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Essays, notes and papers, 1900-c.1935

Dep. Collingwood 21
Held at the Weston Library

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(Dep. Collingwood 21/1-3), Series of three brown exercise books containing reading notes on works concerning folklore, n.d., [mid-1930s?]:

  1. (Dep. Collingwood 21//1), 'English Folklore I' iv + 88 leaves.
  2. (Dep. Collingwood 21//2), 'English Folklore II' iii + 89 leaves.
  3. (Dep. Collingwood 21//3), 'English Folklore III' i + 91 leaves, 49-91 blank.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/4-7), Four sections of a manuscript concerning fairy tales, possibly for a book on the subject, n.d., [mid-1930s?]:

  1. (Dep. Collingwood 21/4), I' [on the use of fairy tales as historical evidence]. 31 leaves.
  2. (Dep. Collingwood 21/5)' 'II. Three Methods of Approach: Philological, Functional, Psychological'. 64 leaves.
  3. (Dep. Collingwood 21/6)' 'III. The Historical Method'. 28 leaves.
  4. (Dep. Collingwood 21/7)' 'IV. Magic'. 79 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/8), Incomplete manuscript, apparently made up of pages discarded from the above draft (Dep. Collingwood 21/4-7) and intended as a concluding chapter, n.d. 11 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/9), Essays on 'Folklore and folk-tale', n.d. 26 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/10), Essay on the story of 'Cinderella' and its various versions, n.d. 37 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/11), Untitled manuscript concerning the problem of diffusion versus the independent origin of folk tales, n.d. [See Dep. Collingwood 21/4.] 7 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/12), Table of survey, possibly of the incidence of various folk tales in different countries, n.d. 3 leaves.

(Dep. Collingwood 21/13), Notes from Edwin Hartland's Presidential Address to the Folklore Society in 1900 [published in Folklore Vol. II], n.d. 1 leaf.


  • Creation: 1900-c.1935


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Dep. Collingwood 21