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Development Education wall sheets and wall sheet packs, 1959-1991 and n.d. [c.1963-c.1987]

MS. Oxfam DEV/7/2/1

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Folded wall-sheets by the Oxford Comittee for Famine Relief, 1959. The two sheets include photographs, maps and cartoon, with a letter on the reverse for teachers. Titles comprising:
  1. 'The Story and Human Meaning of the Greatest Migration of People in History', with a letter from Jack Longland, of Derbyshire Education Committee
  2. 'The Drama of the Forgotten People', with a letter from Gilbert Murray
Also comprises 'Classroom project folders (primary)', n.d. [c. 1963]. Two series of three folders issued in collaboration with the Unesco Gift Coupon Programme include photographs and activities around six children, comprising:
  1. [First series]: 'Inti and Bolivia', 'Dithebe and Bechuanaland', and 'Yanni and Greece'
  2. Second series: 'Ali and Gaza', 'Gopal and India' and 'Kim and Korea'
Also comprises:

Thabo wallcharts, n.d. [c. mid 1960s]. A series of three wallcharts with cut-outs produced for seven to ten year olds. Thabo's nationality is not stated but he is described as an African child, in an Oxfam publications catalogue, n.d. [c. 1966]. Comprising: 'What makes Thabo grow', 'What makes Thabo's village grow' and 'What makes Thabo's country grow'.

Pictorial discussion sheets for young secondary students, 1972, 1981-1982 and n.d. [c. 1972 and late 1970s-early 1980s] comprising:
  1. 'Hunger and malnutrition', 1972
  2. 'Water', 1972
  3. 'Disease', n.d. [c. 1972]
  4. 'Food and agriculture', n.d. [c. 1972] and [revised edition], n.d. [c. late 1970s]
  5. 'The population explosion', n.d. [c. 1972]
  6. 'Unemployment', n.d. [c. 1972]
  7. 'What is Oxfam?'
  8. 'Where has all the food gone?', n.d. [c.early 1980s]
  9. 'Healthy, wealthy and wise', n.d. [c. early 1980s]
  10. 'Water, water everywhere..', n.d. [c. early 1980s]
  11. 'Population - whose problem?', n.d. [c. early 1980s] and [revised edition], 1982
  12. 'Farming for people or for profit?', 1981
  13. 'Land, poverty and power', 1982
  14. 'Work and wealth', 1982
'Oxfam and the Environment', n.d. [c.1987]. A folded wallchart with examples of Oxfams' work , designed for young people to conincide with television programmes about the 'Brundtland Report' [also known as 'Our Common Environment' and produced by the the United Nations, 1987]

Topic pack series issued by Junior Education, 1989-1991. Two packs comprising:
  1. 'Where Does Our Food Come From?', 1989, produced with Oxfam and Christian Aid
  2. 'Living in a Community', 1991, sponsored by Oxfam
Also comprises country background sheets, produced by Oxfam Information, 1991. These are a series of nineteen folded wallsheets with basic details about various countries, using statistics from UNICEF and other sources.


  • 1959-1991 and n.d. [c.1963-c.1987]


1 box (7 folders)


MS. Oxfam DEV/7/2/1

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The topic pack 'Where Does Our Food Come From?', 1989, includes Oxfam's 'World in a Supermarket Bag', 1987, (MS.Oxfam DEV/7/1/7) printed on the back of the poster

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