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Literary criticism and reviews, 1936-1938; 1952-1954; 1961; n.d.

MS. 10641/23

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Reviews by MacNeice of books, plays, poems etc.:
  1. Photocopies of printed reviews by MacNeice 1936-1938, with TS. of extensive footnotes by Alan Heuser, for a projected book 'Selected Literary Criticism of Louis MacNeice', n.d.
  2. Incomplete MS. draft of Chapter I 'A Change of Attitude', for Modern Poetry (published 1938).
  3. Incomplete MS., and TS. fragments, of essay 'The Play and the Audience', published in R.D. Charques (ed.), Footnotes to the Theatre, 1938.
  4. Carbon TS. 'The Fortunes of Faust. By E.M.Butler', 1952.
  5. Carbon TS. 'Collected Plays by W.B. Yeats', 1952.
  6. Carbon MS. 'Mind you, I've Said Nothing. By Honor Tracy.' and ' The Silent Traveller in Dublin. By Chiang Yee.', 1953.
  7. Carbon MS. 'Fair Greece Sad Relic. By Terence Spencer.', 1954.
  8. Carbon MS. 'The English Epic and Its Background. By E.M.W. Tillyard.', 1954.
  9. Carbon TS. 'George Herbert. By Margaret Bottrall.' and 'George Herbert. By Joseph H. Summers', 1954.
  10. Carbon TS. 'The Letters of W.B. Yeats. Edited by Allan Wade.', 1954.
  11. Newspaper cutting 'I Got Those Cathode Blues', New Statesman 4 Aug 1961.
  12. Newspaper cutting 'Two Plays, and Spike', New Statesman 15 Sep 1961.
  13. TS. 'An Only Child' and 'Kings, Lords and Commons' by Frank O'Connor, n.d.
  14. Carbon TS. and galley proof 'Brendan Behan's Island. By Brendan Behan.' and 'West Briton. By Brian Inglis', n.d.
  15. Carbon MS. 'Celtic Heritage. By Alwyn Rees and Brinley Rees.', n.d.
  16. TS. and carbon TS. 'Chiaroscuro: Fragments of Autobiography by Augustus John', n.d.
  17. MS. and carbon TS. 'Daniel: by David Thomson', n.d.
  18. Carbon TS. 'Dublin: By Maurice Craig', 'Ireland and the Irish: By Charles Duff.', 'The Emerald Isle: By Geoffrey Taylor.', 'The Face of Ulster: By Denis O'D.Hanna.' and 'Connacht (Galway): By Richard Hayward.', n.d.
  19. Carbon TS. 'Poems. By George Seferis.', n.d.
  20. Carbon TS. 'Poets of the English Language. Edited by W.H. Auden and Norman Holmes Pearson.', n.d.
  21. Carbon MS. 'Quite Early One Morning by Dylan Thomas.', 'The Poetry of Dylan Thomas by Elder Olsen.' and 'Dylan Thomas by Derek Stanford.', n.d.
  22. Carbon TS. 'Rose and Crown, by Sean O'Casey', n.d.
  23. Carbon TS. 'Sean O'Casey: The Man and His Work. By David Krause', n.d.
  24. Carbon TS. 'Teapots & Quails'. By Edward Lear.', n.d.
  25. Carbon TS. 'Teems of Times and Happy Returns. By Dominic Behan.', n.d.
  26. Galley proof 'The Antigone of Sophocles. At the Arts Theatre, Cambridge.', n.d.
  27. MS. and carbon TS. ' The Furrow behind me. By Angus Maclellan.', 'The Hard Road to Klondike. By Michael MacGowan.' and 'My Ireland. By Kate O'Brien.', n.d.
  28. Carbon TS. 'Twice Round the Black Church. By Austin Clarke', n.d.
  29. Carbon TS. 'Under a Colored Cap, by Sean O'Casey', n.d.
  30. Carbon TS. 'W.B. Yeats: Letters to Katherine Tynen edited by Roger McHugh.', n.d.
  31. Carbon TS. 'Wilfred Owen: a Critical Study. By D.S.R. Welland.', n.d.


  • 1936-1938; 1952-1954; 1961; n.d.


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MS. 10641/23

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