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Miscellaneous correspondence and papers: Rhodesia National Affairs Association, 1946-1951

MS. 5474/11

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Folder 1:
  1. "Black Peril"; newspaper article from The Sunday Mail, 1 Jun 1947
  2. "Commission to Frame Native Legislation. Independent Body Proposed"; newspaper article from The [Rhodesia] Herald, 21 Jun 1947
  3. "The Franchise in Southern Rhodesia"; two papers regarding qualification for and essential features of, Jun 1947
  4. Typescript of a letter to the Editor of The Rhodesia Herald, regarding Bottomley's lecture to the R.N.A.A., 11 Jul 1947
  5. Lists of public meetings held, 1947
  6. Proposed subjects/schedules for future Association lectures and debates, 1946
  7. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1947
Folder 2:
  1. Draft proposals for consideration of the Sub-Committee, 1948
  2. Precis of a talk by Mr. Halstead to the Executive Committee of the R.N.A.A., Jul 1948 with answers to questions raised, 1948
  3. "Federation in Central Africa", paper by Nigel Parry, Jul 1948
  4. Winter School: "Alternatives to Apartheid", a speech by Mrs. A.W. Hoernle, 13 Jul 1948
  5. Winter School: "The Meaning of Apartheid", a speech by W.W.M. Eiselen, Jul 1948
  6. "The Rhodesian National Affairs Association" artcicle by Holderness in The Labour Front, v.5: no. 9, pp.6, Sep 1948
  7. Precis of a talk by Mr. Pardy to the R.N.A.A. Executive on road and rail transport, 4 Oct 1948
  8. "National Affairs", typescript of talk prepared and presented by the R.N.A.A., broadcast 21 Oct 1948
  9. Precis of a talk by Mr. MacArthur to the R.N.A.A. Executive on 1 Nov 1948
Folder 3:
  1. Notes on subjects for debates, [many manuscript and undated], [1948]
  2. [untitled] speech by Dr. Wilkins regarding the health of the urban native, with response, 1948
  3. Notes, largely statistical, regarding education, n.d. [1947-1949]
  4. Summaries of lectures, includes "African Clinics in Southern Rhodesia and the African as a Patient", by Dr. Rittey, 18 Mar 1949, 1947-1949
  5. Notes on Government Research Policy, n.d. [1947-1949]
Folder 4:
  1. Minutes of meetings, 1949
  2. "Political and Economic Developments in Southern Rhodesia with Special Reference to Native Policy", an address by Ken Kirkwood delivered to the Natal branch of the Southern Rhodesia Institute of International Affairs, 30 Jun 1949
  3. Contemporary annotated map of Southern Rhodesia, n.d [1949]
Folder 5:
  1. Minutes of meetings, 1950
  2. Letter to the editor of The Rhodesia Herald from Holderness regarding the Subversive Activities Bill, 11 May 1950
  3. Manuscript notes regarding the Subversive Activities Bill, 1950
  4. "National Affairs. Official Organ of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association", no.3 v.1, Jun 1950
  5. "National Affairs. Official Organ of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association", no.4 v.1, Jul 1950
  6. "National Affairs. Official Organ of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association", no.6 v.1, Sep 1950
  7. "National Affairs. Official Organ of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association", no.8 v.1, Nov 1950
  8. "National Affairs. Official Organ of the Rhodesia National Affairs Association", no.9 v.1, Dec 1950
  9. Draft schemes for new series of lectures, n.d. [1950]
Folder 6:
  1. Minutes of meetings, 1951
  2. "The Housing Experiment on O.F.S. Goldfields" and "Unofficial Conference on a Race Policy for Africa", Address to Executive Committee by Mr. Rheinalt Jones, President of Institute of Race Relations, 9 Apr 1951
  3. Untitled Address to Executive Committee by Rev. Percy Ibbotson, 14 Aug 1951 regarding race policy, 1951
  4. "Report of Sub-Committee appointed to consider R.N.A.A. as representative of Institute of Race Relations in Rhodesia; Proposed Salisbury Conference on Race Policy", 1 Aug 1951
  5. "Overshadowing Federation, The Greater Problem of Race", paper by Charles Bullock with related manuscript notes by Holderness, 26 Aug 1951
  6. Memorandum from the Bulawayo British Indian Association regarding discrimination, n.d. [1951]
  7. Manuscript notes in Holderness' hand regarding the African Areas [?] Trust Ltd., Oct 1951
Folder 7:
  1. National Affairs Discussion Group schedule of lectures, 1951
  2. National Affairs Discussion Group constitution, 1951
  3. "The Development of Bantu Africa Fundamental Requirements", speech by J.D. Rheinalt Jones, 1 Sep 1951
  4. Miscellaneous correspondence between Holderness and Jameson (Association Secretary) regarding Association business, 1951
  5. "Race or Civilsation in South Africa", Arthur Keppel-Jones [pamphlet], n.d. [1951] with annotated envelope
Folder 8:
  1. Typescript notes "Closer Association of the Three Central African Territories", also manuscript 2nd draft of notes in Holderness' hand, 1951


  • 1946-1951


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MS. 5474/11

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