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Gronovius | Jacobus | 1645-1716 | classical scholar


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Single Item

Dictata Jac. Gronovii ad Ciceronis Officia

'Dictata Jac. Gronovii ad Ciceronis Officia,' written in the 18th century
Shelfmark: MS. Auct. V. 4. 47
Extents: 121 Leaves
Dates: written in the 18th century
Single Item

Dictata Paterna ad Ælianum

'Dictata Paterna ad Ælianum', notes on the first twelve books of Ælian's Ποιkiλη Ίστορία by Jacobus Gronovius, copied in the 18th century by his son Abraham Gronovius.
Shelfmark: MS. Gr. class. e. 22
Extents: 307 Leaves
Dates: written in the 18th century by A. Gronovius

Rawlinson Manuscripts

Rawlinson's manuscripts, consisting of: Rawlinson A: English history Rawlinson B: English history Rawlinson C: History, theology Rawlinson D: Miscellaneous Rawlinson E: Sermons Rawlinson F: Poetry Rawlinson G: Classics Rawlinson H: Letters Rawlinson I: Mainly theology …
Extents: 5122 shelfmarks
Dates: 8th-18th century