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Pamphlets, [1920]-1978, 2005-2008

MS. Oxford Group 3/204

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Pamphlets, leaflets and booklets relating to Buchman and the Oxford Group [3.500.38.2], comprising:
  1. Bardsley, Cyril, R.J. Campbell and Herbert Upward. Stories of our Oxford house party, 1931 (articles reprinted from The Church of England newspaper, 17 Jul 1931)
  2. Being Frank about Buchman, 1942
  3. Being Frank about Buchman, 1943 (encloses a review of the pamphlet from the Trade circular, 20 Mar 1943)
  4. Buchman, Frank. The making of a miracle, 1950 (a story told by Buchman at the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament, Riverside, Califorinia, Jun 1948)
  5. Buchman, Frank. The making of a miracle, 1952 (a story told by Buchman at the World Assembly for Moral Re-Armament, Riverside, Califorinia, Jun 1948)
  6. H.W.B. 'Ideas make history', n.d. (leaflet)
  7. Campbell, Paul. 'Basic truths for a world-wide revolution, notes made from a study of some of the records of the work of Frank Buchman', Easter 1977
  8. Caught by "Buchmanism" in spite of myself, 1926 (by "a Princeton Graduate and New York Business Man")
  9. Chiang, Kai-shek, et al. "Prophet from America. Centenary of Frank N.D. Buchman". Sino-American relations, vol. 4, no. 2, summer 1978
  10. W.L.M.C. Builder of a global force. Some remarks noted durng meetings with Frank Buchman at Mackinac Island and Caux in the late fifties, n.d. [1950s]
  11. Frank's D-day, Jun 4, 1944, [1944]
  12. Gaines, Miriam. Meek and mighty united in religious reawakening, 1931 (reprinted from The Herald post, Louisville, Kentucky)
  13. Hamilton, Loudon. MRA: how it all began, 1969
  14. Hicks, Granville. The work of Frank Buchman. An interview with W. Cleveland Hicks, n.d. [1920s]
  15. High, Stanley. The editor went to a new year's party turned out to be a revival, 1920s (two versions, reprinted from The Christian herald)
  16. Höye, Bjarne. "Frank Buchman", 1953 (reprinted from Vaart land, 26 Apr 1952)
  17. Jaeger, William. 'Frank Buchman and the workers of the world, 1951 (leaflet)
  18. Jonas, Edward A. When "The Groups" cam to Louisville. An editor's impressions, 1931 (editor of The Herald post, Louisville, Kentucky)
  19. Macassey, Sir Lynden, et al. Dr. Frank N.D. Buchman. An eighieth birthday tribute by some long-time friends and fellow-workers, 1958
  20. Mackenzie, Archie. Frank Buchman's legacy, 2008
  21. Moral Re-Armament. Out of the frying pan, 1946
  22. 'Neophyte gives his impressions of a Frank Buchman house party', 1925 (leaflet)
  23. Oxford Group. 'Finding the way', n.d. (leaflet)
  24. Prescott, Dorothy M. 45 Berkeley Square, 1972
  25. Spoerri, Frank. Frank Buchman and his philosophy of reconcilation, 13 Aug 2005 (talk at the international centre of Initiatives of Change, Switzerland)
  26. Thornhill, Alan. The significance of the life of Frank Buchman, 1952
  27. Thomas, Ivor. The Buchman groups, n.d. [1933?]
  28. Time & Tide. "The facts about Moral Re-Armament", 2-8 Sep 1965 (photocopied article)
  29. Victory Week. The story of a birthday, 4 June 1946, 1946 (with covering circular letter from Buchman to "Dear Friend", Jun 1946)
  30. What is a houseparty? A journalist's impression, 1929 (reprinted from The Boston globe)
  31. White's biography brochures: Frank N.D. Buchman, 1928
  32. Yates, B. Lund. "Dr. Frank N.D. Buchman's contribution to contemporary religious thought". The Hibbert journal, Oct 1958


  • [1920]-1978, 2005-2008


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