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Hobart Papers, May 1970-Apr 1993

PUB 648/1-11

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  1. PUB 648/1 - Money in Boom and Slump, by A. A. Walters (Hobart Paper 44 - second edition), May 1970;
  2. PUB 648/2 - Bureaucracy: Servant or Master? Lessons from America, by William A. Niskanen (Hobart Paperback), Nov 1973;
  3. PUB 648/3 - Theft in the Market, by R. L. Carter (Hobart Papers 60), Oct 1974;
  4. PUB 648/4 - Taming the Tiger, by Richard Jackman and Kurt Klappholz (Hobart Papers 63), Sep 1975;
  5. PUB 648/5 - Monopoly in Money and Inflation: The Case for a Constitution to Discipline Government, by H. Geoffrey Brennan and James M. Buchanan (Hobart Paper 88), Jan 1981;
  6. PUB 648/6 - Will China Go 'Capitalist'? An economic analysis of property rights and institutional change, by Steven N. S. Cheung (Hobart Paper 94), Jul 1982;
  7. PUB 648/7 - Low Pay or No Pay? A review of the theory and practice of minimum-wage laws, by David Forrest (Hobart Paper 101), Jul 1984;
  8. PUB 648/8 - Why No cuts? An Inquiry into the Fiscal Anarchy of Uncontrolled Government Expenditure, by John Burton (Hobart Paper 104), Oct 1985;
  9. PUB 648/9 - Government As It Is: The impact of public choice economics on the judgement of collective decision-making by government and on the teaching of political science, by William C. Mitchell (Hobart Paper 109), Feb 1988;
  10. PUB 648/10 - Training Too Much? A Sceptical Look at the Economics of Skill Provision in the UK, by J. R. Shackleton (Hobart Paper 118), Jun 1992;
  11. PUB 648/11 - On the Moveā€¦A Market for Mobility on the Roads, by John Hibbs (Hobart Paper 121), Apr 1993.


  • Creation: May 1970-Apr 1993


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PUB 648/1-11

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