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Transport briefs, 1982-1987


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1. CRD/B/31/5 - Transport briefs, 1982. Briefs include:
  1. Brief on the Situation in London Transport, 21/01/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  2. PTC(82)1 Brief for the second reading of the Transport Bill, 05/02/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  3. PTC(82)2 Brief for the second reading of the Travel Concessions (London) Bill, 18/02/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  4. Briefing for London Members on London Transport and the GLC, 03/03/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  5. Other Examples of GLC Extravagance [Author and date not given]
  6. Fact Sheet on London Transport, 19/03/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  7. Discussion between Members of the LT Board and London MPs, Tuesday 23 March, 22/03/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  8. Standard Letter on GLC Fair Advertisment [Author and date not given]
  9. PTC(82)3 Brief for second reading of the Transport Bill in the House of Lords, 15/06/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  10. British Rail Industrial Relations and the Future, 15/06/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  11. PTC(82)4 Brief for Supply Day Debate on the crisis in British Rail, 17/06/1982 [Author: KM/AL]
  12. London Transport Strike, 22/06/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  13. Briefing Material on the Industrial Disruption on British Rail, 30/06/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  14. PTC(82)5 The Transport Bill, 08/11/1982 [Author: KM/MM]
  15. PTC(82)6 GLC - London Transport, 09/11/1982 [Author: KM/AL]
  16. PTC(82)7 Brief for Debate on Heavy Lorries, 23/11/1982 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
2. CRD/B/31/6 - Transport briefs, 1983. Briefs include:
  1. TPT(83)1 Brief for the Debate on the Serpell Report, 28/01/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  2. TPT(83)2 Brief for the second reading of the Transport Bill in the House of Lords, 14/02/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  3. TPT(83)3 Brief for the debate on the Serpell Report on Railway Finances, 17/02/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  4. TPT(83)4 Second reading of the Ports (Reduction of Debt) Bill, 02/03/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  5. TPT(83)5 Background brief on Shildon and Government Aid to the Darlington/Shildon Region, 04/03/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  6. TPT(83)6 Brief for the second reading on Travel Concession for the Unemployed Bill, 04/03/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  7. TPT(83)7 Brief for debate on Railway Workshops, 18/03/1983 [Author: Katharine Marsh]
  8. TPT(83)8 The London Transport White Paper, 26/07/1983 [Author: KR/CR]
  9. TPT(83)9R Briefing for the House of Lords debate on the Select Committee on the European Communities Report "Quotas for the Carriage of Goods by Road", 21/11/1983 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  10. TPT(83)10 LRT Bill, 09/12/1983 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
3. CRD/B/31/7 - Transport briefs, 1984. Briefs include:
  1. TPT(84)1R The National Dock Labour Scheme, 12/01/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]]
  2. TPT(84)2R House of Lords Debate on the need to Improve the Infrastructure, 16/01/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  3. TPT(84)3 Briefing Notes for the debate on British Rail Engineering Limited, 20/01/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  4. TPT(84)4R London Regional Transport, 15/02/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  5. TPT(84)5 Motor Vehicles (Variation of Speed Limits) Regulations, 05/03/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  6. TPT(84)6R London Regional Transport Bill - Lobby by Disabled Groups, 15/03/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  7. TPT(84)7 Cycle Tracks Bill, 27/03/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  8. TPT(84)8 London Regional Transport Bill. Concessionary Fares, 29/03/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  9. TPT(84)9 London Regional Transport Bill, 03/04/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  10. TPT(84)10R London Regional Transport. Questions and Answers, 11/04/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  11. TPT(84)11 Opposition Motion - 'The deterioration of British Transport Systems', 18/04/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  12. TPT(84)12 Cycle Tracks Bill - report stage and third reading, 26/04/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  13. TPT(84)13 London Regional Transport Bill - House of Lords second reading, 26/04/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  14. T&I(84)10R Brief for the Emergency Debate on the BL Corporate Plan: the closure of the Bathgate Plant, 23/05/1984 [Author: Andrew Dunlop]
  15. TPT(84)14 Actions of GLC Nominees on London Transport Board, 29/06/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  16. TPT(84)15 Bus Policy, 11/07/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  17. TPT(84)15 Bus Policy [re-issue of brief of 11/07/1984], 25/10/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  18. TPT(84)16R The Dock Strike, 16/07/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  19. TPT(84)17R Airline Competition Policy White Paper, 08/10/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  20. TPT(84)17 EEC Social Regulation for Road Transport: Drivers' Hours, 30/11/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  21. TPT(84)18 [Vacant]
  22. TPT(84)19 European Community Directive on Weights and Dimensions of Community Road Vehicles, 13/12/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
4. CRD/B/31/8 - Transport briefs, 1985. Briefs include:
  1. TPT(85)1 The Inspector's Report on the Airport Inquiries 1981-1983, 29/01/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  2. TPT(85)2 The Transport Bill [No date; Author: Jeremy Moody]
  3. TPT(85)3 London Regional Transport, 06/02/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  4. TPT(85)4 London Regional Transport (Amendment) Bill, 27/02/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  5. TPT(85)5R Comments on GLC Paper 'LRT - The first six months control', 20/03/1984 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  6. TPT(85)6 The need to rejuvenate and make more efficient the railway system, 25/03/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  7. TPT(85)7 Ports Finance Bill, 22/04/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  8. TPT(85)8R Transport Bill - report stage, 17/05/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  9. TPT(85)9R The Transport Bill, 31/05/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  10. TPT(85)10R Airports Policy White Paper, 05/06/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  11. TPT(85)11 Airports Policy, 13/06/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  12. TPT(85)12 Airports Policy, 26/06/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  13. TPT(85)13 Aviation Memorandum, 23/07/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  14. TPT(85)14 Road Safety, 14/11/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  15. TPT(85)15 Okehampton Bypass (Confirmation of Orders) Bill, 15/11/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  16. TPT(85)16R Okehampton Bypass (Confirmation of Orders) Bill, 29/11/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  17. TPT(85)17 Channel Fixed Link, 06/12/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
  18. TPT(85)18 Water Authorities (Return of Assets) No.2 Order, 16/12/1985 [Author: Jeremy Moody]
5. CRD/B/31/9 - Transport briefs, 1986;

