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Reference files of Albinia de la Mare: 'Miscellaneous collections - manuscripts to look at (1980s -1990s), descriptions. Addenda and corrigenda, New Research.', 1985-2001 and n.d. [1980s-1990s]

MS. 18746/180
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Folder 1: 'Manuscripts to look at, checks etc.', mainly undated, [1980s-1990s], notes relating to

  1. Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, including manuscripts from Poggio and Petrarch; Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale (mainly concerning manuscripts from Cosimo); Florence, Biblioteca Moreniana; Fondazione Horne; Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum; University Library; Milan, Biblioteca Braidense; Biblioteca Trivulziana; Biblioteca Ambrosiana
  2. Modena, Biblioteca Estense, including images of α. Q. 6. 15
  3. 'Paris to check, Florus and Periochae [manuscripts discussed by] M.D. Reeve'
  4. 'Manuscripts to see, Paris'
  5. 'Rome, other libraries. Manuscripts to see' (excluding Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana)
  6. Oxford, Bodleian Library
  7. London, British Library
  8. Venice
  9. London, Warburg Institute
  10. 'Manuscripts to see, general', including in Bergamo (MS. Cassaf. 1. 17, Psalter said to be in humanistic script, decoration apparently Paduan, c.1450-1460, with reference to M.L. Gatti Perer and M. Marubbi eds., Tesori miniati: codici e incunaboli dei fondi antichi di Bergamo e Brescia, catalogue of an exhibition, 1995, no. 92; MA 291 CA. 9. 17, 'Livy, perhaps mature Curlo, but decoration looks Paduan, possibly added'); Brescia; Brussels; Edinburgh (University Library, 198, Horace, Persius); Escorial; Florence; Genoa; Göttingen; Leiden; Leon; Lucca (including MS. 1436, 1284, 362); Madrid; Manchester ('check Ker'); Norwich, University of East Anglia, 'from Ker, Cat[alogue] III p. 563', MS. PA 6280, Cicero, Philippics, '2 or more scribes'); Messina; Montecassino; Munich (Troster manuscripts from Venice, Lat. 18203 and 21240); Parma; Pisa (possibles from Mazzatinti); Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania ( Lat. 15, Aristotle, Ethics, early Florence, hand of type associated with Giovanni Aretino); Reims; Trapani; Volterra; Würzburg

Folder 2: 'Manuscript descriptions (unfinished)' notes, 1985-2000, relating to

  1. London, British Library, Add. 11274 (translation from the Greek by Bruni, Carlo Marsuppini, second quarter 15th century?); Harl. 2663 (Livy, Dec. IV, Michael de Salvaticis? and Taddeo Quirini?, Paduan style border); 2549 ( Comm. by Guarino on Cicero, Paradoxa, De amicitia, De senectute; annotations '??Goldwell' and ?Flemmyng); 2591 (Cicero, Ep. fam., Venice?, first quarter 15th century?); 2639 (Suetonius, De grammaticis et rhetoribus, Tacitus, Dial. de oratoribus claris; John Free); 2658 ( Hist. Augusta, Gioacchino, Petroni arms and annotations; scribe Tophio in part); 2768 (Gellius, scribe Antonio Tophio, coat of arms Lod. Petroni); 2796 (Psalter of St. Jerome, preceded by Iulianus de Vitotio letter; from Federico da Montefeltro?); Arundel 277 (miscellany including Poggio, Facetiae, Tacitus, Germania, Dial.; Pirckheimer?, early Paduan italic)
  2. Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, R. 79 sup. (Florence?, 1425, not Giovanni da Stia)
  3. Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, MS. 10054 - 56
  4. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Canon. Class. Lat. 226 (Cicero, Speeches, Milan / Lombardy?, second quarter 15th century, same or similar Capitani(s) ex-libris as in Canon. Class. Lat. 98, 284, 294, Canon. Misc. 111, 558)
  5. Christie's, Jul 2000 (Foyle manuscripts), Cicero, Tusc. Q. ('scribe probably Pietro Ursuleo', 1460s?, Matteo Felice, annotations by Pontano?, 'at beg[inning] bound in a v[ery] cut down leaf from Cockerell's Gherardo del Ciriagio manuscript'; Book of Hours ('Florence, probably ser Ricciardo and Antonio di Niccolò'); Caesar (Milan, third quarter 15th century, 'Fabrizio Elphisteo?' / scribe of Servius [the same as Sotheby's, 23 Jun 1998, lot 57]). Also including correspondence with Kay Sutton of Christie's regarding the Caesar manuscript, Feb-Mar 2000, in which de la Mare rejects the Elphisteo attribution, expresses doubt about the one to the Servius scribe, and suggests the scribe of Chicago, Newberry Library f. 95 as another option.
  6. E. Milano et al., Biblioteca Estense Modena (Florence, 1987); M. Zorzi, ed., Biblioteca Marciana Venezia (Florence, 1988)

Folder 3: 'Recent notes on manuscripts needing indexing or to be put away', 1996-2001, relating to

