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Civitas pamphlets, Jul 2020-Apr 2021

PUB 639/145-155

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  1. PUB 639/145 - Is Coronavirus unprecedented? A brief history of the medicalisation of life (The Covid-19 Review: How Britain responded to the Coronavirus, Part Six), by David Martin Jones and Emma Webb, Jul 2020;
  2. PUB 639/146 - Fallen through the cracks: Unregistered Islamic marriages in England and Wales, and the future of legislative reform, by Emma Webb, Aug 2020;
  3. PUB 639/147 - A Long March through the Institutions: Understanding and responding to China's influence in international organisations (The Covid-19 Review: How Britain responded to the Coronavirus, Part Seven), by Radomir Tylecote and Robert Clark, Sep 2020;
  4. PUB 639/148 - 'The New Syria?' Critical perspectives on the deradicalisation and reintegration of Islamist offenders, edited by Emma Webb, Sep 2020;
  5. PUB 639/149 - The Elephant in the Room: Why UK living standards may be lower in 2030 than they were in 2019 or even 2007 and what we can do to stop this happening, by John Mills, Sep 2020;
  6. PUB 639/150 - The Radicalisation of Campus Relations, by Dr Ruth Mieschbuehler, Nov 2020;
  7. PUB 639/151 - How we think about disparity and what we got wrong, by Richard Norrie, Dec 2020;
  8. PUB 639/152 - Policing Hate, by Joanna Williams, Dec 2020;
  9. PUB 639/153 - Rebooting Britain: How the UK economy can recover from Coronavirus, by Julian Jessop and J.R. Shackleton (jointly published by Civitas and the Institute of Economic Affairs), 2020;
  10. PUB 639/154 - Inadvertently Arming China? The Chinese military complex and its exploitation of scientific research at UK universities, by Radomir Tylecote and Robert Clark, Feb 2021;
  11. PUB 639/155 - Rethinking Race: A critique of contemporary anti-racism programmes, by Joanna Williams, Apr 2021.


  • Creation: Jul 2020-Apr 2021


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PUB 639/145-155

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