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Anecdotes about colonial life in Nigeria collected by Michael C. Atkinson

Humorous anecdotes and tales of colonial life in Nigeria, ca.1910-1950, collected and edited by M.C. Atkinson. Typescript.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.2065
Extents: 2 Volumes
Dates: [ca. 1910-1950]
Single Item

Autobiography of Albert Francis B. Bridges

"So we used to do": autobiography by Bridges relating to his colonial service in Nigeria, 1921-1949, with associated photographs. Typescript.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1881
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1921-1949
Single Item

Correspondence of Hugh Middleton Brice-Smith

Letters home from Nigeria, 1901-1919, with other miscellaneous correspondence, 1933-1966.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1845
Extents: 97 ff.
Dates: 1901-1919, 1933-1966
Single Item

Farewell letters to Albert Francis B. Bridges

Farewell letters written by Chiefs and staff to Bridges when he left various stations in Nigeria as an Administrative Officer, and after his retirement (1934-1951).
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1965
Extents: 6 ff.
Dates: 1934-1951
Single Item

Memoirs of John Brayne-Baker

Memoirs and text of talks on experiences in the Colonial Administrative Service in Nigeria and the British Cameroons, 1928-1956.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1926
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1928-1956
Single Item

Memoirs of Michael C. Atkinson

"The bush out of my soul: two decades in Western Nigeria": memoirs of Michael C. Atkinson relating to his service as an Administrative Officer, 1939-1959. Typescript.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1836
Extents: 168 ff.
Dates: 1939-1959
Single Item

Papers of D. Anthony T. Thain

Reports, memoranda, texts of speeches, lecture notes, etc., relating to service as a District Officer in Northern Nigeria and as lecturer at the Institute of Administration, Local Government Wing, Zaria, 1949-1962.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1871
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1949-1962
Single Item

Papers of Harry Bernard Cox

Reports, notes and correspondence relating to colonial administrative service in Nigeria: Abakaliki (1933), Ilestra (1941), Ibadan (1943), and in the Department of Commerce and Industries (1950-1952).
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1907
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1933-1952
Single Item

Papers of Harry Bernard Cox relating to the Honorable A.C. Nwapa

Papers relating to a visit to the U.K. and Europe by the Honorable A.C. Nwapa (Nigerian Minister of Commerce and Industries) in 1952. Includes itinerary, texts of speeches, minutes of meetings and memoranda.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1892
Extents: 153 ff.
Dates: 1952

Papers of Ivor F.W. Schofield

Correspondence, reports, photographs, cinefilms, etc., relating to administrative service in Nigeria, and to work as Income Tax Adviser to the Government in Gambia.
Extents: 11 boxes
Dates: 1927-1970

Papers of James Stewart Smith

Smith's autobiography of service as an Administrative Officer in Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria (1924-1955) entitled "The Last Time", with related reports, papers and letters home.
Extents: 2 boxes
Dates: 1924-1955

Papers of Neville Barwick

Papers, mainly as District Officer, Eastern Region, Nigeria, including annual reports and handing-over notes as well as day-files for Orlu division; arrangements for the coronation, 1953; State of Emergency, Bende Division, 1958.
Extents: 3 boxes
Dates: 1953-1958
Single Item

Papers of Robert Bernard Brooks

Papers as Resident in Calabar Province, Nigeria, including reports on the history of Native Administration, on Owerri Province, native court reports and intelligence reports on the Cameroons campaign (1914-1915).
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1873
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1914-1932

Papers of Sir John Dalzell Rankine

File on constitutional reform in Zanzibar (1952-1954), while British Resident, and 10 files as Governor of Western Region, Nigeria (1954-1960), including regular despatches to the Colonial Office and personal correspondence about pensions etc.
Extents: 3 boxes (10 files and loose correspondence)
Dates: 1952-1962

Papers of Sir Selwyn Macgregor Grier

The collection mainly covers the years Grier was in Nigeria, and mostly consists of family letters from Grier to his mother and to his sister "Dorothy" (Mary Lynda Dorothea Grier) who was Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, from 1921-1945. There is also a file of papers relating to Nigera and an album of photographs (mostly dated 1911).
Extents: 4 boxes
Dates: 1884-1957 (bulk 1905-1925)

Papers of the Reverend Michael Ashley Mann

Reports, memoranda, draft chapters of a book, photographs and printed material, relating to service in Colonial Administration in Southern Nigeria, 1946-1955, and as Vicar of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, 1962-1967.
Extents: 4 boxes
Dates: 1945-1967
Single Item

Papers relating to the development and administration of forestry in Nigeria

Correspondence between Colonial Administration, Conservators of Forests, etc., with memoranda and reports, concerning the development and administration of forestry in Nigeria.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1682
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1937-1945, 1954-1958

Photograph Albums belonging to Stanhope White

Five captioned photograph albums (1936-1954) spanning the whole of White's career from a Cadet at Cambridge University to his work as a District Officer and, later, Head of Commerce and Industries in Northern Region, Nigeria, and including a trip to the Sudan. Also included are associated papers, pamphlets, articles, literary correspondence and presscuttings, mostly to do with agriculture and commerce. The five photograph albums provide a pictorial counterpart to …
Extents: 4 boxes
Dates: 1936-1954
Single Item

Photograph of the opening session of the House of Chiefs, Nigeria

Photograph of the opening session of the House of Chiefs under the new constitution of Nigeria, 10 February 1947, with A.G. Eyre as Clerk of the House, far left, front row.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.1838
Extents: 1 item
Dates: 1947
Single Item

Photographs and papers of Charles John Chaytor

Photographs and a few related papers relating to Charles John Chaytor's service as administrative officer in Northern Nigeria.
Shelfmark: MSS.Afr.s.2060
Extents: 1 box
Dates: 1912-1932

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Great Britain | Colonial Administrative Service 22
Atkinson | Michael C | b 1917 | Colonial Administrator 2
Bridges | Albert Francis B | fl 1921-1949 | Colonial Administrator 2
Cox | Harry Bernard | 1906-1989 | Colonial Administrator 2
Barwick | Neville | b 1916 | Colonial Administrator 1
Best | Oswald Herbert | fl 1920-1930 | Colonial Administrator 1
Brayne-Baker | John | 1905-1997 | Colonial Administrator 1
Brice-Smith | Hugh Middleton | b 1884 | Colonial Administrator 1
Bridges | William Maclaren | b 1898 | Colonial Administrator 1
Brooks | Robert Bernard | fl 1914-1932 | Colonial Administrator 1
Chaytor | Charles John | fl 1912-1932 | Colonial Administrator 1
Eyre | Antony G | b 1921 | Colonial Administrator 1
Grier | Selwyn | 1878-1946 | Sir | Knight Colonial Administrator 1
Haig | E F G | fl 1930 | Colonial Administrator 1
Harcourt | Henry Newton | b 1906 | Colonial Administrator 1
Hawkesworth | Edward Gerald | b 1897 | Sir | Colonial Administrator 1
Institute of Administration (Zaria) 1
Mann | Michael Ashley | b 1924 | Dean of Windsor 1
Nigeria | House of Chiefs 1
Nwapa | A C | fl 1952 | Nigerian Minister of Commerce and Industries 1