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Briefs prepared for the Parliamentary Labour Committee, 1965-1969


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  1. PLC(65)1 Trade Disputes Bill, 11/02/1965 [Author: SSA/DMP]
  2. PLC(65)2 Redundancy Payments Bill, 08/04/1965 [Author: SSA/SMC]
  3. PLC(65)3 Trade Disputes Bill, 17/05/1965 [Author: SSA/SMC]
  4. PLC(66)1 Restrictive Labour Practices, 12/05/1966 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  5. PLC(66)2 Ports and Docks, 25/05/1966 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  6. PLC(66)3 Pay of Industrial Civil Servants, 15/08/1966 [Author: SSA/PEJ]
  7. PLC(66)4 Government Vocational Training of Adults, 19/10/1966 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  8. PLC(66)5 The American Labour Movement, 17/11/1966 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  9. Additional Costs placed on Industry by Labour Government since October 1964, 10/08/1966 [Author: IAD/PJG]
  10. PLC(67)1 Unemployment, 14/03/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  11. PLC(67)2 [Vacant]
  12. PLC(67)3 Regional Employment Premium, 02/06/1967 [Author: AB/BCT]
  13. The Industrial Training Act - its defects and some suggested remedies [No author or date given]
  14. PLC(67)4 [Vacant]
  15. PLC(67)5 Note on the American "Cooling-Off" period before strikes or lock-outs, 15/12/1967 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  16. PLC(68)1 Manpower Training for Industry, 02/02/1968 [Author: AB/BCT]
  17. PLC(68)2 Industrial Relations - Conservative Policy. Q & A on "Fair Deal at Work", 08/04/1968 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  18. PLC(68)3 "Fair Deal at Work" and the Donovan Report: comparison of recommendations, 04/07/1968 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  19. PLC(68)3 Prices and Incomes Bill 1968, 24/03/1968 [Author: AB/TC]
  20. PLC(68)4 The Donovan Report on Trade Unions and Employers' Associations, 11/07/1968 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  21. PLC(68)5 Prices and Incomes (General Considerations) Order 1968, 22/07/1968 [Author: AB/NW]
  22. PLC(69)1 White Paper on Industrial Relations, 20/01/1969 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  23. PLC(69)2 Industrial Relations Reform, 29/01/1969 [Author: SSA/EAW]
  24. PLC(69)3 The Failure of the Compulsory Control of Incomes, 10/02/1968 [Author: AB/NW]
  25. PLC(69)4 Industrial Relations Debate, 02/07/1969 [Author: JMcD/EAW]
  26. PLC(69)5 Prices and Incomes Act 1966 (Continuation of Part II) Order 1969, 16/12/1969 [Author: AB/PL/BH/EAW]
  27. Draft Old Queen Street Paper on Equal Pay: 'Women, Wages and Work', 23/01/1970 [Author: AB/PML]


  • 1965-1969


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