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Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, 1915

MS. Asquith 28
Held at the Weston Library

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  1. (fol. 1) Letters, chiefly from James H. Campbell, relating to his non-appointment as Lord Chancellor of Ireland in May 1915, and subsequent appointments as Attorney-General of Ireland and Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, June 1915-Nov. 1916. (See also other letters on same subject (especially Asquith to Redmond, 9 June 1915) in MS. Asquith 36)
  2. (fol. 56) Various war statistics, - casualties, enemy forces etc., July 1915
  3. (fol. 60) Papers relating to the Dardanelles campaign, including (printed) copy letters from Hankey to Asquith and one (typed) from Hankey to Balfour, dispatches from General Sir Ian Hamilton to Kitchener with one reply from Kitchener to Hamilton; a dispatch from Admiral de Robeck to the Admiralty; and two further dispatches from Hankey, July-Sept. 1915
  4. (fol. 82) Letter and enclosure from Walter Runciman on wheat cargoes sunk, Aug. 1914 - Aug.1915, Aug. 1915
  5. (fol. 85) Minutes of a conference between Asquith and others and representatives of the Northumberland coal owners and miners in regard to the interpretation of certain words contained in the Prime Minister's War Bonus Award of 5 May 1915, Aug. 1915.
  6. (fol. 109) Letter from Churchill complaining of attacks upon him over the Antwerp expedition and various naval incidents, and a copy of a statement in the House by Asquith on the former, Sept. 1915
  7. (fol. 118) Correspondence on the question of supplying howitzers for the Belgian army, Sept. 1915-Mar. 1916
  8. (fol. 145) Letters (including a copy of one from Asquith to Balfour and one to Asquith from the King), notes, statistics, etc. on the subject of compulsory military service, Sept.-Oct. 1915
  9. (fol. 181) Letters concerning the formation and composition of the War Committee, Sept.-Nov. 1915
  10. (fol. 209) Memorandum by Walter Long on pensions, Sept. 1915
  11. (fol. 210) Letter from Austen Chamberlain with enclosures relating to Mesopotamia, retention of Indian troops in France, and the military situation in India, Oct. 1915
  12. (fol. 229) Memorandum by Churchill on possible operations in the Balkans and against Turkey, Oct. 1915
  13. (fol. 235) Two papers relating to the Dardanelles, one a letter from Lord Selborne, the other a draft telegram from Asquith to Andrew Fisher, Prime Minister of Australia, Oct. 1915
  14. (fol. 241) Memorandum by E.S. Montagu on Treasury control of the spending of the various departments; observations on this by H.W. Forster, and further observations by Montagu, Nov.-Dec. 1915
  15. (fol. 251) Letters relating to the supersession of Sir John French as Commander-in-Chief of the British army in France, Nov.-Dec. 1915
  16. (fol. 273) Letters (one with an enclosure) on the operations of the 46th Division from Haig and Josiah Wedgwood, Nov. 1915
  17. (fol. 279) Letters from Simon, Chamberlain, Grey and Birrell during the cabinet crisis over compulsory military service, Dec. 1915


  • Creation: 1915


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MS. Asquith 28