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Bow Group pamphlets, Jan 1964-Oct 1969, n.d.

PUB 119/1-30

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  1. PUB 119/1 - Strategy for Schools, by Gareth Jones, Herbert Anderson, Philip Boden, Judith O'Shea, David Rogers, Margaret Sands, Timothy Wood, Jan 1964;
  2. PUB 119/2 - A Turntable for Capital, by W.J. Hopper, Apr 1964;
  3. PUB 119/3 - Britain and the United Nations - Proposals for Peace-Keeping including a Common-wealth force, by Hugh Hanning, Jan 1964;
  4. PUB 119/4 - Towards a New North West, by Richard Clegg and John Hodgson, North-West Bow Group, Jul 1964;
  5. PUB 119/5 - Millstones for the sixties - a Bow Group Memorandum on Labour Policy, by Leon Brittan, David Howell, John MacGregor, Andrew Newton and Michael White, Sep 1964;
  6. PUB 119/6 - A New Reserve Army, the Alternative to Conscription, by R.A. Brearley, W.M. Brown, C.J. Hutchings, Mar 1965;
  7. PUB 119/7 - New Life for Local Government, by Janet Newton, John Neilson-Jones, Eric Hill, Martin Mogridge, John Smith, c. 1964;
  8. PUB 119/8 - What's Wrong With General Practice - a memorandum by the Birmingham Bow Group, by James Ackers, John Goodrick, Ken Clarke, Howard Eggins, Anthony Mitten, May 1965;
  9. PUB 119/9 - Reform or Regret?, Birmingham Bow Group, by James Ackers, Anthony Mitten, Alan Bennett, Patrick Adams, John Lenton and Michael Oldfield, Jul 1965;
  10. PUB 119/10 - Commonwealth Immigration, by Chris Brocklebank-Fowles, Chris Bland and Tim Farmer, Oct 1965;
  11. PUB 119/11 - Solution for Steel, by Anthony Lines, Dec 1965;
  12. PUB 119/12 - A Smaller Stage - Britain's Place in the World, by Leon Brittan, Julian Critchley, Hugh Dykes, Russell Lewis, and David Walder MP, c. 1965;
  13. PUB 119/13 - A Fresh Approach - an Oxford Symposium, by Edward du Cann, John Pinder, Geoffrey Rippon, John Jewkes, John McGregor, Peter Walker, Iain Macleod, preface by David Howell, n.d.;
  14. PUB 119/14 - Immigration, Race and Politics, by John Lenton, Nicholas Budgen and Kenneth Clark, Mar 1966;
  15. PUB 119/15 - The Need for New Cities - a study of population, movement and growth, by Timothy Sainsbury, Jun 1966;
  16. PUB 119/16 - Vietnam: Threat and Involvement, by Hugh Dykes and Reginald Watts, Dec 1966;
  17. PUB 119/17 - Computers in Britain, by Timothy Wood, Roger Graham, John Hough, Gavin Kirkpatrick, Adrian Norman, Christopher Paine, n.d.;
  18. PUB 119/18 - Helping the Exporter, by Rodney Allen, Michael Hamilton, and Michael Morris, n.d.;
  19. PUB 119/19 - Policies for Poverty, by Geoffrey Howe and Norman Lamont, n.d.;
  20. PUB 119/20 - A Problem of Inheritance, by John Chown and William Hopper, n.d.;
  21. PUB 119/21 - Not for Publications, by Peter Lloyd, Mar 1968;
  22. PUB 119/22 - An Evolving Monarchy, by Tom Miller, Timothy Hoare, Christopher Wright and Meriel Brown, n.d.;
  23. PUB 119/23 - Regional Government, by Kenneth Clarke, Michael Worley, Ann Worley and David Anderton, n.d.;
  24. PUB 119/24 - A Partnership of Equals, by Howell Harris Hughes, Andrew Gardner, Ruth Gardner, n.d.;
  25. PUB 119/25 - Charter for Communications, by Timothy Wood, Gareth Jones, Nigel Cloke, John Pattman, Andrew Scott, Mar 1969;
  26. PUB 119/26 - Charter for Communications, by Timothy Wood, Gareth Jones, Nigel Cloke, John Pattman, Andrew Scott, Mar 1969;
  27. PUB 119/27 - Ocean-Space: Europe's New Frontier, by Lawrence Reed, May 1969;
  28. PUB 119/28 - Education and Labour's Axe, by Simon Jenkins, Sep 1969;
  29. PUB 119/29 - Less Equal than Others, by Mary Colton, Oct 1969;
  30. PUB 119/30 - Cutting the Cake - Proposals for a Conservative Party for taxing wealth, by Richard Hobbs, John Morgan and John Speirs, Jun 1968.


  • Creation: Jan 1964-Oct 1969, n.d.


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PUB 119/1-30

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