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Pontecorvo | Guido Pellegrino Arrigo | 1907-1999 | geneticist


Found in 9 Collections and/or Records:


Cancer Surveys , 1980-1989

Large bundle of correspondence and papers, including material relating to a special issue on Guido Pontecorvo and his contribution to genetics.
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1803
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1980-1989

Copy letters, 1974-1975

Subjects include: Folder 1: '20 May 1974-22 October 1974'. HL-A typing on Russian populations; Oxford-based study on HL-A and schizophrenia; typing of Lybian-Jewish populations; the history of genetics at Oxford University, Cyril Darlington and E. B. Ford ( =Res.) Folder 2: 23 Oct 1974-6 Feb 1975'. Response on GSA statement on heredity, race and IQ; seminar given by Professor Guido…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 12 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1974-1975

Correspondents files FER-FOR, 1970-1994

Subjects include: Colorectal Cancer Group; Marco Polo Expedition (1986); Ronald A. Fisher (includes photographs of Fisher taken by Guido Pontecorvo on the Queen Mary Ship 1946). Correspondents: Folder 1: Professor A. R. Fersht, Dr. Ian Josh Fidler, Dr. Isabel Filipe, Professor J. R. S. Fincham Folder 2: Joanne Finley, Dr. Amanda G. Fisher, Dr. Walter Fitch, David Flavell,…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 130
Extents: 1 box (4 folders)
Dates: 1970-1994

Correspondents files PLA-PON, 1965-1993

Subjects include: ovarian cancer family project; ICRF symposium organised by Walter Bodmer and issue of Cancer Surveys to mark the 80th birthday of Guido Pontecorvo (initiated by Bodmer); research trip to Glasgow by Bodmer in 1959 to work with Pontecorvo on Aspergillus in his Genetics Department at the University of Glasgow (includes travel itineraries of Pontecorvo and his wife); correspondence between Michael Stoker (Bodmer's predecessor at ICRF) and Pontercorvo…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 219
Extents: 1 box (3 folders)
Dates: 1965-1993

Correspondents files PON-PRI, 1982-1996

Correspondents: (folders 1) Dr. Guido Pontecorvo Folder 2: Dr. J. Ponten, Dr. Andrew Porter, Sir George Porter, Professor Robert Porter, Dr. R. Porter, Stephen Powis, Dr. S. Povey, Ian Pragnell, C. A. Pritchard ( =Res.)
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 220
Extents: 1 box (2 folders)
Dates: 1982-1996

Early career and appointments, bulk: Bulk, 1959-1961, Bulk, 1959-1961 1959-1963

Correspondence and papers relating to Bodmer's early research and career, principally the move to the Stanford University in 1961 to work with Professor Joshua Lederberg. Comprises: Folder 1: Mainly correspondence, including exchanges with Sir Ronald Fisher concerning Walter Bodmer's application to a lectureship at Cambridge University. Also includes a research report from a trip to work with…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 3
Extents: 1 box (4 folders)
Dates: Majority of material found within Bulk, 1959-1961; Bulk, 1959-1961 1959-1963

Leukocyte trials, 1964-1969

'Old Hybrid Research Notes HLA'. Research data and notes. Comprises: Folder 1: 'WBC Absorption'. Instructions on lymphocyte storage and results of some donor reaction tests, May-Aug 1967 Folder 2: Data relating to the reaction of human typing sera after absorption on cattle leucocytes. Includes some correspondence between Julia and Walter Bodmer and Betty Musser re sera showing…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 393 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (8 folders)
Dates: 1964-1969

Papers relating to articles and essays, 1987-1989

Comprises correspondence, notes, drafts, proofs and other papers relating to: Folder 1: Solomon, E., Voss, R., Hall, V., Bodmer, W.F., Jass, J.R., Jeffreys, A.J., Lucibello, F.C., Patel, I., and Rider, S.H. (1987). Chromosome 5 allele loss in human colorectal carcinomas. Nature 328, 616-619, Bailey, C.J., Rider, S.H., and Bodmer, W.F. (1987). A new RFLP for L1.4 (D5S4) an…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 1910
Extents: 1 box (5 folders)
Dates: 1987-1989

Research data and notes, 1971-1975

Comprises: Folder 1: 'R Kennett Lymphoid Lines'. HL-A family typing data, Jun-Oct 1973 Folder 2: 'R Kennett Absorptions'. Lymphocyte data relating to percentage absorption of DM 11, D 98L, D 98, DM 3 Cells,1973-1975 Folder 3: 'R Kennett D98 Hybrids'. Research data relating to DM Hybrid cells Folder 4: 'R Kennett C/Toxicity'. Research data used for…
Shelfmark: MS. Bodmer 499 ( =Res.)
Extents: 1 box (5 folders)
Dates: 1971-1975