  1. Pisa, Biblioteca Universitaria, MS. 529 (Naples, Gioacchino, 1470s?, original coat of arms painted over with one depicting a goat eating a tree; ex-libris of Flaminius D. Victorii Bantii de Plumbino, 16th century)
  2. Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, MS. 331 (printed edition, Naples)
  3. Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Edili 27 (rather than Edili 2; Lactantius, scribe Giovanni Brunori, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana postcard); Plut. 29. 16 (Augustinus, De musica, Guarino?, uncertain, copied while he was in Florence, occasionally cursive, apparently no catchwords, and apparently not a copy of Niccoli's manuscript); 66. 31 (Poliziano?)
  4. Florence, Biblioteca Riccardiana, MS. 291 (scribe possibly Jul. Ant. da Prato)
  5. Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Conv. soppr. C. 3 2791 (Dionysius Areopagita, Florence, late 15th century, from the Badia, original binding, coat of arms left blank, flower border by Attavante or follower; 'good late 15th century hand, familiar (Harvard scribe?), with change of hand at bottom 33v, beg[inning] new text and expl[icit] to preceding. Seen to fol. 41 only'.)
  6. Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, D. 101 inf. (Livy, Dec. III, Florence, 'distinctive very familiar humanistic cursive', third quarter 15th century, with binding similar to D. 100 sup. Marginalia in a different hand in greenish ink, Petrus Frontinus?)
  7. London, British Library Add. 12004 (Florence?); 15405 (Verona?, third quarter 15th century, Burley, De vita et moribus, in a distinctive, 'curly' humanistic hand, with unidentified coat of arms, some annotations); 16418 (Tuscany?, early 15th century, Horace, with Orsini arms in trick on flyleaf, 15th century? or later, Gothic cursive); 16419 (Horace, second quarter 15th century, north eastern?); 17298 (Horace, Boethius, 14th century, one hand, Florence or Tuscany, ruled in plummet, below. Ex-libris: Iste liber est montis oliveti de hactona [haccona, i.e. Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Asciano. See also Siena, Biblioteca Comunale degli Intronati, MS. H. VI. 2, etc.]); 23776 (Martyrology in Beneventan script, with humanistic inserts / repairs to first quire - stiff upright, fols. 1-1v, 10-10v, and note of contents on fol. 3; fol. 2, heading Epistola Cromacij et Eliodoj ad hieronimum in different 14th-15th century hand. Bought Payne and Foss 1860); Burn. 177 (Horace, Italy, first quarter 12th century or earlier, Italian or French proto-Gothic. Not in Munk-Olsen; French note of provenance Iste liber est conventus monasterii fige [i.e. Figeac?]); Harl. 647 (Babyngton manuscript, Carolingian Hyginus); 2678 (Francesco Barbaro; humanistic miscellany, see A. Derolez, The Library of Raphael de Marcatellis, Abbot of St Bavon's, Ghent, 1437-1508 (Ghent, 1979); Yates Thompson 39 (Suetonius, scribe Cassius Parmensis, dated, scripsit pro Angelo Fasolo, initials Gioacchino)
  8. Harvard, Houghton Library, 95M-4? (Cicero, De amicitia, Paradoxa, De senectute, Verona?, c.1420-1430, 'inc. Greek f[ol.]46v')
  9. Milan, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, C. 76 sup. (Iohannes Andreae de Colonia); D. 49 sup. (Veneto-Padua, italic / humanistic cursive, not familiar, annotated by scribe); H. 144 inf. (Suetonius followed by Benvenuto da Imola - added in a different hand, 1431, Rome. Copied by three scribes.)
  10. New York, Public Library, De Ricci MS. 82 [MA. 82] (Lorenzo Giustiniani, De disciplina et perfectione monastice conversationis, Veneto, 1440 - but after 1451 because of texts?, Cortese influence, semi-Gothic hand, probably early Nicolaus de Salveldia); 87 (Naples, late 15th century, Cola Rapicano in antique style); 96 (Claudian, De raptu proserpinae, north eastern, even Ferrara?); Rare Books and Manuscripts Division MS. 97 (Spencer Collection MS. 97, Florence, scribe of Modena, Biblioteca Estense, Lat. 463?); MS. #107 (Guido Bonatti of Forlì, Tractatus 147 considerationum, et al.; north eastern; one text dated 1469)
  11. Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale Albert I, MS. 12116 (north eastern)
  12. Leeds, University Library, Brotherton Collection, MS. 10 (Rome? / Genoa?, Master of the Vatican Theophylact); 13 (Milan or Venice, scribe of the Huth Petrarch); 124 (Evangelistary of Santo Sisto, Piacenza)
  13. J.P. Getty Library, Wormsley manuscripts and incunabula, including Plautus (Florence, 1460, from Abbey collection), and a list of additions to Getty manuscripts (apparently manuscripts from the former Ludwig Collection)
  14. Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, V. E. 32 (images of Parrasio autograph)
  15. Naples, Biblioteca della Società Napoletana di Storia Patria, MS. XXII. E. 22 (Tranchedini; description by Francesco Senatore)
  16. watermarks in London, British Library Harl. 2581; London, British Library Add. 22325, 24945, and 8799 (Petroni, identified by M. Davies)
  17. New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Plimpton 28, a single leaf of the 14th century English Bible of which many leaves are in the Bodleian Library

Folder 4: 'Scribes to add or alter in New Research', notes, 2000, relating to Luigi di Andrea Lotti and Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Ginori Conti 27 / 83 ('this is very like Jacopo [di Poggio] Bracciolini but poss[ibly] only a general similarity')


  • Creation: 1985-2001 and n.d. [1980s-1990s]


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MS. 18746/180

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