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Budget Protest League. June to December. 1909 , 1909-1910

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  1. 1909/10-01 - 'The Reward of the 'Righteous'. Mr. T.T. Stiggins, "Thank goodness I am not (taxed) as other men are!"'
  2. 1909/10-02 - 'A Bad Shot!' [Lloyd George dropping Budget Bombs from an airship - 'The Revenge'] 'Herr Von Lloyd George - "Ach! I did mean to hit ze rich man's castle. But I have made von bad miss and hit ze factory."'
  3. 1909/10-03 - 'The Start' [Lloyd George rolling a boulder ['Budget'] down a hill]: Lloyd George, '"There's old wealthy down there. I guess I'll make him hop with this boulder." The Finish: Lloyd George, "Confound it! It only just grazed him. And the beastly thing has hit a poor man behind the fence!"'
  4. 1909/10-04 - Lloyd George with 'The Budget'. 'Employer' [standing up next to man on the ground], "You've hit us both but you have killed this man."
  5. 1909/10-05 - 'Lloydie-Georgie bent his bow aimed at a pigeon and killed a crow.'
  6. 1909/10-06 - Robin Hood to Lloyd George, "I took from the rich and gave to the poor. You rob both."
  7. 1909/10-07 - 'It's WORK we want. A Free Trade victim.'
  8. 1909/10-08 - 'Merrie England.' The land of the Free Trade budget.' [Man hounded at desk]. 'The Plague of Inquisitors.'
  9. 1909/10-09 - 'Unfair preference. The rich man pays in taxes. The poor man pays in taxes...'
  10. 1909/10-10 - 'Can it be done? The Great Budget Puzzle' [Labour block on top of capital block, Lloyd George looking on.] 'To knock away the lower block without disturbing the top one. Can it be done?'
  11. 1909/10-11 - 'Don't stand Lloyd George's sauce. He talks of free food but his taxation is felt on every table.'
  12. 1909/10-12 - 'Get off the Earth!' [Free Trade]
  13. 1909/10-13 - [Man standing on plank 'Employment' propped up by pole 'Capital'. Lloyd George below with the wheelbarrow 'Budget' about to knock it over.] Man: "Look out there, or you'll have the whole blooming show down!"
  14. 1909/10-14 - 'Socialism throttling the country.' [Brittania, wearing the waistband 'Prosperity', being strangled by a beast.]
  15. 1909/10-15 - 'Working men make the foreigner pay. Every vote for the budget puts one of us out of his job.'
  16. 1909/10-16 - 'Less beer, less baccy, less employment. "And they call this the people's budget!"'
  17. 1909/10-17 - [A widow in black - the 'Radical party' - embraced by a figure - 'Dumper' - on top of a tomb inscribed "To the memory of British prosperity killed by the Free Trade budget."] 'Budget 1909. The Merry Widow.'
  18. 1909/10-18 - 'The Wage-Taxers.' [Man standing in the road] 'I could do with a lift', ['Budget car coming down the road] 'Lifted' [in the next frame when man has been run over by 'Budget' car.]
  19. 1909/10-19 - 'Bermondsey's Outcast' [An orphan child - 'Budget'] 'Nobody wants me.'
  20. 1909/10-20a - 'The End of the Lloyd George Budget. Hurrah for tariff reform and more work.'
  21. 1909/10-20b - 'The Poor Man's Burden' [Man struggling under weight of 'Budget'.]
  22. 1909/10-21 - 'To be sold. An Englishman's Home. Budget 1909.'
  23. 1909/10-22 - 'The Political Follies.' (Exit employer, exit labour.) 'Emigration of employer and employed.'
  24. 1909/10-23 - 'The world's markets.' [British figure - 'Free Trade Budget' - being pushed over cliff by foreigners with goods in background.] 'Britons, help!'
  25. 1909/10-24 - 'Unemployment.' [The Grim Reaper with his scythe - 'Free Trade'] 'Whose turn next.'
  26. 1909/10-25 - 'The Peers to the People' [telephone call]: "Hullo, are you there? We are waiting for instructions."
  27. 1909/10-26 - 'Chinaman no likee eat sick pig. He makee velly good Flee Tlade English bacon.'
  28. 1909/10-27 - [Unemployed march]: 'The 'People's' Budget! Genial foreigner: - How they must wish that Mr Lloyd George had taxed us instead of them.'
  29. 1909/10-28 - 'At the Poll.' (Budget 1909.) 'The Greatest Frost of the Century!'
  30. 1909/10-29 - 'The Fraud Exposed! John Bull' [to Lloyd George] "Look here, this dark horse you are trying to palm off on me is coming out in his true colours as soon as I begin to rub him down!"
  31. 1909/10-30 - [Cricket Match] 'The Demon Bowler' [Lloyd George]. 'Working man (Captain):- "This isn't cricket! Since you've been trying to bowl old wealthy out, you've hit me in three places, as well as half killed several other fielders!"'
  32. 1909/10-31 - 'Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a -----? Plunder in 1909. Surplus in 1910.'
  33. 1909/10-32 - 'Truth is great and will end-ure!'
  34. 1909/10-33 - 'Notice. Old-age pensions will be continued by the Unionists. Arthur James Balfour.'
  35. 1909/10-34 - 'It is no "people's budget", which does not relieve the people from taxation.'
  36. 1909/10-35 - 'Taxing urban land means ruin to builders, bricklayers, masons, carpenters, labourers. Why not tax the foreigner and keep your jobs?'
  37. 1909/10-36 - 'Dearer beer means less beer drunk, fewer hops used, less labour employed. Resist increased taxes on beer and tobacco.'
  38. 1909/10-37 - 'Tariff reform does not mean any increase in the price of food but it does mean increase in employment!'
  39. 1909/10-38 - 'The rich man's capital is the poor man's wage. Tax capital and you tax your wages and ruin trade. Every vote for the budget is a vote against somebody's job.'
  40. 1909/10-39 - 'The Budget means more unemployment!'
  41. 1909/10-40 - 'Unemployment! There is not one line in the whole budget which will get a single man a job. There are dozens which will throw wage-earners out of work. Is this what you want?'
  42. 1909/10-41 - 'Why tax land and increase your rents, when by taxing the foreigner you can increase your wages?'
  43. 1909/10-42 - 'The Budget proposes to take money out of British capital, thus making Britain poorer. This means an increase in unemployment. Tariff reform proposes to take money from our foreign competitors, thus making Britain richer…'
  44. 1909/10-43 - 'The Budget hits you. Tariff reform hits the foreigner. Choose!'
  45. 1909/10-44 - 'If you will not tax the foreigner you must pay the bill yourselves!'


  • 1909-1910


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CPA Posters 1

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