to Africans Under the Liquor Law, 20 Mar 1956
  5. Manuscript "Notes for Government Report of Committee on Liquor Licensing Ordinance and their Application to Coloured Persons and [?]", n.d. [Mar 1956]
  6. Manuscript notes, "Ideas for Resolutions (Some for Draft Declaration)", n.d. [Apr 1956]
  7. Manuscript "Speed notes. Constitutency URP Meeting", 23 Apr 1956
  8. Gwelo by-election; correspondence with Garfield Todd, Apr 1956
  9. Native Councils Bill; manuscript notes by Roger Howan, annotated third draft of Bill and correspondence with Roger Howan, Jun 1956
  10. United Rhodesia Party Congress 1956: Agenda and Resolutions [heavily annotated in Holderness' hand], 22 Jun 1956
  11. Proposed amendments to liquor laws, Jun 1956
  12. "Congress Speech", by Garfield Todd, annotaed in Holderness' hand, 22 Jun 1956
  13. Adult Education Course at St Faith's Community Centre. Subject: "How we are Governed", Aug 1956
  14. Manuscript notes by T.K. Whaley [President B.M.A. Mashonaland Branch] regarding "Deaths on the Operating Table", 10 Aug 1956
  15. Joint Party negotiations, Government and Franchise, 1956
  16. African urbanisation; Holderness' suggested topics to Eric Palmer for Caucus Meeting, Nov 1956
  17. Land Apportionment Act; Holderness' suggested topics to The Hon. P.B. Fletcher for Caucus Meeting, Dec 1956
Folder 6:
  1. "Hansard. [Holderness' manuscript] Notes for Analysis of Speeches, 1954-1957"
  2. Transcript of article published in The Rhodesia Herald after the Special Congress with related correspondence with Cecil Dryden, Feb 1958
  3. "Capricorn Africa Society. Proposals for the Promotion of a College of Rhodesian Citizenship" [Memorandum], 20 Feb 1958
  4. "The Constitution Party. Southern Rhodesian Division" [Party Manifesto], n.d. [1958]
  5. "Beyond the Todd Crisis", n.d. [1958]


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MS. 5474/13/1

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