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Album of drawings and watercolours, 1819-1840, mainly n.d.

MS. WHF Talbot 89
Held at the Weston Library

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Most of the drawings are unattributed so it is unclear whether they are the work of Caroline Augusta Feilding or were collected by her. Comprises:

  1. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'From a German Legend' 'by Grant', n.d.
  2. watercolour titled 'Temple in Sicily', n.d.
  3. pen, ink and pencil drawing titled 'd’apres Francesco' by Louisa Gallway, n.d.
  4. pencil drawing with washes titled 'endroit appellé le Chaos dans les Pyrenées', n.d.
  5. pencil drawing titled 'In the Apennines', n.d.
  6. monochrome watercolour titled 'Falls of Niagara', n.d.
  7. pencil drawing titled 'Serravalle in the Apennines', n.d.
  8. pencil drawing titled 'Val Levantina', n.d.
  9. pencil and ink drawing with washes titled 'Castiglione en Toscane from the windows of the Leone d'Oro', n.d.
  10. pencil drawing 'Chapel at Carclew', n.d.
  11. pencil drawing titled 'Village of the Simplon 6000 feet above the level of the Sea.', n.d.
  12. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'Nice from the road to Villefranche', with a watercolour of an arch on the verso and a pencil drawing of Windsor Castle on the album page beneath, n.d.
  13. pencil drawing titled 'Fountain at Salzburg', n.d.
  14. watercolour titled 'Casaccia a Bellagio, Lago di Como', n.d.
  15. pencil drawing titled 'Fresco di Carlo Cignani nel palazzo del giardino Parma', n.d.
  16. pencil drawing titled 'La Lanterna di Genova', n.d.
  17. pencil drawing titled 'Convent in the Valley of the Eisach above Bolzano', n.d.
  18. pencil drawing titled 'Mont Cenis', possible signature in ink lower left on album page almost totally effaced, n.d.
  19. pen and ink drawing, with washes, highlighted, on dark paper, titled 'Jungfrau', n.d.
  20. pencil drawing titled 'Fountains in the Gardens at Nympheusberg in Bavaria', n.d.
  21. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'Durenzano sull Lago di Garda Off Malta', n.d.
  22. pencil drawing titled 'Rouen from the road to Canteleu', n.d.
  23. pencil drawing titled 'Galerie sur la route da Simplon 12 August', n.d.
  24. pencil drawing titled 'Brescia', n.d.
  25. watercolour titled 'Spa', with a mostly effaced signature? in ink on album page lower left, n.d.
  26. watercolour titled 'Rubacapello at Nice' by Louisa Garza, n.d.
  27. pencil drawing titled 'Deer Park at Melbury' by Charlotte Talbot, n.d.
  28. watercolour titled 'Trente, sur l’Adige en Tyrol', with a possible ink signature mostly effaced on album page lower right, n.d.
  29. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'Château de St. André near Nice', n.d.
  30. watercolour titled 'Half Pan Head at Melbury' and inscribed 'Charlotte Traherne del.', n.d.
  31. drawing [now missing] titled 'Interior of the South Gallery, Laycock Abbey' by Louisa Galway, n.d.
  32. watercolour titled 'Côte de la Mediterrannée entre Vellefranche & Monaco – just before sun rise' and inscribed 'le Comte Urbain de Garin del.', n.d.
  33. drawing [now missing] titled 'Colossal Figure of Apennino at Pratolino in Tuscany', n.d.
  34. drawing [now missing] titled 'Mole of Genoa from the White Marble terrace of the Giardino Doria', n.d.
  35. watercolour titled 'Ponte do’ Sospirei Venezia', n.d.
  36. pen and ink drawing, highlighted and with washes, titled 'Interior of the Old Library at Melbury' by Caroline Leonora Fox Strangways, n.d.
  37. watercolour titled 'Plains of Marathon' and 'Tomb of the Greeks', n.d.
  38. pencil drawing titled 'Sestri de Levante' by George Molineux Montgomerie, n.d.
  39. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'Saorgio' attributed to Lady Elisabeth Feilding, n.d.
  40. watercolour titled 'Villafranca' and inscribed 'la Comte Urbain de Garin', n.d.
  41. watercolour titled 'Coast of Sussex', n.d.
  42. watercolour titled 'near Samer. Departement du Pas de Calais', largely effaced ink signature? on album page, lower left, n.d.
  43. watercolour titled 'Off Scarborough' by Barbara Rawdon Hastings, Marchioness of Hastings, 1840
  44. watercolour titled 'Pavillon de Flore Paris', n.d.
  45. pen and ink drawing with washes titled 'sur la route de Villefranche' attributed to Lady Elisabeth Feilding, n.d.
  46. watercolour of a woman, girl and boy, worshipping a cross, by Caroline Leonora Fox Strangways, n.d.
  47. watercolour titled 'Interior of the South Gallery Laycock Abbey' by Emma Thomasina Talbot, 1829
  48. pencil drawing titled 'Hermitage at La Meilleraye in Normandy', n.d.
  49. watercolour 'Grotte du Lazard. Nice.' inscribed [Merlier?], with a pencil drawing of ship’s rigging on the verso, n.d.
  50. pencil drawing titled 'Pencil drawing of ship’s rigging', Jul 1819
  51. pencil drawing, on elaborately embossed paper, titled 'Schloss am Rhein' by A.G., n.d.
  52. pen and ink drawing, on yellow paper, titled 'Part of ? same' inscribed 'Gilpin', n.d.


  • Creation: 1819-1840, mainly n.d.


1 volume

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MS. WHF Talbot 89

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