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Photographs of people other than Wilfred: Harold, other Owens, relatives and acquaintances, 1892-1980s, n.d.

MS. 12282 photogr. 1

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Includers folder with glass negatives. Comprises:
  1. Item 1 Harold Owen in uniform, enlarged and cut in an oval. [Former reference 3A(a)]
  2. Item 2 Harold Owen in uniform, seated, 12 Mar 1913. [Former reference 3A(b)]
  3. Item 3 Harold Owen in uniform, on a wicker chair. [Former reference 3A(c)]
  4. Item 4 Harold Owen in uniform, in a garden, Sep 1914. [Former reference 3A(d)]
  5. Item 5 Harold Owen in tropical uniform with flag. [Former reference 3A(e)]
  6. Item 6 Harold Owen in uniform, in Shrewsbury studio. Annotated by Harold Owen ‘Found in father’s pocketbook’. [Former reference 3A(f)]
  7. Item 7-9 Cape Town, [1918/19]. 3 copies. [Former reference 3A(g)]
  8. Item 10 variation on 7-9. [Former reference 3A(h)]
  9. Item 11 another variation on 7-9. [Former reference 3A(h)]
  10. Item 12 glass negative of 6. [Former reference 3B(a)]
  11. Item 13 glass negative of Harold Owen in uniform aboard ship, 1917. [Former reference 3B(b)]
  12. Item 14 Harold Owen with Phyllis, in colour, 1970. [Former reference 3D(d)1]
  13. Item 15-17 Harold Owen in his study. [Former reference 3C(f)1,2,4]
  14. Item 18-20 glass negatives of 15-17.
  15. Item 21 Harold Owen in uniform, source of 6 (sellotape on verso). [Former reference 3B(a)]
  16. Item 22 Harold Owen in uniform aboard ship, 1917, source of 13 (sellotape on verso). [Former reference 3B(b)]
  17. Item 23 Harold Owen in cap, Second World War. [Former reference 3C(a)]
  18. Item 24 Harold Owen, mugshot, capless, Second World War. [Former reference 3C(b)]
  19. Item 25 Harold Owen in forage cap, Second World War. [Former reference 3C(c)]
  20. Item 26 Harold Owen on honeymoon. [Former reference 3C(d)]
  21. Item 27 Harold Owen on honeymoon. [Former reference 3C(e)]
  22. Item 28 Harold Owen in his study. [Former reference 3C(f)3]
  23. Item 29 Harold Owen at Colin’s wedding. [Former reference 3D(f)]
  24. Item 30 Harold Owen on a swing, with Susan Owen, [Former reference 3D(a)]
  25. Item 31 Harold Owen in tropical uniform, with cricketers. [Former reference 3D(b)]
  26. Item 32-34 Harold Owen in RN Air Service Group, 1916. 3 copies. [Former reference 3D(c)
  27. Item 35 Harold Owen with Phyllis. [Former reference 3D(d)2]
  28. Item 36 Harold Owen with Poul Pedersen, 1970. [Former reference 3D(e)1]
  29. Item 37 Harold Owen with Jette Pedersen, 1970. [Former reference 3D(e)2]
  30. Item 38 Mary Owen on a pony. [Former reference 3E(a)]
  31. Item 39 Mary Owen on a swing. [Former reference 3E(b)]
  32. Item 40 Mary Owen with a doll’s pram. [Former reference 3E(c)]
  33. Item 41-43 3 copies of Mary Owen as a baby, held by Susan Owen. [Former reference 3E(d)]
  34. Item 44-45 2 copies of Mary Owen at Alpenrose. [Former reference 3E(e)]
  35. Item 46-7 2 copies of Colin Owen as infant, with a gun. [Former reference 3F(a)]
  36. Item 48 another version of 46-7. [Former reference 3F(b)]
  37. Item 49 Colin Owen as RAF cadet in group, 1918. [Former reference 3F(c)]
  38. Item 50 blow-up from 49. [Former reference 3F(d)]
  39. Item 51 Colin Owen with his wife, Bunty, 1939. [Former reference 3F(e)]
  40. Item 52 Bunty Owen. [Former reference 3F(f)]
  41. Item 53-55 3 copies of Tom Owen as a young man, Bombay studio. [Former reference 3G(a-b)]
  42. Item 56 Tom Owen with cricketers, India. [Former reference 3G(c)]
  43. Item 57-60 4 copies of Tom Owen, [1920]. [Former reference 3G(d)]
  44. Item 61 Susan Owen as a child. [Former reference 3H(a)]
