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Miscellaneous papers, including drafts, letters, and memoranda, , n.d., 1840-65

MS. Clar. dep. c. 555
Held at the Weston Library

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(Undated article: history of European Trade with China 9th-19th century. (ln Clarendon's hand, apparently a draft)

Undated (probably 1865) letter, Clarendon to the Queen concerning prospect of war with Prussia (Danish crisis). (In Clarendon's hand, draft.)

Undated letter/memorandum? concerning British subjects involved in disputes with countries at war with each other but not at war with Britain. If British subjects intervene, in defiance of Queen's proclamations, they do so at their own peril. British neutrality cannot be compromised on their account. -- The case of the ships 'Cyclone' and 'Tornado' and Spanish government. (In Clarendon's hand, draft.)

Notes by Clarendon on some paintings in his possession [withdrawn 1962]

Two memoranda (undated) MS. (not Clarendon's hand):

  1. 'On the theory of Reciprocity in trade.'
  2. 'On the theory that you may encourage imports without limit with a certainty of being able to provide for them by corresponding exports.'

26 May 1840, memorandum: Opium trade -- export of opium from India to China, difficulties of changing the system, moral and commercial implications. (In Clarendon's hand, draft?)

Notes (some by Clarendon) on the situation confronting Lord John Russell upon the resignation of Sir Robert Peel (1845?): should he form a Government? should he dissolve Parliament? would he win an election on the Corn Law issue?

Undated letter, Clarendon to ? giving advice on question of ? 's marriage to 'B' (draft in Clarendon's hand)

Speech at Mansion House (?) by Clarendon, responding to his health (text in Clarendon's hand)

Undated letter to The Times (?) concerning retrenchment: economies have been made. False economies in salaries to officials will result in correption as on continent. Repeal of Corn Laws would save millions. This is the remedy. (In Clarendon's hand, draft).

Memorandum (or speech?), undated, Italian affairs: 'The policy of the Piedmontese Govt... may be summed up in 3 words... audacious unscrupulous & successful.' (Draft in Clarendon's hand)

Memorandum (draft of letter?), undated. Italian affairs and the recent aggrandisement of Piedmont. (Draft in Clarendon's hand)

Note (in Clarendon's hand) on British law of Navigation. Act of Parl. Geo. IV

Note (in Clarendon's hand) on Spanish law of Navigation

Undated memorandum in Clarendon's hand on Seminary of Montreal

Undated memorandum in Clarendon's hand on Indian (and Afghan) affairs (draft)

Draft letter, 31 Aug. 1852, Clarendon to Lord John Russell. Assuring him no intrigue against him but bound to be discontent with him after 6 years as Prime Minister. Some think too much done, others too little; Palmerston, Graham and Cobden have their partisans

16 Mar. 1858, Draft, Clarendon to Queen. Levity in Parliament is most unseemly and frequent changes of government serve only the cause of Democracy 'wh. is quite strong enough.' Dangers of the situation in France (following Orsini plot); Emperor resorting to repression; an adventure in Italy? Lack of responsibility in France

Note (undated) by Clarendon concerning an unfortunate love affair between the Queen (Regent of Spain) and the 1st Minister of Spain (obviously while Clarendon was Minister in Madrid)

Rough notes by Clarendon on the 'New School' at Oxford, with comments on Pusey and Newman

Note by Clarendon on U.S. citizens (Irish) coming to Ireland to stir up rebellion

Three letters (drafts), 1846-8. Clarendon to Lushington concerning Ireland and the hopelessness of the situation there

Draft letter partly in English and partly in French to Queen? on death of G. Lewis

Rough notes by Clarendon on affairs in Italy following Garibaldi's expedition

Note by Clarendon concerning the sale of some of his property

Memorandum (1869) by Argyll (printed by F.O.) on land tenure in Ireland, with covering note (in MS.) by Clarendon

Undated memorandum by Clarendon on the Anglo-French dispute over Tahiti

Memorandum in Clarendon's hand, dated Florence, 23 Dec. 1867. The misunderstanding between Italy and France

Copy of part of letter, undated, Clarendon to Elgin (presumably), c.1858

Undated draft (in Clarendon's hand). Clarendon to King of the Belgians, replying to latter's good wishes on Clarendon's return to office. Probably 1853. Concerning danger of European situation -- The Eastern Question.

Undated note in Clarendon's hand of a discussion with the Austrian Ambassador in London? (Colloredo?) on the Eastern Question, Kossuth and Mazzini; complaints from Buol rejected by Clarendon

Note on the collection of agricultural statistics in Ireland

Part of a letter in Clarendon's hand to ?, [1858]. New Derby Government's attitude to China.

Brief notes by Clarendon on Corn Laws and Free Trade

Note on ditto

Four rough notes in Clarendon's hand


  • Creation: 1840-65


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MS. Clar. dep. c. 555

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