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Treatises, chiefly astronomical and alchemical, Written in the 13th century in England

Treatises, chiefly astronomical and alchemical: Fol. 3. 'Liber magistri Rogeri Hereford de iudiciis astronomicis', beg. 'Quoniam regulas artis': some leaves are wanting after fol. 5: at fol. 7 is a note on making almanacs, etc. Fol. 10v. 'Liber de tribus generalibus iudiciis astronomie ex quibus cetera omnia defluunt, editus a magistro Rogero Hereford', in three books with prologue: beg.…
Shelfmark: MS. Selden Supra 76
Extents: 126 Leaves
Dates: Written in the 13th century in England