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George H. W. Bush (Republican), 1988

MSS. Amer. s. 33 / 50
All are buttons unless otherwise stated.

Twenty three pro-Bush:
  1. "Bush" button and lapel pin
  2. "George Bush 88"
  3. "George Bush for President 1988" lapel pin, with ribbon (with image of Bush)
  4. "George Bush. He has what it takes" (with images of him, including in military uniform)
  5. "Bush 88. Reagan revolution rollin' on"
  6. "Win this one for the Gipper" (with image of Bush and Ronald Reagan)
  7. "Read my lips. No new taxes" (with image of Bush)
  8. "Bush-Quayle [1988]" (three styles, one with image of them)
  9. "For President. For Vice President. Bush-Quayle 1988" (with image of them)
  10. "GOP 1988. George Bush. Dan Quayle" (with image of them)
  11. "1988 Team. Bush Quayle" (with image of them)
  12. "Bush-Quayle 88. Peace and prosperity" (with image of them)
  13. "Continue the Reagan revolution. Bush-Quayle 88" (with image of them)
  14. "Policemen for Bush-Quayle"
  15. "A proud weekend warrior for Bush-Quayle" (with drawing of the [minute man statue])
  16. "George Bush, Dan Quayle and Arch Moore for Governor" (with outline of U.S.A. and West Virginia)
  17. Republican National Convention (with cartoon image of Republican elephant)
  18. Republican National Convention (with image of Bush, two styles)
  19. "Victory 88. President George Bush. Vice President Dan Quayle. Peace prosperity leadership continues November 8, 1988"
Seven anti-Bush/Quayle:
  1. "Shit happens" (with image of Bush)
  2. "Bush report card. Drugs F. Noriega F. Iran contra F"
  3. "No more Bu_ _ Sh _ _ in 1988"
  4. "Where was George?"
  5. "President Quayle?"
  6. "Impeach Quayle first!"
  7. "I fought the war in Indiana"


  • 1988


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MSS. Amer. s. 33 / 50

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