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Doll | Sir | William Richard Shaboe | 1912-2005 | Knight | epidemiologist and cancer researcher


Found in 17 Collections and/or Records:


BBC General, 1982-1984

Comprises: Folder 1: 'BBC General File 1982-1983'. Correspondence, press cuttings and press releases, manuscript notes and radio transcripts of programmes involving Walter Bodmer, also including transcript of Radio Four documentary 'Eat, Drink and Be Buried', with Richard Doll as contributor Folder 2: 'BBC General 1984'. Correspondence and other papers relating to various BBC radio and…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1224
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1982-1984

Conferences and Royal engagements, 1992-1995

Comprises: Folder 1: Papers relating to the opening of the Clinical Oncology Unit at Churchill Hospital, H.M. The Queen on 3 December 1992. File also contains some papers concerning a Royal Society event held in celebration of Richard Doll, including press briefing, biographical information relating to Doll and a black and white portrait photograph, 1992 Folder 2: Small bundle of…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 629
Extents: 1 box (7 folders)
Dates: 1992-1995

Copy letters, 1973

Subjects include: Folder 1: '1st Feb 1973 to 3rd April 1973'. Rothschild Foundation; letter to Sir Isaiah Berlin regarding joint Oxford-Israel project; letter to Professor Sir Michael Swann regarding the Council for Science and Society and Bodmer's chairmanship of a British Association working party; EMBO Workshop of Cell Hybridization and Somatic Cell Genetics; biology prelim questions; views on William…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 10
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1973

Copy letters, 1973-1974

Subjects include: Folder 1: '1st August 1973 to 4th October 1973'. The Jackson Laboratory: Bar Harbour, Maine; teaching of Human Sciences at St. Catherine's College, Oxford; the training of medical geneticists; Medical Research Council Grant; EMBO Workshop; sabbaticals/postgraduate work; analysis of the mitochondrial enzymes citrate synthase (EC and malate dehydrogenase (EC in…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 11 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1973-1974

Copy letters, 7 Nov 1992-18 Jan 1993

Box 1 of 2. Topics include: (fols. 1-150) Bodmer's successor as Chairman of Trustees of the Natural History Museum; Queen's visit to the Clinical Oncology Unit at the Churchill Hospital; St. Mark's Hospital Polyposis Registry; effects of recession on ICRF; Churchill Hospital lease (fols. 151-276) tobacco advertising; tribute to Sir Richard Doll for conference; Millennium…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 537
Extents: 276 Leaves
Dates: 7 Nov 1992-18 Jan 1993

Copy letters, 1 Oct 1986-6 Jul 1987

Topics include: (fols. 1-229) BAYSDAY lecture; Fisher Memorial Lecture; Mathias Report; chapter review for The New Genetics; Bradford-Hill's contribution to Richard Doll's study re smoking and lung cancer (fols. 230-510) ICRF collaboration with a proposed urological oncology unit at the University of London; Japanese HFSP Programme; comments on an ABRC strategy…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 522
Extents: 726 Leaves
Dates: 1 Oct 1986-6 Jul 1987

Correspondents files DIX-DRM, 1971-1996

Subjects include: Sir Richard Doll prize nominations; mammary carcinomas; childhood cancer; Leukaemia studies; Cambridge Chair of Genetics; population genetics of multi-gene families; Cambridge Genome Conference (1981). Correspondents: Folder 1: Sir Richard Doll Folder 2: Mark Stewart Dixon, Dr. Jan Domin, Dr. Thomas Dooley, Dr. Jennifer Donald, Radoje Drmanac, Ian Dransfield…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 120
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1971-1996

Correspondents files Julia G. BODMER, 1980-1992

Correspondence from Julia Bodmer, much of which relates to her work in the Tissue Antigen Laboratory at the ICRF (also see separate correspondence section of Julia Bodmer: MS. Bodmer 1981-2007). Subjects include: admittance of women to Oxford and Cambridge University Club; proposal for Julia Bodmer to be an Honorary Member of the Royal College of Physicians; HLA typing for haemophilia patients; HIV screening and donor consent; Richard Doll; work carried out on TB families;…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 91
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1980-1992

