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William Langland's poem of Piers Plowman, the C-text, written in A.D. 1427

At end:--'Explicit Liber de Petro Ploughman anno regni regis Henrici sexti sexto Et fir' Iouis ante festum Michaelis jncep' transs ...', i.e. Sept. 25, 1427 (?). Also at the end are added twelve lines, beginning 'Tutiuillus the deuyl of Hell' (fol. 112v, cf. 33a). On the margins are many roughly coloured figures illustrating the poem. On the binding are the arms of the Ley family as baronets, probably Sir James Ley (d. 1628).
Collection: Douce Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Douce 104
Extents: 113 Leaves
Dates: written in A.D. 1427