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Imperial Affairs Committee, 1946-1951

CRD 2/34/9-10

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1. CRD 2/34/9 - Briefs, 1946-1949. Includes:
  1. Minutes of the Imperial Affairs Committee meeting of 10/10/1946
  2. IAC(47)1-3 [Vacant
  3. IAC(47)4 A Note on the East African Groundnut Scheme and the Proposed Colonial Development Corporation, 10/07/1947 [Author: GF Sayers, Conservative Parliamentary Secretariat]
  4. IAC(48)1-3 [Vacant]
  5. IAC(48)4 Overseas Development, 15/03/1948 [Author: GF Sayers]
  6. IAC(49)1-3 [Vacant]
  7. IAC(49)4 East African Groundnut Scheme, 31/01/1949 [No author given]
  8. IAC(49)5-6 [Vacant]
  9. IAC(49)7 Groundnut Scheme, ND [Author: GF Sayers]
  10. IAC(49)8-9 [Vacant]
  11. IAC(49)10 Colonial Debate [Including:- A general survey of four years of Socialist Administration in the Colonies; Note on the Cocoa Industry on the Gold Coast; Note on the Relations with the Trusteeship Council of the United Nations; Note on Colonial Students in the United Kingdom, 13/07/1949 [No author given]
  12. IAC(49)11 The Groundnuts Scheme, 21/07/1949 [No author given]
  13. IAC(49)12 Malta, Oct 1949 [No author given]
  14. Note by Mr Geoffrey Stevens, partner in the firm of Messrs. Pannell, Crewdson & Hardy, Chartered Accountants, on the balance sheet and accounts in the Report [of the Overseas Food Corporation], 08/11/1949
  15. IAC(49)14 Note on the Report and accounts of the Overseas Food Corporation 1948/9, 09/11/1949 [No author given]
  16. IAC(49)15 Report and accounts of the Overseas Food Corporation 1948/9 (Supplementary Note), 16/11/1949 [Author: GF Sayers]
2. CRD 2/34/10 - Briefs, 1950-1951. Includes:
  1. IAC(50)1 Coloured Seamen and Stowaways from Colonial Territories, 23/03/1950 [Author not given]
  2. IAC(50)2 Malaya, 04/04/1950 [Author not given]
  3. IAC(50)3 West Indies: Report of Federation Committee, 17/04/1950 [Author not given]
  4. IAC(50)4 Cyprus, 18/04/1950 [Author not given]
  5. IAC(50)5 The Gambia Poultry Scheme, 29/04/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  6. IAC(50)6 The Disorder in Enugu (Nigeria),
  7. IAC(50)7 Report on the Colonial Territories 1949/50 [Including:- Self-government in the Colonies; The Colonies and the Dollar gap; Colonial Development; The subversive press in the Colonies; Mass education; West Indian Federation; and, The Colonial Service, 03/07/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  8. IAC(50)8 The East African Groundnut Scheme, 13/07/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  9. Memoranda to Speakers, No. 74: 'The East African Groundnuts Scheme', 03/01/1950
  10. IAC(50)9 Colonial Development Corporation Annual Report 1949, 18/09/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  11. IAC(50)10 Colonial Development Corporation, 16/10/1950 [Author: John Biggs-Davison]
  12. IAC(50)11 The political position in the Gold Coast, 06/11/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  13. IAC(50)12 [Vacant]
  14. IAC(50)13 Laws affecting the Press in the Colonies, 22/11/1950 [Author: GF Sayers]
  15. IAC(51)1 The Groundnut Scheme, 22/01/1951 [Author: GF Sayers]
  16. IAC(51)2 The New Constitution in the Gold Coast, 05/02/1951 [No author given]
  17. IAC(51)3 The Overseas Resources Development Bill and the future of the East African Groundnut Scheme, 15/02/1951 [Author not given]
  18. PPC(51)3 New Streets Bill, 20/02/1951 [Author not given]
  19. IAC(51)4 Overseas Resources Development Bill, 26/02/1951 [Author not given]
  20. IAC(51)5 Overseas Resources Development Bill, 27/02/1951 [Author not given]
  21. IAC(51)6 Colonial Manpower, 06/03/1951 [Author: GF Sayers]
  22. IAC(51)7 The Gambia Egg Scheme - The Facts, 12/03/1951 [Author not given]


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CRD 2/34/9-10

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