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Collections for the cathedrals and dioceses, Written in about 1710-1750

Collections for the cathedrals and dioceses of Ely (fol. 1), Oxford (fol. 120b), and Peterborough (fol. 240), made for or by Browne Willis. There are many letters, among which are: One from Thomas Green bp. of Ely, 16 Jan. 1728/9 (fol. 1) One from sir Thomas Gooch bp. of Ely, 19 Jan. 1748/9 (fol. 2) Four ichnographies and views of Ely cathedral (fol. 4) …
Collection: Willis Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Willis 45
Extents: 363 Leaves
Dates: Written in about 1710-1750