  45. Item 62-3 2 copies of Susan Owen as a child with brother and sisters. [Former reference 3H(b)]
  46. Item 64 Susan Owen as a child with brother Edward. [Former reference 3H(c)]
  47. Item 65 Susan Owen as a child with a sister. [Former reference 3H(d)]
  48. Item 66-7 2 copies of Edward Shaw as a child. [Former reference 3H(e)]
  49. Item 68 Edward Shaw. [Former reference 3H(f)]
  50. Item 69-70 2 copies of Susan Owen as a young woman, Oswestry studio. [Former reference 3H(g)]
  51. Item 71-72 2 copies of Susan Owen, Jul 1918. [Former reference 3H(h)1-2]
  52. Item 73 another version of 71-2. [Former reference 3H(i)]
  53. Item 74-5 2 copies of Owens and Bulmans, Kelso, 1912. Harold Owen looking at gun. [Former reference 3I/J(a)]
  54. Item 76 similar to 74-5, Harold Owen looking at camera. [Former reference 3I/J(b)]
  55. Item 77-8 2 copies of differently composed group, Kelso, 1912. Identifications in envelope. [Former reference 3I/J(c)]
  56. Item 79 picnic with Warnes. Identifications in envelope. [Former reference 3I/J(d)]
  57. Item 80 5 of the Owens, Harold Owen in uniform. [Former reference 3I/J(e)]
  58. Item 81 Susan Owen and Tom Owen, Oswestry studio. [Former reference 3I/J(f)]
  59. Item 82 Susan Owen with Blanche and Nellie Bullman and [?]Grandmother Owen. [Former reference 3I/J(g)]
  60. Item 83 Tom Owen’s father. [Former reference 3K(a)]
  61. Item 84 Tom Owen’s mother. [Former reference 3K(b)]
  62. Item 85 Tom Owen’s mother, seated. [Former reference 3K(c)]
  63. Item 86 Susan Owen’s father, Edward Salter, 1892. [Former reference 3K(d)]
  64. Item 87-89 Peter Owen opening the Wilfred Owen Primary School, Shrewsbury, 1971. 2 copies of photograph and a press cutting. [Former reference 3L(a)]
  65. Item 90 Peter Owen at Wilfred Owen’s grave. [Former reference 3L(b)]
  66. Item 91 John Gunston. [Former reference 4(a)]
  67. Item 92 John and Emma, Vera, Gordon and Dorothy Gunston. [Former reference 4(b)]
  68. Item 93 Leslie, Dorothy/Vera, Emma, John, [1908]. [Former reference 4(c)]
  69. Item 94 Leslie Gunston as a boy. [Former reference 4(d)]
  70. Item 95 Leslie Gunston as a young man. [Former reference 4(e)]
  71. Item 96 Leslie Gunston as a young man. [Former reference 4(f)]
  72. Item 97 Leslie Gunston and June Calder, 1980s. [Former reference 4(g)]
  73. Item 98 Leslie Gunston and June Calder, with Wilfred Owen’s statuette, 1987. [Former reference 4(h)]
  74. Item 99 Rev Herbert Wigan. [Former reference 4B(a)]
  75. Item 100 Laurent Tailhade. On verso, he has written ‘à Wilfred Owen, son vieil ami / Laurent Tailhade / Bagnères-de-Bigorre / le 14 Sept 1914’. [Former reference 4B(b)]
  76. Item 101 Siegfried Sassoon, 1916. [Former reference 4B(c)]
  77. Item 102 Siegfried Sassoon, sitting on camp bed. [Former reference 4B(d)]
  78. Item 103 glass negative, man in uniform beside car
  79. Item 104 glass negative of 102
  80. Item 105 cutting of Shrewsbury school group, possibly containing Philip Bainbrigge. [Former reference 4B(f)]
  81. Item 106 [CK Scott Moncrieff?]. [Former reference 4B(g)]
  82. Item 107 Vivian Rampton and his brothers, Dunsden, [1907]. [Former reference 4B(h)]
  83. Item 108 Vivian Rampton in Reading School uniform. [Former reference 4B(i)]
  84. Item 109 Vivian Rampton in army uniform. [Former reference 4B(j)]
  85. Item 110 2/Lt John Foulkes. [Former reference 4B(k)]
  86. Item 111 Dr Brock, in uniform, Craiglockhart. [Former reference 4C(b)]
  87. Item 112 Dr Brock, with his wife. [Former reference 4C(c)]


  • 1892-1980s, n.d.


112 items

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MS. 12282 photogr. 1

Former reference:

Box 34

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