Correspondents files under the letter P described as 'Assorted Alphabetical Files' covering PET-POL, 1974-1995

Subjects include: New Zealand involvement with HUGO; draft letter by Richard Doll to the Lancet on HIV prevalence testing. Correspondents: Folder 1: G. B. Petersen, Jerry Peterson, Dr. P. A. Peterson, Professor Julian Peto, Martin Petřek, Dr. S. de Petris, Dr. M. Pettersson, Professor D. E. Pettijohn, P. A. Philip, Mr. E. Philipp, Diana Phillips, Professor D.…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 213
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1974-1995

Media relations, 1977-1995

Comprises: Folder 1: The Daily Telegraph, including correspondence and other papers relating to Gallup opinion poll and survey of attitudes to science policy, 1977-1993 Folder 2: The Sunday Telegraph correspondence and press cuttings relatings to letter in newspaper concerning Sir Geoffrey Keynes and mastectomy in breast cancer…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1756
Extents: 1 box (6 folders)
Dates: 1977-1995

Miscellaneous, 1988-1994

Comprises: Folder 1: 'Human Embryo Research'. Mostly outgoing letters re House of Commons vote, 1990 Folder 2: 'Alcohol epidemiology'. Small bundle of background material, including typescript paper by Richard Doll entitled 'Alcoholic Beverages and Cancer: An Examination of the Conclusions Reached by the International Agency for Research on Cancer', 1988 (folders 3 and…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 915 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (4 folders)
Dates: 1988-1994

Miscellaneous, 1978-1993

Comprises: Folder 1: 'ASH Action on Smoking and Health'. General correspondence, meetings and membership material (Walter Bodmer on Research Committee). Includes letters sent to Chancellor of the Exchequer from Bodmer re smoking and lung cancer research carried out by Sir Richard Doll's Clinical Trials and Epidemiology Research Unit in Oxford, 1981-1986 Folder 2: Health Education Council…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1702
Extents: 1 box (5 folders)
Dates: 1978-1993

Papers relating to articles and essays, 1978-1979

Comprises correspondence, notes, drafts, proofs, photographic material and other papers relating to: Folder 1: Brodsky, F.M., Parham, P., Barnstable, C.J., Crumpton, M.J., and Bodmer, W.F. (1979). Monoclonal antibodies for analysis of the HLA system. Immunological Reviews 47, 3-61 Folder 2: Bodmer, W.F., and Clarke, C.A. (1979). Medical genetics in China. …
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1898
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1978-1979

Royal Society and miscellaneous, 1971-1979

Comprises papers relating to: Folder 1: Royal Society delegation of Oncologists to China, 17 July-2 August 1978 (delegation was Walter Bodmer, Richard Doll, Cyril Clarke and Avrion Mitchison and was led by Michael Stoker). Includes accounts of visit and black and white photographs, 1978-1979 Folder 2: Royal Society Club, 1976 Folder 3: Various organisations, including…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1611
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1971-1979

Royal Society miscellaneous, 1978-1990

Comprises papers relating to: Royal Society Delegation Visit to China, including typescript notes of visit by various delegates. (This delegation was intended to discuss medico-biological matters with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Michael Stoker led the delegation with other scientific members being Sir Walter Bodmer, Sir Cyril Clarke, Sir Richard Doll and Professor Avrion Mitchison,…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1530
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1978-1990

Smoking and tobacco, 1993-1994

'Smoking/tobacco (General). November-December '93'. Mostly correspondence with Parliamentary members and related papers in support of the Tobacco Advertising Ban Private Members Bill, including material from the House of Commons Press Conference with Sir Richard Doll as a speaker (Doll was Honorary Consultant at ICRF).
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 905
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1993-1994

Smoking and tobacco, 1994-1995

'Smoking/tobacco (General). Jan-Oct '94'. Papers relating to a Tobacco Group meeting with the Paymaster General re tobacco taxation and other correspondence, mostly concerning the Tobacco Advertising Ban Private Members Bill. Includes background material.
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 906
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1994-1995