6. CRD/B/31/10 - Transport briefs, 1987. Briefs include:
  1. TPT(87)1 London Regional Transport Rate Levy Order, 26/01/1987 [Author: David White]
  2. TPT(87)2 The Channel Tunnel Bill, 12/02/1987 [Author: Peter Davis]
  3. TPT(87)3 Light Dues, 23/02/1987 [Author: Peter Davis]
  4. TPT(87)4 Driver Testing, 05/03/1987 {Author: David White]
  5. TPT(87)5 Extension of Light Dues to Fishing Vessels, 12/03/1987 [Author: David White]
  6. TPT(87)6 British Rail Engineering Ltd, 17/03/1987 [Author: David White]
  7. TPT(87)7 Pilotage Bill, 2nd Reading, 30/03/1987 [Author: David White]
  8. TPT(87)8 Motion on the Stansted Airport Aircraft Movement Limit Order, 27/04/1987 [Author: David White]
  9. TPT(87)9 Dartford Thurrock Crossing Bill, 08/07/1987 [Author: David White]
  10. TPT(87)10 Merchant Shipping Bill, 05/11/1987 [Author: Berkeley Greenwood]
  11. TPT(87)11 Night Noise, 06/11/1987 [Author: Berkeley Greenwood]
  12. TPT(87)12 The Government's Transport Policies, 10/11/1987 [Author: Berkeley Greenwood]
  13. TPT(87)13 Driver Testing, 19/11/1987 [Author: Berkeley Greenwood]
  14. TPT(87)14 The Sale of British Rail Engineering Ltd, 24/11/1987 [Author: Berkeley Greenwood]


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