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'Sagan af Haralldi hinum Haarfagra Norvegs konungi (udskrevet af Fr. Schaldemose) ... 1817', written in 1817 by F. Schaldemose

Beg. 'Hálfdán hefir konungr heitit': ends in the 28th chapter 'vard peim illt til lids (cetera desunt).' The 1832 catalogue states that this is different from and longer than the Life of Harold the Fair-haired in Snorro Sturlason's Lives of the Kings. A MS. which had not in 1832 been printed.
Collection: Boreal Manuscripts
Shelfmark: MS. Boreal 43
Extents: 264 pages
Dates: written in 1817 by F. Schaldemose